My Christian Folk,,,,  Now is the time when deeds and action  mean everything and  rhetoric and mere  words but little.We must endeavor to see things as they really are, rather than how some  feel they should be.

The Christian community in america has  deteriorated to such an extent that it has lost all its moral authority..The best proof is to look at the society in which we live ,look at the popular culture, look at the lack of integrity among not only the general population, but within  the walls of  church and state…Everywhere, you see treason and deceit and exploitation of God’ s people not only by professional swindlers and assorted con artists among  the laity ,but from   those who pretend to be in the ministry!

 ..Surely these deceivers have simply picked up where the ancient  Pharisees  left off.. Hiding their depravity,they have even joined forces  with the modern-day descendants  of  these ancient diabolical monstrosities ,and now can be seen collecting the  Judas  wage!

The christian program broadcasters  in this country are the  syringes through which the deceit of the  Pharisee enters the blood stream of the Christian community in  America..Enabling these emissaries of satan to continue their bloody causes around the world..Part of the Judas – wage the pseudo christian broadcast community enjoys  is the license to deceive people,especially the elderly ,the senior citizens, out of their savings  and their financial legacy!.

.Preying on their fears and insecurities  of the unknown they use words such as good stewardship to gain the   confidence  of the  gullible…Today I happened to hear the voice of a self-righteous hypocrite  by the name of INGRID SCHLUETER ,who routinely portrays herself as knowing the mind of God ,pushing the financial interests of her ministry through the stooge guests she invites  to her ‘show’  ;

 And as always ,trying to create a sense of confidence among  her  listeners in order to gain their trust and their faith in her good intentions.

.My Christian Folk, beware of such as these and simply ignore them.. All that concerns them  is how well they can convince you to send them money ,or to one of their accomplices,,   My Christian folk, Don’t do it!

..All they desire is for you to maintain them in  the lavish lifestyle they currently enjoy,and that takes  a lot       of your money..’your money’,  Don’t let them take it from you with lies and  deceit..

This particular apostle of Judas Iscariot runs a website filled with hypocrisy and lies ; out of which she uses to gain a sense of credibility among the computer Christians ,to the end of gaining financially,,, 

 Ingrid Schlueter is one of the most TOXIC of the female swindlers you encounter on the christian electronic media..A daughter of a more experienced con artist , VIC ELIASON .  This joker wrote the manual on how to swindle and otherwise take advantage of the gullible and idiotic in their listening audience.

Never support any ministry that uses select verses of scripture as a means by which to extract donations from you.

This they do to create a false  sense of security in the minds of the naive and gullible.

The gang that has learned this trick and uses it with perfection is the REJOICE RADIO .ORG group of sweet talking scam artists. And as usual they have a constant drum-beat for donations to be sent to their hideout in PENSACOLA BEACH ,FLORIDA.

Stay clear of this group of snakes!


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