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October 27, 2009

 My Dear Christian Folk:  Charity,generosity,kindness are the very underpinning of Christian behavior .In fact lacking these virtues , one would be hard pressed to convince others of any true religion.

But as in any organization , Christian or secular ,a small few cannot claim everything for themselves and leave nothing for others.

While it may benefit the soul to help others, it is not unreasonable to ask those receiving assistance to adhere to the claims they make about their  stated goals.

I firmly believe that those who donate to various causes on the basis that the Almighty will honor their intentions whether or not the charity receiving your money is honorable or just a bunch of lying scoundrels, is a false and sinful understanding of what    Christian charity means.

Your money  going to support  an organization that is fraudulent and deceptive in its practices is not worthy of receiving donations of any sort.

 Simply donating for its own sake  deprives the many truly  needy Christian Organizations of the help  you would have  otherwise been able to send them.


 Simply  to financially support  a gang of religion swindlers not only harms the needy but sets the donor up for a major downfall and a deep feeling of disgust over the whole  sordid business one encounters in the PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN RELIGION BUSINESS!

This  usually occurs after the fraud is discovered and made public ;Leaving all the stranded charity givers high and dry and forever cynical as to  ever giving again and even so far as to doubt  the genuineness of all  those claiming the name of CHRIST!

One indication that fraud and deceit may be occurring is when an organization  claiming to be  Christian refuses to show you how the money they   receive is to be  used for.

When they change the expressed purpose of the fund-raising drive or they attempt to hide their own salaries from public scrutiny ;then you can pretty well figure you’re dealing with a bunch of scam artists simply trying to get rich off of your naivety and trusting nature.


 This is especially important now that the Christmas charity drives will begin in full force and coming on the heels of a major pledge drive recently conducted by the gang that runs the REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST [RBN].

Those that pledged to donate monthly a set amount to RBN,must rethink the whole sordid experience in order not to be hoodwinked by this professional ,highly organized gang of story-tellers.

Before you agree to fulfill your pledge ask them to send you a statement of financial condition ,audited by a credible accounting firm that clearly shows all their expenditures for the year;how much money they have already received, and how was it spent.

 This statement  must include all salaries paid and all their operating expenses to date .

 All utility bills and the percentage paid for the cost of their programming and its transmission .

 Of  course  anyone who has ever listened to RBN knows that they will never agree to do this.

The whole operation is clouded in secrecy and depends on all the gullible ,less astute of the Christian listening audience to come through for them.They totally dismiss all those who can think independently and are analytical and sceptical of all things  one hears   on the radio  airwaves.

They simply rely on the vastness of their audience and the abject stupidity of  the majority who believe every word these scoundrels spew out .


 Doesn’t it seem strange how these tricksters calmly switched from

  their dire need  of  funds for OPERATING EXPENSES to the need to pay their UTILITY BILLS?;

To the threat they will no longer be able to broadcast thereby depriving the lost of their chance for salvation?

And then to the chance for the moronic audience  to earn   ETERNAL  REWARDS IN HEAVEN .

Yes, many fell for their phony pitch. But bear in mind you are under no legal obligation to fulfill your pledge ,there is no sin in holding back your gift to those who clearly abuse the remnant of CHRIST’S CHURCH!

Soon they will be mailing you a BILL,showing the amount you OWE with a lot of phony sentimentality attached to it in order to make you feel guilty if you don’t follow through with the amount you pledged during their FALL PLEDGE DRIVE.

Soon they will begin their CHRISTMAS FUND RAISER based on the same lame reasons they always give.


 If you need more to convince you ,ask yourselves this simple question. Would any legitimate Christian church ,organization, or CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTER engage with others in order to dumb you down through the course of their supposed Christian Broadcast?

Would they affiliate themselves with the likes of the CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING produced by another gang of religion swindlers?

Would they engage in deceptive practices and mind numbing  connivance for political or other crass motives?

Would they support these other scoundrels with so-called FREE AIRTIME in order to  further abuse you?




Would you trust someone who deliberately lies to you regarding the settled science of man’s ORIGENS.

This is in effect what they do when they expose you to the likes of KEN HAM and IAN TAYLOR!

So why pay them for the privilege of deceiving you?

Why pay them for the subtle abuse they dish out to you and to others like who are too gullible to see through their clever tricks and their on the air broadcast scam!

The Christian faith from its beginning has produced one swindler after another. The motive is the same ;all that changes is the technology  and  the window dressing. The goal in each  case is the same: To enrich themselves financially at your expense and to simply leave you as dumbed down as ever .

The better for future swindlers to have their turn at you!



The true faith requires all Christians to unite under one banner and to fight the common enemy ;the enemy whose power is the mortal foe of any true CHRISTIANITY.

This enemy is in partnership   with  these PSEUDO CHRISTIAN SCOUNDRELS ,they work together producing the corrosion that has eaten away at our churches,our national culture our ethics ,our families. MAY GOD HELP US TO DEFEAT  THESE DEMONS!



MUSINGS FROM “THE IMITATION OF JUDAS ISCARIOT”on behalf of the christian radio broadcast networks.

October 26, 2009


 My Dear Christian Folk:  The job of the casting director is vital if there is to be a credible performance in any theatre production.

 Finding  the right actor  for the right  role  in any drama is a skill that very few people have and far fewer can  appreciate.

 What is needed, is to be able to see in a particular actor the potential to fit into a particular part and then to encourage him to open up to ; to embrace it , in fact to live it. At least for a season.

This is just as true for the many PASSION PLAYS that are performed each  Easter throughout the world as with any other performance.

