Christian broadcasters :woe unto ye scribes and pharisees..

The recent conference of religious broadcasters makes me think of the scribes and pharisees that perverted  God’s truth for their own financial and political advantage.The recent conference in  Nashville  Tenn. brought together large numbers of electronic media celebrities,most of whom the average christian knows nothing about,other than what they themselves wish to divulge..

What did they deal with  besides   a lot of the same self-serving ,self promoting nonsense they usually discuss over their own  networks and radio stations?,,

 you can be sure a good deal of time was spent on how to increase the size of their budgets .which translates into how they can get you the listeners to open your fat wallets or check books and send more money,  write bigger checks.. money is so nice, so easy to handle ,all tax-free, and can be used as they see fit…..

You know, it’s a well know fact that when the sex workers ,and massage parlor folks get wind of a Christian conference that’s exactly where they head is good , hypocrites eagerly pay for services they would otherwise be cautious about in their hometowns….how much of the money you christian folks have donated to these broadcasters and their family members is spent on drugs,alcohol, and ladies of the night? . much did they spend on their accommodations, and side trips and lavish dining.. ??all of it came from you, this  much I can safely say!….My dear christian people , the cause of christ is not well served by people who pretend to be something they are not. Anyone can claim to be a teacher or a preacher when in fact they are simply in the religion business . And as in any business cash flow is important..

 Anyone with just a casual understanding of ‘the faith ‘knows that  religion was never intended to provide a lavish lifestyle for those who claim to speak ‘in  God’s name’…The cause of christ is served by pastors  ,priests and ministers of the Gospel that are there to comfort the sick, to help the needy and to inspire the hopeless. Not to  represent someones political beliefs or affiliations..

.I firmly  believe ,this is the case with most christians today….After all the scandals that ,so-called christian leaders have brought upon the name of christ ,isn’t time to review the need to mindlessly support these celebrities?…Isn’t time to demand they provide you with a detailed financial statement,showing money received and exactly how it is spent? And by whom and to whom?and for what purpose? 

 Remember ,when you send them money it basically goes to them without any strings.. They can use it to take lavish vacations,to buy suvs ,jewelry . cruises to Israel, or to the Bahamas. It can be used to purchase condos in resorts areas.

You know, the Pensacola cowboys or the musselshoals folks or any variety among the gullible and less astute of Alabama or Georgia or Tenn. will not be sufficiently candid or direct enough to challenge them[the religious con-artists]… as to  the expenditures as claimed by them..You know how lacking in education the bible belt folks are.. and sadly throughout   america as well .

But Christian, that does not relieve you of the obligation,. even the duty to challenge the christian broadcasting swindlers and try to put an end to this legalized scam , once and for all. May God protect you ,remember the Almighty does not reward cowardice, but grants victory to the brave. Amen.


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