Christian Broadcasters: Ye Shall Die In Your Sins…….

 My Christian folk,…  These words that our Christ spoke ,directed at his enemies  the pharisees, remind us  of the fate that awaits those who pervert  God’s truth.To all those who make capital  and are making merchandise of the Gospel.

This applies as well to those who  pretend to teach ‘the flock’ , the people of God  ;To all who pretend to shepherd those who make up the church of the living God..

Pretending is what the enemies of  Christ did well.  The pharisees also pretended to teach doctrine ,they also pretended to keep the law and to advocate for the people. But we know they had their own agenda..mainly their own financial enrichment and their political  power…..

All one needs to do is listen to  the current crop  of basically self-ordained ,teachers, preachers,moral advocates and religious activists that flood the airwaves everyday to see the tradition of the pharisees is alive and well in  America.


The way The  Lord dealt with this gang was simply  to point out their hypocrisy to the people;thereby exposing  them to the  world.

Everyday we witness the hypocrisy of these modern-day pharisees who  lay  in waiting for some hapless degenerate to fall in their hands , in order to cower   and intimidate  him by reading  Romans..1.

  And  then with all humility turn to the praises of the listening audience ,declaring that the cause of the gospel has been served. Interesting when one of their own appears on their programming such as the eagle forum lady ,whose own son is a  practicing degenerate,the thought of reading Romans 1 ,never occurs to them H’mmm..

Or the urge to pray for her son never arises….Or when a descendant of the pharisees appears on their ‘Show’ the praises never cease for this emissary of satan.who still has the blood stain of the Crucified  Christ on his hands and head. Funny ,that the thought of reading to him John 3-16 never occurs to the cowardly  chairmen of the board  and preacher  -deceiver.

 Oh well ‘by their fruits ye shall know them’….and why chance offending such a wonderful  Pharisee! 

  My Christian folk …the only way to combat this poison is to educate yourselves and to think for yourselves.  Take nothing at face value. 

Remember that these deceivers have the same agenda as did the pharisees of the new testament. A case in point is the objections raised by the religion media swindlers to the’ fairness doctrine’ pretending this would prejudice God’s truth.   The  truth can never be  prejudiced . What they really fear is that their  deceitful,self-promoting contrived theatrics might be open to challenge ;  thereby limiting their ability to continue their legalized swindle of the masses.

Stay strong ,my Christian folk,, Be tolerant of those who lack the ability to understand the real issues.. and that includes all the cowboy preachers of Pensacola , as well as those  through out the bible belt..Let us be patient ,that they also may understand  God’s truth, and that they  also might fight the poison of the Pharisees .


Salvation is Not of the  Jews but FROM the Jews!


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