And boy,would  I love to be  the casting director of a PASSION PLAY ;on condition that my picks for the several important parts would be limited to the  Christian radio personalities many of you listen to daily.

But if the available stock is limited  ,then I  would be willing to extend the invitations to all the ON THE AIR GUESTS AND STOOGES that make their  appearances on the various TALK SHOWS from time to time.

In most PASSION PLAYS ,there is a concerted effort to remain true to the GOSPEL NARRATIVES.

But more than likely the producer/director usually employs something from the oral tradition to embellish the GOSPEL STORY, revolving around the last days of Jesus Christ  and the terrible suffering and agony he endured at the hands of the  perfidious Jewish murderers.

One  embellishment from out of the ORAL  tradition , comes from the BALKANS  and deals with the forging of the nails used in the CRUCIFIXION .

Here this  element in the play, adds a tremendous emotional  impact  to the events that follow.

What is depicted is a scene featuring CAIAPHAS the CHIEF RABBI of  Jerusalem  entering a GYPSY CAMP ordering the manufacture of the very nails that would pierce the body of Christ.

What is explained to the audience is that Pilate refuses  to pay the GYPSIES for the nails or to even order them made.

 The Gypsies being the ones chosen by the Romans for the dubious distinction of forging the nails used in all Roman executions ;for their iron working talent.

And so CAIAPHAS having to personally   order  and pay for five nails to be forged ,leaves the GYPSY camp; and delivery is made  to the Roman soldiers anxiously awaiting  to get on with their assigned task, by  an old  wrinkled GYPSY hag.

When she arrives holding a purple bag with the nails ,she instructs the soldiers,cackling all the while ,which ones are for the victims feet and which two are for his hands.

And the fifth one she instructs the soldiers is to be driven through his heart.

 According to the orders given to her by CAIAPHAS ,and his stating that this would be “very pleasing to the  Jews”.

So who should be assigned the role of the CACKLING OLD GYPSY HAG?

 Based on hearing the scratchy ,cackling  voice  of PHYLLIS SCHLAFLEY  who quite often appears on the VCY PRODUCED ,CROSSTALK PROGRAM ,I believe she would be a shoe -in for the part!

 Now for the  role of JUDAS ISCARIOT :well  this  one is a no-brainer.

 The part is the exclusive right of Mr. Vic Eliason to perform.You know him as the ring-leader of the VCY AMERICA PRODUCTION COMPANY.He co-hosts the crosstalk radio talk show.

In fact this gentleman was made for the part;playing it just as well off-stage as he would on stage.

Mr. Vic is the very embodiment of what it means to be a JUDAS.

He exudes the very spirit and ethos of the  great betrayer of JESUS CHRIST.

Conferring  , often as he does with the modern-day enemies of the Savior ;

  sneering at the suffering of the poor ,just as Judas Did.

 Judas ,mocking the  agony of Christ on the CROSS ; OLD VIC mocking the  agony of the millions of Palestinians suffering at the hands of today’s pharisees and scribes and lying murderers.

 Judas, gloating over the payment of 30 pieces of silver,Vic grinning over the inflated prices of all the useless books he sells to his unsuspecting audience.

 Judas ,deceiving the company of the faithful and excusing himself from the Lord’s table  ;Mr.Vic deceiving his gullible audience with an endless series of clumsy lies and ignorance ;all put over with the help of his hired stooges that are all too willing to take advantage of the naive and credulous  radio audience.

Judas laughing at the suffering  Christ would endure ,being beaten by a mob of blood thirsty jews;Mr.Vic mocking the murders of over 400 Palestinian children,some as young as 2 months of age;with his description of them as :” so much collateral damage”

Yes Vic. you have found your true calling;playing Judas Iscariot .The only problem your reading skills are so poor I hardly think you could learn your lines. But then again you might not even have to!


October 21, 2009

My Dear Christian Folk:  In  Germany if  one wants to earn  a living cutting hair as a barber ,he must first go to school, learn his trade and pass all the required proficiency exams .  Only then is he  entitled to receive a ” MASTER CRAFTSMAN” certificate enabling him to go into business.

This is true for all professions ;car repair , dentistry,pharmacy ,medical specialist etc.

This is intended to protect the public from flim-flam operations  that may charge less for services but are really not as well qualified as those who have passed rigorous exams in their chosen fields and professions.

This policy protects the craftsman from  frauds and unscrupulous scoundrels  who  undercut and drive out of business all the legitimate small businessmen who have invested their time and money to study their  craft , earning the right to be called a MASTER CRAFTSMAN.

Do you really want to be treated by a Doctor whose only experience is in treating livestock;even if his fees are  a lot  less?   

This  holds  true as well for the clergy  .They must be ordained by their respective denominations;they must pass peer review ,they must

agree not to function outside of their sacramental  obligations  ,and  to  show some proficiency in their clerical duties .

It’s not like here in the USA ,where all you really need is a business licence and a compliant public and you’re good to go!

You don’t have a license to teach , well just start  your own school,or better yet start your own HOME -SCHOOLING RACKET.

You may have   studied medicine at one time but can you pass peer review? No problem, just keep prescribing the same stuff day in and day out and the idiotic American public will be none the wiser.

Regarding the role of clergyman in American society  ;it’s interesting how many choose to write books and give lectures,appear on various pseudo-christian radio programs hawking their poorly written material on an unsuspecting public,in fields they know NOTHING about.

A pastor cannot assume the role of child psychologist without first furnishing proof that he has studied the field and has shown

proficiency in advising parents,teachers and all interested parties as to how best raise a child.

Should a pastor be allowed to lecture on human origins with the certainty that only comes from years of study as a BIOLOGIST?

