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May 13, 2008

The Seduction of a Muslim Girl

Come Daughter of Arabia
Come To Yiddisha Momma
LooK , I brinK You sometinK to drinK
Come Daughter Of the Prophet
Rid the scarf and veil
And let the .. Goyim wail
Come drink, eat and look at nice pictures
See Goy Boy, Look and see the fun
Look how PRETTY ,And take one…
Take one , Daughter of Islam , TAKE one.
Come to Yiddisha Momma
Come Daughter Of Arabia



May 10, 2008

      My Christian Folk, is it possible that the Church  Age is over and  has come to an end?  The Church of which the ‘gates of hell shall not prevail against” can now only mean ,the eternal church.

The spiritual church that the Lord adds to on a ‘daily basis’ ,”such as should be saved.”   If this is true, what could explain the rise of the mega church in America?    Why then are the major denominations still in existence . Could the explanation be that the Holy Spirit   has  come out from within the churches, thereby allowing the spirit  of evil to enter in.  Are the churches therefore under the control or influence of the Anti-Christ?

     While I cannot    quote a convincing passage  from scripture, I truly believe that no matter where you look in the life of the existing church today  you see the spirit of  Satan hard at work. Everywhere you see nothing  but fakery and deceit ,even at the highest levels.  Whether it’s the political chicanery of the church leaders ,or the traitorous and heretical teachings of certain pastors ,it all points in the direction of being under the control of Anti-Christ. 

 From this,the evil fruits of their failed ministries  are readily seen.   How many of these apostates have fallen victim to their personal lusts of the flesh and to all  manner of depravity will never be fully known.  Now and then we hear of a few of the more well known ,more by accident then by design.  We see how deep the degeneracy  runs ..And  it runs deep, not only the Roman church ,that has paid out Billions  in damage awards but throughout the  Evangelical and Protestant denominations as well. The  Catholics are just the biggest target ,being the favorite of the news media.

       The only verse of scripture that may indicate   the spirit of the Anti-Christ replacing God’s Holy Spirit in the churches  is found in Saint Matthew chap.24 vs.15 “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation,spoken of by  Daniel the prophet ,standing in the holy place…”  The only holy place during the time these words were spoken ,was the great temple in Jerusalem. In fact the city of  Jerusalem by extension could be thought of as the “HOLY PLACE “.  And what do we see occupying or standing in the  holy city ,or the “holy place”today ? Is it not the “abomination of desolation ” Is it not the Anti-Christ ? “By  their fruits ye shall know them”  And what are the fruits of the spirit of Anti-Christ; ,,the murder of innocent children, the wholesale robbery and confiscation of the homes and property of millions of helpless civilians . The misery that has befallen the Palestinian people living in and around   Jerusalem is a ringing testimony of the evil spirit of Anti Christ.   And what  other factor reveals the Anti-Christ?  : Denying the Lord Jesus.

    My Christian Folk,  this abomination ,this evil and  despicable spirit that emanates from   Satan’s den in occupied  Jerusalem permeates the Christian churches in America and attempts to enlist them in  serving the bloody causes of demons in the flesh.It turns   them into willing accomplices in the cause of Anti-Christ.  This abomination has turned the pastors and preachers into the  syringes through which the poison of  Anti- Christ enters the body of believers in America.  This can be seen throughout the main stream denominations all the way down to the small time Christian Broadcasters  that millions of gullible people listen to everyday..They willingly whip up hatred for those fighting for their freedom. They revel in the misery  and death of  Palestinian children , Muslim and Christian alike.  They dupe their listening audiences with allot of phoney sentimentality and brain wash them into believing that murdering children is justified. And this they do for financial gain. What depravity, yet they claim to know the mind of God…They pretend they are just good moms and dads who love the   Lord.  Don’t be fooled by them. Just listen to their hypocrisy ,listen carefully and their lies will be revealed to you. ..They pretend to  know the TRUE TEACHINGS ,and throw the word heretic around at those they are in competition with. Yet  they have fellowship with those who believe that Christ was a fraud  and delusional.   As well  as  deceiving  the listening audience         on  their behalf .Don’t support them.