America’s religious heritage

 Are we destined to make international events the basis for american religious,cultural and moral beliefs and decisions?   Can we agree on the basis of fairness and commonsense that other countries have a right to their own beliefs and practices ,even if they conflict with our own .Can this be based on the morality of reciprocity ; ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you….’Yet we have a gang of self ordained preachers and teachers in the   U.S. that believe theirs is the right to decide for others what is acceptable, what is morally right and good .And what the Almighty would want us to do in this regard….A case in point is the christian church in Red China….We may deplore the restrictions placed on this community ,but what is the alternative? Is the alternative to take a hard attitude ,a ‘do as we say ,we know better than you ‘,How would that improve anything?  Would it help the mid-east situation to point the finger at the moslem people,to ridicule their beliefs , or would it be wiser to see what we might have in common. If this leads to mutual feelings of respect ,wouldn’t that be better than international tensions and violence .In both cases ,wouldn’t the more respectful way be more in our  interests,and wouldn’t that free us from a never ending reactive mode ,where our future is  dependent on foreign events and  what to do about them?..Wouldn’t that allow us to concentrate on the matters that have a direct impact such as trade ,disarmament etc.? And not on theological questions.   


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