Why is it that the idiotic ,hare-brained fundamentalist Christian

dupes allow someone like KEN HAM to lecture them regarding the origins of human life, or double-talking scam artists such as IAN TAYLOR ;both of whom have made fortunes peddling their pseudo-science to a gullible  public ;too easily intimidated to know that neither one has ever studied the natural sciences to any extent.

Ken  Ham is in fact a businessman along with TAYLOR and all the other cronies in the  CREATION  RESEARCH INSTITUTE that are making big money off the usual idiots.

The creation museum they have put together is an insult to man’s intelligence and to the CREATOR that created that intelligence.

   But where do these jokers appear at all hours of the day or night  ?

Why where else but on the  Pseudo-Christian radio dial.

Stations such as REJOICE RADIO and VCY AMERICA heartily endorse the nonsense they spew and  I’m certain this makes for a mutually financially beneficial relationship.

My Dear Christians ,keep in mind and never forget this-THAT CHARLATANS GRAVITATE TO OTHER CHARLATANS-

 How would you feel if you were to learn that the Doctor treating you deathly ill child also consulted with voodoo medicine men or shamans from among the aborigines?

 Would that inspire your confidence in your doctor?

But when you listen to those on Christian Radio  who profess their profound belief in the LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST.

and yet  sponsor with free time and indeed are proud of their affiliation with cheats,liars,betrayers of the Gospel, and even support unabashedly the mortal enemies of Christ ;what in the world does that do to your sense of confidence in those very same  Christian radio moguls?

It is not for nothing that some say the AMERICAN PUBLIC IS TOO STUPID TO PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER!

The one thing that can be easily understood is the concept of -“Just follow the money-“

 Here at last is an idea that most Americans can understand.

When you tune in to your favorite Christian Radio station remember that the people you hear

are relatively anonymous to the public.

How much do you really know about LADY BOO HOO ?: INGRID SCHLUETER.


The fact that all we really know is what comes out in the media after they are arrested for defrauding the public should tell you something about the need to exercise caution when dealing with these radio personalities!

Yet most of you throw caution to the wind and support them sight unseen.

The result is that you are guaranteeing the continuation of this type of activity which will only result in the future corrosion of Christian Values.

You are simply allowing them to financially enrich themselves at your expense.

What do they know about the natural sciences?  NOTHING!

What do they  know about CHILD  PSYCHOLOGY ? NOTHING!

What do they know about CHURCH HISTORY? NOTHING !


Yet you trust their opinions to your very own detriment.

The end result will be as it always has been :the diminishing of the   Christian Faith and the victory of the mortal enemies of Christianity .

And in the final analysis you can only blame the Devil for so much.

At some point you must look in the mirror and accept responsibility for the damage that has been done to the cause of Christ in America and around the World!


October 21, 2009

My Dear Christian Folk: Before you know it the Christmas season will be here, and for certain, during these difficult economic times it will be  hard for many to adjust to the reality of the tight budget.

But if CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE  can the Easter observances be that far behind?

I strongly suggest you  purchase your tickets now for the 2010

presentation of the PASSION PLAY  in the historic city of OBERAMMERGAU..

.These performances go all the way back to the year 1634 ,when the citizens of this city vowed to perform the events leading up to the death of  Christ in gratitude for surviving the plague.  The popularity of this play  draws audiences from around the world.

In fact tickets to see this Bible  centered presentation of the last days of  the life of Christ    that ended  with his crucifixion ,may already be sold out.

 The performance is really worth seeing.It really is that good!

But wonderfully ,   OBERAMMERGAU    is not the only place where you can see a passion play.  In many parts of   Eastern Europe ,in  the  local” OLD BELIEVERS “churches  they put on these plays using local talent as well as  church members.

The various roles assigned to the actors are sometimes begrudgingly accepted.

It seems no one wants to play the part of JUDAS ISCARIOT.

 Few wish to be cast in the role of CAIAPHAS  ,THE HIGH PRIEST and even playing PONTIUS PILATE is viewed as being so totally unsavory  ;they fear the possible stigmatization that may follow them into the future.

  Bear in mind,these are small town folk  with small town attitudes and long memories.

 Would you want to be seen playing the part of CAIAPHAS in a passion play ,or that of JUDAS and being remembered by the hometown folks  as the one who sent Christ to his death or betrayed him to the JEWS?  I don’t think so!

Many may not be aware but right here in the U.S.A. there are many passion plays being performed every HOLY WEEK.

In fact one may be coming to a theatre near you.

Imagine if the citizens of WASHINGTON D.C. were to  organize a theatre production accurately depicting  the events leading up to

the betrayal, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.Given the Zeitgeist of the times ,who  do you think would play the role of  Jesus? Anyone care to venture a guess?

  My Dear Christian Folk:

  It would be good if the churches would agree to present  those in the Christian faith community ,

 with  some sort of OSCAR AWARD.  To those deserving of special recognition for all they do ;And 

 these would be awards of very SPECIAL RECOGNITION; to those who have  done the most throughout the year in betraying the GOSPEL OF CHRIST ,deceiving the    Christian Faith Community, 

perpetually lying to them,deceiving them, manipulating their emotions using hot button topics designed to draw attention to themselves and their useless  ministries,tricking them into making purchases at unfair prices ,and generally treating the people of God the way the ancient pharisees treated the believers who wanted to follow Christ.

While this may never happen in so far as the mainstream churches are concerned ,I truly believe there is an interest among those who follow the deceptive practices heard daily on the RADIO DIAL  ;  those who  earn their living broadcasting on Christian Radio.

