origens of faith and morality

 Can we read  the Bible and come to an understanding of how faith and morality play a pivotal role in modern society?,,The way the conventional evangelical thinkers would have us believe ,one simply has to exercise faith, conform to the thinking of your local pastor or mass media Bible guru and you are good to go.. The rest is up to you and the Almighty..And don’t forget the tithes and ‘gifts’ freewill of course..But does that really bring about the  desired positive  ‘faith and moral behaviors,that is so desired yet remains terribly lacking in  American society?…I think we can agree that while we have ,churches,  mass media bible preachers, ministers and teachers of dubious character and reputation  in abundance ,we still have not been able to stem the backward slide in the  public arena and in the private lives of those who profess the ‘faith’,,,I believe there exists a  basic discrediting of ‘The Work Ethic’ in this country . And therein lies the problem..Without understanding the vital importance the work ethic plays in christianity ,any attempt to bring about feelings of  equity, compassion, morality in society and in private life ,is doomed to fail ,for the most part…Work is the answer.  Being able to pay one’s own way in the world means  you will normally not be  interested in what  others have.  …Is this a given ,no it isn’t, but it’s better than people simply  being left to exploit others  or to help themselves to what others have worked for…From this one can think of starting a family ,marriage and the responsibility that goes with it. From here one can obtain the resources to be charitable ,compassionate towards others. It starts things going in the right direction..from here one begins to understand the importance of faith in private and public life, the need to educate children.. to belong to a community of other people of like  integrity..Maybe a church ..In time a true christian culture and identity begins to form. Christian values become important and less likely to be discarded on a whim..Your reputation means something..Your faith in Christ now is the basis of your thinking ,it becomes the buckle that keeps your life and psyche together.,,,What do we live with now? …. Exploitation everywhere,,  fakery ,deceipt ,lies and  stupidity. work is devalued and replaced with every get rich  quick scheme the mind can come up with. Pastors preach a superstitious type  of prosperity now gospel ,, that some interpret to mean ,your chances on winning the lotto increase with every donation you make.. to the ministry, of course.. right!…And our wonderful politicians and government well they are the problem … along with the other wing of the ‘bird of exploitation;the church. But i’ll leave that for later…..


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