Christian Broadcasters;Ye Are Of Your Father The Devil…

 My Dear Christian Folk:    During this time of year ,as the Good Friday observance draws close I am reminded of the incredible  courage  Christ had when he faced down his enemies  :those that demanded he should suffer and die…

In fact the one trait that The Lord possessed that I  admire the most is his courage and strength..When today I think of the self-appointed gospel representatives ;not only in the pulpits but behind the microphones, who spout a daily message of cowardice, treachery and deceit over the airwaves ; then I believe it is my christian duty to tell those who indeed love The Lord to be aware of such as these..

I  am of the firm belief that the  Christian community should rise up and with one voice ,declare these religion hustlers:  to be a national menace to the gospel of Christ. ..All have sinned and there are no exceptions, but it is one thing for those who pretend to serve the Lord to fall victim to their lusts ,  and quite another when these self same frauds desert the flock and join forces with the very enemies of  Christ  . Now that is something that requires all join in condemning ..

.And just as  Judas betrayed the Savior ,so do these modern day clones of the traitor, betray him to his enemies for  payment in silver from the Judas treasury …When they hob- nob ,rub shoulders and who knows what else ; when they support the bloody evil causes of the enemies of  Christ  ;when they agree to join forces with those who  mock the teachings of the Lord,who mock the miracle of his birth and    resurrection..who refer to him as a deranged lunatic, a liar , delusional and in all manner of pornographic filth.. Better we tolerate a back-sliding sinner rather than to  allow  ever again a cowardly deceiver  to address the ‘people of God !

 . And it is my firm belief that  the faithful are in agreement with me…When  , for the sake of financial and political-business reasons these frauds are   not    in the least bit sickened by the very proximity of these ‘children of satan’ THE JEWISH PLAGUE,but in fact   heap praises on them. In fact they praise the very text-book these satanic  beings use to instruct their young in  the perversity their leaders study on a daily basis ,and have even memorized,THE TALMUD. 

.Christian Folk,,,,,  Do not be deceived by these professional swindlers , do not fall for any of their gimmicks  ;do not buy the goods they peddle no matter how attractive they make things sound.. Above all do not fall for their patronizing, their telling you how near and dear they think you are,, This is the flattery of  Judas .They just want you to pay them so they can continue their lavish lifestyles…Wise up Christian Folk!

Do not support any of these on the air Pseudo-religion radio broadcasters who have only one intention and that is to defraud you and trick you into mailing into their clutches your hard earned money,which they will use for their personal enjoyment.


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