The listeners of various stations such as THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK, THE  DOVE, FAMILY RADIO, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK should have the right to  cast their ballots for their favorite nominees.

And there are many  Christian Radio personalities to choose from.

If I had a ballot to begin  the nomination process  ;I would start by nominating for the PONTIUS PILATE AWARD  :the glib popinjay of Christian Radio ,the one-man show over at  RBN   ,a true renaissance man ; the ever popular smooth talking guy with the eclectic background ,oh well you know him as CRAIG MATTSON!


The Italian poet Dante Alighieri places in a  special section of the inferno all those who turn their backs when confronted with deceit and injustice.

Afterall isn’t this what Pilate did when he caved into the demands of the howling mob of depraved jews ?

Isn’t this what Craig does when he refuses to  denounce the fraud ,deception and injustice committed against the listening audience of RBN and  that of their affiliate:THE CROSSTALK PROGRAM?produced by VCY AMERICA?

 I nominate   BRANNON  HOWSE for the CAIAPHAS AWARD  ; for his self delusional political pursuasion. And didn’t CAIAPHAS convince Pilate to execute Jesus?  Wasn’t  CAIAPHAS a political genius,self-perceived!  And  how  does  the conceited BRANNON THINK OF HIMSELF?

But THE JUDAS ISCARIOT AWARD BELONGS TO NONE OTHER THAN TO MR.  VIC ELIASON;for betraying  the community of believers with his false assertions,  the false statements he perpetually makes on and off the air.for abusing the listeners hungry to hear the truth, for betraying the Christ  of the Gospel for the retail price of a poorly written book.

And didn’t JUDAS BETRAY CHRIST FOR 30 pieces of silver.

Vic has made more than that,in fact Vic has made enough money betraying the Lord ,he can retire in the lap of luxury from here on out.

Yes ,no doubt about The prestigious Judas ISCARIOT AWARD should go to the deserving ring-leader of VCY AMERICA ; The honorable Vic Eliason.

You don’t ever want to buy a used car from this guy or a book for that matter! HE’S THE VERY EPITOME OF JUDAS ISCARIOT! A  TRUE FOLLOWER OF THE FALSE DISCIPLE. HE WAS BORN TO BE A JUDAS. AND SOMEDAY HE WILL SEE HIM AS HE IS .





October 20, 2009

My Dear Christian Folk: If what passes for  Christianity in America today existed during the first three centuries of church history, then I truly believe the new faith would have never survived the dark years of Roman persecution.

The idiocy and scatter-brain mindset that has  firmly nested in the  vast majority  of those who  call themselves Christians , including  the traitors and  Judases in charge of the various church denominations would have  been easy work for the ancient Roman rulers to  eradicate.


What impressed the Roman authorities was the steadfastness and determination of the Christian sect to survive and  sacrifice  ,even to the point of suffering the cruelest death.

The greatness of Christianity was not found in its willingness to negotiate or modify away any of its core beliefs with any of the other competing religions in the ancient world,but rather in its uncompromising stance in preaching and in its fanaticism in defending its own doctrines.

 Today’s Christian faith  has fallen victim to a progressively increasing paralysis of sound reason.

It suffers from  a pestilential attitude usually reserved for cowards; that it is better -to not    rock the boat and to just leave it all in God’s hands.-


The Church has lost the simple instinct of self-preservation and by so doing has placed itself in the idiotic position of believing that it alone is not subject to exactly the same laws as all other human organizations and biological entities.

Those in the church who teach that somehow the Christian community is something apart and invincible from the threats and determination on the part of its enemies to  corrupt and destroy Christianity at its root are either ignoramuses or perfectly conscious swindlers and liars.

 The question that inevitably must be answered is ;-how did we go from being a Christian Nation ,in fact and in substance ,to a nation where Mammon is king –How did we descend to the point we now find ourselves in?

Totally separated from our culture and heritage,fearful of those who rule over us, financially insecure,mired in the depths of perversion and degeneracy ;we grasp for straws .

And to be sure ,straws are all that those in the Christian religion business have to offer those clutching the sinking Ark  of the Covenant ,containing  the Gospel of Christ!

 This may be a sad state of affairs  but to change something it means you have to recognize it first.

 The answer to this riddle is to be found in the unprejudiced examination of an alien people  of an alien culture , possessing the clear determination of a parasite to corrode ,destroy and eventually dominate and enslave  the population   of any nation  : wherever it  may find a willing and unsuspecting host to bid it welcome. 

The Church if given a chance will always advocate for culture and decency and morality :these being essential to its basic reason to exist.

But it fights with hostility any attempt to save the church and the  community of believers within its walls from the venom injected into its veins by its most mortal enemy ;The Jewish World Plague.

The attitude of the Church towards the jews has now become part and parcel of Christian dogma thereby making it impossible to deal with these vipers in the calm objectivity this enormous question demands.

But here we are facing a question without whose solution any attempt to save from shipwreck the

Body of Christ will forever remain futile ,senseless and practically impossible.

The only way out of this dilemma is to study this alien race ,examine the tactics they use in their perversion  of all that is good,moral and decent.

The more  the Christian faith community studies this religious group the more they will see the foundation of lies ,deceit and social racketeering this alien race is founded on ;

 The clearer the vision will become as to how  this nation and church evolved into  its present state of corruption,degeneracy,and treason.

One of its most formidable and effective tactics employed by this gang  is to portray itself as a religious community,thereby endearing it to the unsuspecting and naive among the simple folk  .

Once they have established themselves as such they then demand the same rights and privileges of all other groups and soon the demands become more and more  shrill ;all under the guise of civil rights and equal treatment.

