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April 2, 2008

My Christian Folk :…I have never wavered from the basic tenets of the Christian Faith …But just because someone tells me that he is a  Christian ,does not mean  he has a licence  to deceive me or to cheat me! But  if I failed to warn you of the deceit and lies that emanate from out of the mouths   of the pseudo christian radio  broadcasters, you  hear and listen to everyday ,I would be no Christian,  indeed I would be a devil : no better than the Pharisaic christian  radio  broadcasters that come to you on a daily basis with lies and planned deceptions.

…..Religious groups have a right to ask for a donation,but not for dispensing misinformation and/or stupidity…. Not for employing deceptive tactics such as hiring stooges that they use and manipulate as skillfully as a ventriloquist with a hand puppet ;paid to support and to agree with the host ,all at the expense of truth.

 We saw that when a skillful con-artist ,a long time religion hustler by the name of VIC ELIASON  had on his program [CROSSTALK, PRODUCED BY VCY AMERICA]…a descendant of the pharisees ,an unrepentant christ-killer. Never taking a moment to introduce him to the plan of salvation ; indeed never even mentioning the name of THE LORD JESUS in his presence,lest he offend the  contemptible Jew .

This pharisee ,whose hands are still stained by the blood of the crucifixion ,and whose primary textbook is the TALMUD, the manual of anti-christian  pornography ;a  book ,so intrinsically evil ,it could have only been concocted inside the brains of a demon. And yet this deceiving broadcaster never failed  to heap  on this emissary of satan  praise and love during their fellowship together…And in full  hypocrisy, his amoral daughter INGRID SCHLUETER would  dare to condemn members of the Muslim Community, desiring only to live a life of modesty and morality.  And  for  fighting and dying in pursuit of    their  very existence as a  people.

 Do they believe you are that  stupid?…

Do they think  that we can’t see how they are working for the Zionist cause and collecting the judas’wage..?Are we to believe the Koran is an evil book? And  the TALMUD is the word of God .. ???How stupid they must think you poor folks are!..I would a thousand times think the Koran is acceptable in comparison to the pornography in the  TALMUD , where the  Lord and his blessed family are described in ways that would cause disgust in the mind of a cannibal.

.Don’t fall for their lies ,or their condescending attitude toward you the listening audience. Remember ,all they want, all they really need, is your money. Don’t support them!  …Avoid the TOXIC female swindler INGRID SCHLUETER  ,I believe some of you are seeing her for what she is, a true deceiver. Someone who wants to live off of your generosity.. 

And remember that: Unless humanity rids the world of the Jewish World Plague,The Jewish World Plague will rid the world of HUMANITY!