My Dear Christian Folk:  We live in times that can only be compared to what existed during the dark days of the  middle ages. Just as the  Papacy and all of his agents were busily selling indulgences and pre-paid forgiveness to the gullible and superstitious masses then ,so now the Bible-thumping Evangelical types are following suit with their unfounded claims

that donations to their self-ordained so-called ministries will gain rewards in the heavenly kingdom.


 This is the standard procedure that scam artists of one sort or another use on an unsuspecting public.

-Give me your real money now and you increase your chances of receiving a glorious and eternally joyful reward in the afterlife.-

 This of course  is the height of    deceit but sadly far too many fall  victim to the unscrupulous purveyors of this well worn-out con game.

yet here the legal authorities fail to take action and therefore as the watchman on the wall I endeavor to warn you concerning these professional swindlers that enrich themselves at your expense and on your own stupidity.

 Recently one of the hired pitchmen of a well known pseudo-religious outfit that operates out of Pensacola, Fla made the incredible statement to the listening audience  of their far-flung radio broadcast network to”Invest in a ministry that reaps eternal rewards”

This was said during the middle of their routine share-a-thons obviously to work up the audience.

 What better way to get the lame brained listening audience to cough up their dough than to suggest a trade off of sorts?

Your money now for a blessed future in the world to come  later .


That’s the deal, and I have no doubt that many will fall for it.

But why  is the Christian Faith and among those who believe in its teachings allow themselves to be so abused ?

What is it about this religion that so numbs the ability to think logically and with clear reason and leaves  its adherents at the mercy of the conniving  and merciless manipulators whose only desire is to live off the earnings of the hardworking Christian Folk that support their ministries of deceit?

Does it really have to be this way?

 My  Dear Christian Folk: It is my unshakable  will and determination to do all that I can to inform you of the typical scams and ministries of deception and of all those who ply their treacherous trade on the unsuspecting believers of the Gospel of Christ.

   That which one least expects is usually the place to look at first. In this regard few would suspect a well known Christian radio broadcast outfit of deliberately misleading their listening public.

 But when it comes to preserving the integrity of the  Gospel of the Living Christ we can’t afford to leave a stone unturned .

Rejoice broadcast network headquartered in Pensacola has gone far too long under the radar and I would encourage as many as possible to investigate this outfit far in advance of ever sending them a dime in donation.

As with any other organization or church  that claims to be doing the  Lord’s work it is vital to learn as much about them as possible.

 Remember that anyone that sits behind a microphone can say or claim anything they wish,anything that will serve as self promotion.

But its something quite different when they have to show proof of their good intentions and their good works.

Then the excuses fly and the craw fishing begins, denials abound ,accusations of one sort or another and appeals to scripture break loose;all designed to deflect  criticism in order to maintain face in front of a questioning public.

What these jokers fear the most is that their scam will be found out and the public will stop sending them their cash.

There is no substitute for transparency when it comes to deciding whether to donate to a particular ministry or not.

The rejoice broadcast network is no different.

 Before you participate in their dubious share-a-thon,ask them to fax you a statement of financial condition.

Tell them you want to see current figures indicating the salaries of their  staff. Tell them you need to see the size of their operating budget and how much money is spent on what and on whom!

You will be incredibly surprised to learn of the inflated salaries of their so-called ministers and disk jockeys and proverbs readers and all the other glib sounding operatives they employ to smooth out your drive time.

 I would also be highly suspicious of their over estimated Christian College especially as  to its geographic location,so close to the  Pensacola  Beach area.   This city is as much a sin city as Las Vegas or Hong Kong.And for this reason  I would question  their constant demands for money .Where and on whom exactly is this much needed funding spent on?

Is it used to hire  young prostitutes to come in to the college to service the students or staff members ?

 Keep in mind that Pensacola Beach has a notorious red-light district and prostitution and the sex trade is one of the main industries and means of employment for the thousands of young ladies that swarm over the tourists during the summer months.

Keep in mind that Pensacola is home to several military installations in that area and tens of thousands of servicemen are out on the  prowl looking for young girls to compensate their homesickness every day of the week.

 Do you really believe  the staff at rejoice broadcast and their religious front organization ,the college ,are that much different  than  the thousands of young servicemen that are stationed in close proximity?

Are you in effect sending your donations to this pseudo-religious organization in order to provide them with the financial wherewithal to exploit the sex trade so available in the Panhandle area of the Sunshine State?

This is why it is imperative for any would be donor to this outfit to know in advance how they spend money received and for what purpose.

 You have a right to know as a citizen of this country.   This is still the U.S.A.

 I am convinced you will never receive a financial statement from any of these unscrupulous blood-  suckers.

Not one that reveals the enormous profits they make off the collective stupidity of their listening audience.

The very fact that REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK  provides free air time for their affiliate ‘THE  CROSSTALK ENTERPRISE”

 should  tell you what they are all about.If the operatives at Rejoice had an ounce of integrity they would publically denounce and sever all ties with the VCY AMERICA operation.

All it takes is one listen to this notorious talk-show to figure out the hypocrisy and lies they spew out each and every day to the same stupid audience enjoyed by Rejoice INC.

The crosstalk game show relies on the HOT BUTTON FORMAT that many other jokers use to whip up enthusiasm and financial support from an easily manipulated ,poorly educated bunch of hayseeds that love the contentious attitude of the three co-hosts of this mindless call-in talk show. Give a listen if you have the stomach for it!

The fact that REJOICE can climb into bed with folks such as Vic ,Ingrid ,Jim and the new BOZO THE CLOWN they hired :BUNION HOWSE ,well that speaks volumes as to the Christian integrity of the proverbs readers and other great literature they are fond of such as BIG TOM A KEMPIS ,and other arcane stuff;all designed  to impress the hicks and hillbillys that love the banjo  strumming old time Gospel Sound.

If you love Christian music ,by all means go to a Christian music store and BUY IT!

Then you can listen to it at home and take it with you to play in your car or pick-up truck!

Stay strong ,all of you who love THE LORD and are willing to fight to keep His name Holy ,free of the effects of the con-artists who besmirch His Holy Name And Holy Cause!



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