They then begin deceiving the clergy for their support in international affairs under the heading of RETURNING TO THE PROMISED LAND.

They then  begin portraying themselves as victims of persecution and demand  compensation.Usually at the expense of helpless and defenseless people.

The church begins to advocate for the causes that can only denigrate the Gospel .causes that support the slaughter of innocent children caught in the blood bath of GAZA ;visited upon them by this so-called morally correct people.

 Some of their most avid supporters  of  these demonic  causes  are to be found in the PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN BROADCAST BUSINESS.

Notably the VCY AMERICA AND REJOICE RADIO BROADCASTERS that toil and are driven by the JEWISH WHIP!

The problem here is so acute that all involved in the travesty of Christian Radio have lost all semblance of decency .

Happy to refer to the 400 Palestinian children  murdered by Zionist servants of God as collateral damage. imagine anyone pretending to quote scripture  as is often the case by the immoral callous swindlers found on PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST  NETWORKS  such as you hear on CROSSTALK CALL-IN TALK PROGRAM refer to the deaths of 400 defenseless children as

understandable “COLLATERAL DAMAGE ” would be enough to turn the stomach of a leech. But is simply everyday fare for those who daily dupe their gullible listening audience!



The beginning for our revival and redemption will come after we have cleansed the land of the parasites that beset us and removed all those who endeavor to dumb down the simple minded.

The time has come to remove from within our midst all those who earn the JUDAS WAGE. AND LET’S START WITH THE DAILY DECEIVERS FOUND ON THE RADIO DIAL WORKING ON BEHALF OF JEWISH CAUSES .



October 17, 2009

My Dear Christian Folk:   When  the greatest expositor of  Sacred Scripture ,Martin Luther, was asked to   put the Gospel Of Christ in its simplest form,he  responded with these words: SUFFER ,SUFFER- CROSS,CROSS.

May I be so bold as to add to MARTIN  LUTHER’S succinct reply   ,the words: STRUGGLE,STRUGGLE  –  FIGHT,FIGHT!

While many see in the ‘imitation of Christ” a suffering savior ,I truly believe that a cursory examination of new testament Scripture will reveal the founder of Christianity as having the greatest fighting personality of all time.

In fact He calls all  mankind to join Him  in the struggle to defeat the enemies of all peoples,all religions, all races and all nations : The international maggot of  humanity  :The Jewish World plague.


How exactly has this lethal pathogenic bacillus entered the blood stream of  America’s Christian Community has been a subject

that for the most part has been ignored by the leading  personalities of   both Church and  government.

In fact any attempt to bring this vital subject up for public discussion has been met with derision and calumnies being heaped on any who would dare to ask such questions as ;Why do we condemn the extremist verses found in the KORAN but ignore the truly Blasphemous statements espoused in the JEWISH HOLY BOOK : THE TALMUD?

Why are we  so  concerned by Muslim threats to the Christian Community and blind ourselves to the continuous stream of poison emanating from out of the Jewish Community that has  caused decay and dry rot throughout the Cultural,Religious ,Ethical and governmental pillars of The Christian-American Mainstream?

Why do we allow  the nation’s  churches,schools and cultural institutions to remain subservient to the fundamental  Jewish control thereby facilitating their own destruction and desecration ?

Why do we allow lying scoundrels to control the Nation’s  Christian radio broadcast networks ?    

Why do we allow the Airwaves to be used in the spread of deliberate lies about other Christians?

Why do we allow the pseudo-Christian parasites in broadcasting to engage in the worst form of swindle imaginable;practiced on an unsuspecting and trusting listening audience ?

When the Jews through the fine art of subterfuge and subtlety are given license to practice their corrosive practices, all things are possible.

Anyone who sees a Jew or knows anything about  them ,knows that they curse the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST EVERY SATURDAY!

 Whether under the roof of their synagogue of Satan or under their own, the BLASPHEMY is exactly the same and those pastors, priests and ministers that choose to remain silent and fail to warn the larger Christian Faith community regarding these demons in the flesh share in the consequences that surely will come down upon them. 

 While Protestants and  Catholics continue the ancient  feud denigrating each other ,dividing each other ,heaping scorn on each other’s long held beliefs ,the Jew slyly grins and chuckles up his sleeve.

In fact the Jew through his domination and even total control of the information media promotes this  antagonism through his many surrogates in the pseudo-Christian Radio ministries such as the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK,;it makes any attempt to show the public the real enemy of any true Christianity seem almost hopeless.

Through radio stations such as REJOICE RADIO the Jew promulgates his lies and deceit  causing one Christian to attack another while the very cultural foundations and even the very GOSPEL OF CHRIST is corroded and undermined by the poison of  the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE.

The best way to understand the dilemma we face is to examine the pseudo Christian purveyors of this organized swindle that attempts to pass as a Christian ministry.


Here’s a good place to begin your examination as to the mutual assistance the betrayers of the GOSPEL working  hand in  glove with the international maggot extend each other.

Here as in all cases ,when someone attempts to deceive you for financial gain ,under the guise of spreading the Gospel ,you can be sure that the Judas wage has been paid by the enemies of JESUS CHRIST!

This time it comes under the guise of a simple book sale with the urging to purchase quickly and so a 30% discount can be granted .

What these deceivers over at the VCY AMERICA ORGANIZED SWINDLE fail to inform you is that the book can be purchased as well from AMAZON .COM or Wal-Mart at a huge discount ,since they are both engaged in a price war and all their books are selling for 8-9 dollars.

They don’t bother to tell you this in order to trick you into spending far more than you should.

What does this say about any moral integrity or lack thereof ,if they would trick the trusting listening audience out of their hard earned money?

Use this as a learning experience ;for if they would stoop this low to cheat a group of naive Christians they would have no problems selling out the GOSPEL OF CHRIST to their Jewish bosses for any price in any amount.

And by so doing and with impunity ,the jews grant them the immunity from prosecution they need to continue foisting this scam nation wide.

My Dear Christian friends ,fight for the cross ,fight for our God . FIGHT FOR THE GREATEST WAR LORD in history and slowly but surely  we will defeat the enemy of Jesus Christ . This enemy whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity!



October 14, 2009

 My Dear Christian Folk: It is my unshakable will and my unalterable determination

to expose all those who deceive and cheat the remnant of God’s church. 

 There is no more satisfying vocation than to defend those who through no fault of their own find themselves unable to break loose from the grip of deception that cheats them not only out of their income and hard-earned money but also abuses and insults their  intelligence as well.

The exploitation and abuse of God’s people  extends back in time to the earliest development of  Christianity on the earth.

During the centuries prior to the discovery of the scientific method Christians found themselves victimized by unscrupulous clergymen who could claim anything they could get away with  in order to advance their control over the minds of those whom  they gleefully exploited.

Added to  this was the  inability of the general population to acquire sufficient education and  knowledge to defend themselves against the predators of that age and so mankind descended into the mire of ignorance regarding the natural world around them as well as the  spiritual truths found in HOLY SCRIPTURE.

Today the exploitation and abuse continue  at an unprecedented

rate only now it no longer requires the use of pronouncements ,

 edicts of excommunication, Papal Bulls and overt threats ;it merely requires a  microphone ,a radio transmitter , a smooth talker and a wide audience and the results are basically the same.

The exploiters get richer, more influential,more feared, less likely to accept criticism and more respected by the unsuspecting and stupid.

The people who  are intimidated by  these professional religion swindlers  remain as their former Christian believers during the middle ages ;as ignorant and subservient as before.

The major difference is now those who remain ignorant of the truth are too cowardly or too lazy to change their circumstances.

  Those  Christians who now find themselves exploited have been brainwashed over the years and now find themselves incapable of  breaking loose from the demonic exploiters who will never surrender this lucrative money-making machine they have carefully nurtured over the years.

 All that can be hoped for is that the light of reason will break through and slowly these religion swindlers and abusers of decent Christian folk will be exposed,discredited,shunned and ridiculed for the charlatans they are.

 The guiding principles of  this  class of predators is their own personal enrichment.

And there is no end as to how they skillfully accomplish their money-making goals.

 The important thing is to recognize them for what they are and to avoid them.

During the middle ages ,the  peasants paid their tithes to  the church in the form of labor in the fields owned by the catholic church or by donations of harvested crops.

Today the pseudo Christian hungry power brokers use the old BOOK SALE technique.

Buy a book!  Usually one designed to appeal to the shallow and conceited mind of the gullible, and lo and behold ,you will learn things few others have knowledge of. WHAT A TRICK!

And the price? -well call in to their so-called book store and find out. –

And be sure to ask for your 30% DISCOUNT ,you are entitled to, for only a short time only ….,blah blah blah.

Sounds similar to a used car transaction .

Ever see an ad   touting a big 50% discount only to find the item selling for more than twice the regular price?

As strange as all this may appear  this is the scam they routinely use over the radio airwaves.

The VCY AMERICA NETWORK has perfected this book sales pitch to a fine art.

In fact these jokers ,all three of their conniving talk-show hosts take  a turn at this.

The ring leader of this gang uses all the subtle charm of a used car salesman , and here there is no exaggeration;all one has to do is give a listen to hear the voice many would recognize as the voice of a used  car salesman,badgering his desperate car buyer to hurry up and sign the contract.

 The Book these jokers were touting was called AMERICA FOR SALE,but it turned out to be GOLD FOR SALE!

These Pseudo-Christian salesmen can’t get away from pushing gold sales;of course on a program supposedly touted to a discussion of Christian principles. So why not push some gold sales on an unsuspecting public . And follow through with a  brow beating sales technique for the book that will make you wiser and smarter.

And here’s the phone number they brainwashed  the listening audience  with.-1-888-722-4829..GIVE THEM A CALL AND SHOW THEM HOW REALLY STUPID YOU ARE! THEY ARE WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU!


October 13, 2009

 My  Dear Christian Folk: The Charlatan is usually not the most cynical of those who prey on the naive and gullible.

 In many cases it’s the stupid and gullible themselves who show a keen inclination  for duping their fellow  Christian believers .

 Charlatanism ,gullibility ,stupidity eventually lead to a dangerous form of self-deception and somehow they are all linked together.

When the ignorant convince themselves that they are in possession of the only truth ,they likely become indifferent to common, ordinary everyday truths.

Truths such as ;the  Earth and the  Universe were  NOT  formed in six days ; The earth is NOT a flat disk suspended in mid-air with the Sun rising and setting in front of it;The Human Race was  NOT  created from the soil of the Earth and the first female was  NOT formed out of a man’s rib!

Noah and his family did NOT sail on an ark loaded with dinosaurs and finally landing on Mt. Ararat , followed by their repopulating the Earth that had been totally destroyed in a gigantic flood.

What a travesty this is and what a setback for the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ that attempts to convince the unbelievers

 of the veracity of Christian doctrine.

What irony, in that science and technology first appeared in Protestant countries.Protestants who maintained the integrity of Scriptures and fought the Papists to keep them pure from strange interpretations.

Yet it is now the descendants of MARTIN LUTHER who are the biggest  slanderers of God’s truth by holding up the spiritual truths found in scripture and demanding they be understood as scientifically valid   and historically accurate.

 Interesting that GALILEO had few disciples in ITALY but converted many in protestant England to his discoveries. Foremost among them was ISAAC NEWTON!

In this day and age only those operating on the fringes of Christian society would be shameless enough to continue this deceitful travesty  regarding creation ,thereby dumbing down those who through no fault of their own continue to wallow in the depths of ignorance and

superstition  ;denying the settled science of EVOLUTION THEORY and trusting the predators that have made millions peddling their moronic CREATION MUSEUMS and their idiotic FLOOD STORIES  that are written so poorly they can only be  printed in paperback.

those quick to take advantage of the abject stupidity demonstrated by so many  on the   fringes of Christianity are the ever  present parasites on Christian radio who earn their daily bread by swindling the credulous.

Under the guise of soliciting funds for their fraudulent ministries

they make an appeal to the most uneducated elements in society, hoping to extract from them  whatever amounts of money these suckers are willing to send them.

This operation   usually takes the form of a book  written on a subject sure to appeal to the many hicks that gravitate to this type of fraudulent pseudo-Christian operation ,flying under the radar as a GOD CENTERED MINISTRY . Almost too funny to say!  

They usually drum up a fellow traveler ,a stooge they hire who has a sincere ,solemn voice that he can turn on and off as needed .

He then  convinces the listening audience as to the importance of the subject matter as heard today on the ever present organized radio deceit called CROSSTALK ,produced at the studios of VCY AMERICA . The current topic of fraud and deceit was the  Noah’s ARK AND FLOOD STORY . A story most of the hayseed audience still pays credence to.

The catch comes when they push the book for a quick sale. In this case ,as heard  on the call-in talk show, they wanted fifteen dollars for a poorly written paperback on this worn out subject.

It shows to what low levels these charlatans will stoop to in order to finance their luxury lifestyles at the expense of the moronic listening audience.

The best evidence of their stupidity is to listen to the same callers calling in  day after day contributing their moronic mouthing to others  who share  their delusional  thinking.

One of the regular callers is the poor ,delusional SUE FROM HERMISTON ,followed by BENNY from the upper peninsula . The reason to note these two is to demonstrate the desperate situation a sizable number of Christians find themselves in as regards to their mental health.

Only the lowest bottom-feeders would take advantage of their stupidity and delusional thinking.But one listen to the usual  fare found on the  CHRISTIAN RADIO DIAL is enough to convince even the most skeptical that there is big money to be made at the expense of those who cannot defend  or protect themselves.

The professional swindlers heard daily and the damage they do is compounded  by the silence on the part of all   the other mainstream Christian organizations that should know better than to sit in  silence while their fellow human beings are subjected to this mind numbing fraud and deceit.

Why don’t they speak up and renounce  with the sternest of denunciations all those who feed off the ignorance and stupidity found among the unsuspecting elements of Christian society ?

What hypocrisy!

In fact these crooks are far worse than any international communist working to destroy all religion.

They serve no legitimate purpose other than to spread confusion and cause derision  in  those found among the eternal enemies of  JESUS CHRIST .This enemy whose power is the mortal foe of any true  Christianity.




October 10, 2009

My Dear Christian Folk:  The only good thing concerning the sticky business  of fund raising over the radio or internet is that most of the money pledged is just that; pledged.

It doesn’t mean they get all of it.

The benefit to the donor is that it gives him the time to reflect on his decision to follow through with  his pledge or not.

This is especially beneficial to those who are easily carried away and pledge money to radio  broadcasters that pretend to be a Christian ministry.

 Those that operate on the fringes of Christian society such as the many pseudo-Christian operators found on the  radio dial  periodically have fund raising events they like to term as SHARE-A-THONS!

they give you the opportunity to SHARE , isn’t that sweet of them.

What happens behind the scenes during these festivals of greed will never be seen by the average Christian yokel or vapid yahoo that has fallen for the bait and agreed to send in a check ,large or small; these greedy folks will cash it.

  Recently the blood-suckers over at RBN [rejoice radio] had one of their many share-a thons claiming they took in over 240,000 $. Could be.

But over the course of time those who pledged will realize their foolishness and how easily they were carried away by the folksy wisdom and small town hayseed appeal of their pitchmen and hayseed sounding females they usually bring out in fund raising  events to convince all the gullible to write checks.

Those of you who pledged did you notice how they took down not  only your name and comments but also all the other information they will need to dun and badger you monthly to pay up.As any bill collector would do!

The simple truth is that whether you  fulfill your pledge or not ,your name alone  is worth far  more than the amount you pledged.

What I’m saying is that your name will be put on a mailing list and then sold to hundreds of marketers round the world and you will soon be hearing from them.

 Few know the incredible value of a list of thousands of names ,names of stupid,gullible ,naive,easily carried away by emotion and sentimentality  Christian suckers,who will fall for any scam or  moneymaking pitch these vultures can think up.

And if you pledged your name is already on THE LIST of fools!

You would sooner see a HYENA  surrender  its still warm carcass  in its claws than a Pseudo-Christian swindler give up  the fund raising scam!


The scam is always the same;  pledge now and you will reap rewards in heaven.

The old pie in the  sky con-job. Always works on the minds of the stupid.

 Regarding the jokers at RBN; do any of  you think that CRAIG MATTSON works for nothing ?

Do you believe any of them do the program as a labor of love?

You therefore have a right to know how much of the money pledged and later received will go  towards salaries and luxury living.

Is it a moral thing to do during the financial downturn to continue awarding themselves pay increases and bonuses while the Christian community wallows in the grips of joblessness .

This is what they mean when they claim they need money “FOR OPERATING EXPENSES” don’t be tricked by their clever use of words.

 You have the right and an obligation to ask them to fax you a copy of their yearly budget.

You have a duty to know in advance of fulfilling your pledge how all monies received are spent.

how much goes to the cute secretaries that work for the bosses of this money making organization ?

what favors do the lard asses that sit in the offices of Pensacola  Christian college  receive from the female staff of their money making operations?

How much do they rip off from the listening audience of REJOICE RADIO?

you will  never know the answers to these question until you see a detailed statement listing all their employees and their salaries.

The Lord did not give His life in order to create business opportunities for the lazy and the cowardly many of whom sit behind the microphones of various Christian broadcast operations.



October 7, 2009

My  Dear Christian Folk: The saying that  ;-we are

judged by the company we keep -,is no better evident

than the connection that exists between one group of

charlatans and other like-minded individuals who conveniently gravitate to each other.

The purpose of course is always the same; to enrich themselves at your expense. And indeed they do.

Why it is that decent Christian folk fall victim to all the same worn out scams and con games the unscrupulous play

on them is a subject for a professional psychologist to determine.

It could reflect the fact that Christians habitually neglect their own education until it is too late or simply their own trusting nature gets the best of them.

Or it could well be the sign of the times and that truly we are living through the END OF THE CHURCH AGE

and  Satan and his minions  have now entered the church

and have usurped the HOLY SPIRIT of its authority.

Currently there is a fund raising drive ,a SHARE-A-Thon


that is deceiving many thousands of trusting souls out of their hard earned money under the guise of trying to

come up with funds sufficient to pay their OPERATING EXPENSES .

When one hears the term operating expenses they think of utility bills, stationary, repair of broken cable wires etc.

Never does anyone associate; padded expense accounts,

credit card payments, bonuses ,huge salaries, luxury cars,vacations, condo payments, etc. with “OPERATING EXPENSES”

But this is in fact what the jokers over at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK operating out of their sham college studios have in mind when they solicit funds from the hides of their gullible listening audience.

An audience they have been softening up with the time worn melancholy Christian music they play daily.

This call to sentimentality pays huge dividends during

fund raising days such as the ones going on right now!

Keep in mind that these jokers receive huge amounts of money from the special interests they support  throughout

  the year. And not to mention the daily requests for donations.

The money sent to these money grubbers can be used for any purpose and usually are spent on salaries and a lifestyle few in the hayseed audience they victimize will ever see.

The best proof of their intentions is to see the insidious connection that exists between RBN; rejoice broadcast network and the other class of scam artists over at VCY BROADCAST NETWORK.

This fact alone should be enough to keep a wise person from ever sending a dime or a dollar to either one of these pseudo-Christian religion enterprises.

Do not fall for their calls to sentimentality. just say no!

In fact call and tell them to simply practice what they like to tell you.

Tell them to trust in GOD and He will provide all their needs.

If further proof of their intentions is required simply ask them to provide you with a statement of financial condition showing in detail where all the money goes after they collect it all,after they open all the letters stuffed with checks they receive daily!

In fact ,when they ask for money tell them to go seek after all the  jewish  money bags and ask them. After all, do they not serve their interests by promoting and supporting the sadistic blood-letting in GAZA and the WEST BANK  of Palestine ?


In fact you can hear this support for Jewish causes in some of the music play that reference the word ZION.

This is done to deliberately instill in the minds of the hare-brained audience a positive  impression of ZIONISM and to overlook their criminal acts committed against an innocent population  comprised  mainly of women and children in the middle-east.

My Dear Christian Folk: You know the RBN will never provide you with a statement of financial condition. They ask you to simply trust them.

They money you send them if you  should decide to do so will have no strings attached,meaning they can do whatever suits  their fancy.

Vacations,cars, booze, wine women and song.

What makes you or anyone think these glib ,smooth proverbs readers and assorted sleazy sounding pitchmen are any different from what has proceeded in prior years?


Remember Tammy Faye Baker and JIM?

Remember the con game that ORAL and his family of wife swapping degenerates used to play on weekly television. ??

Why is this bunch any different? Do you personally know any more about this gang than you knew about JIMMY BOY SWAGGERT ?

remember the lies he would tell in order to gain the  people’s trust?

Do you have any idea of the millions he would take in weekly from out of the pockets of his naive and stupid television audience?

How do you or anyone else know what the smooth talkers over at VCY AMERICA NETWORK AND RBN are all about?

remember TED HAGGART?

here was a family values guy if there ever was one. The president of a prestigious Christian organization who deceived millions.

When the truth came out we all saw what he truly was; a lying degenerate who spent the money collected by his phony organization on male prostitutes and drugs.

And this scam went  undetected for years and he deceived millions of trusting Christian FOOLS!

Remember that PENSACOLA has all the perverse elements found in such sin cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans and such.

And this city is where the jokers collecting your money love to spend their free time.

Pensacola,prostitutes, pornography,drugs ,are you starting to see the picture?

Just listen to callers to the CROSSTALK RADIO CALL-IN PROGRAM to

understand the extent of the idiotic Christian community that falls for the con job

allows itself to be victimized.


or DOROTHY FROM ILLINOIS;  An English  lady  who sounds like she is still suffering the effects of THE BLITZ or THE BUZZ  BOMBS that fell on England during the 2nd. W.W.

Let’s not forget SUE from Hermiston, this dear lady needs to stay on her meds.

A really delusional victim of the crosstalk team!