My  Dear Christian Folk: The saying that  ;-we are

judged by the company we keep -,is no better evident

than the connection that exists between one group of

charlatans and other like-minded individuals who conveniently gravitate to each other.

The purpose of course is always the same; to enrich themselves at your expense. And indeed they do.

Why it is that decent Christian folk fall victim to all the same worn out scams and con games the unscrupulous play

on them is a subject for a professional psychologist to determine.

It could reflect the fact that Christians habitually neglect their own education until it is too late or simply their own trusting nature gets the best of them.

Or it could well be the sign of the times and that truly we are living through the END OF THE CHURCH AGE

and  Satan and his minions  have now entered the church

and have usurped the HOLY SPIRIT of its authority.

Currently there is a fund raising drive ,a SHARE-A-Thon


that is deceiving many thousands of trusting souls out of their hard earned money under the guise of trying to

come up with funds sufficient to pay their OPERATING EXPENSES .

When one hears the term operating expenses they think of utility bills, stationary, repair of broken cable wires etc.

Never does anyone associate; padded expense accounts,

credit card payments, bonuses ,huge salaries, luxury cars,vacations, condo payments, etc. with “OPERATING EXPENSES”

But this is in fact what the jokers over at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK operating out of their sham college studios have in mind when they solicit funds from the hides of their gullible listening audience.

An audience they have been softening up with the time worn melancholy Christian music they play daily.

This call to sentimentality pays huge dividends during

fund raising days such as the ones going on right now!

Keep in mind that these jokers receive huge amounts of money from the special interests they support  throughout

  the year. And not to mention the daily requests for donations.

The money sent to these money grubbers can be used for any purpose and usually are spent on salaries and a lifestyle few in the hayseed audience they victimize will ever see.

The best proof of their intentions is to see the insidious connection that exists between RBN; rejoice broadcast network and the other class of scam artists over at VCY BROADCAST NETWORK.

This fact alone should be enough to keep a wise person from ever sending a dime or a dollar to either one of these pseudo-Christian religion enterprises.

Do not fall for their calls to sentimentality. just say no!

In fact call and tell them to simply practice what they like to tell you.

Tell them to trust in GOD and He will provide all their needs.

If further proof of their intentions is required simply ask them to provide you with a statement of financial condition showing in detail where all the money goes after they collect it all,after they open all the letters stuffed with checks they receive daily!

In fact ,when they ask for money tell them to go seek after all the  jewish  money bags and ask them. After all, do they not serve their interests by promoting and supporting the sadistic blood-letting in GAZA and the WEST BANK  of Palestine ?


In fact you can hear this support for Jewish causes in some of the music play that reference the word ZION.

This is done to deliberately instill in the minds of the hare-brained audience a positive  impression of ZIONISM and to overlook their criminal acts committed against an innocent population  comprised  mainly of women and children in the middle-east.

My Dear Christian Folk: You know the RBN will never provide you with a statement of financial condition. They ask you to simply trust them.

They money you send them if you  should decide to do so will have no strings attached,meaning they can do whatever suits  their fancy.

Vacations,cars, booze, wine women and song.

What makes you or anyone think these glib ,smooth proverbs readers and assorted sleazy sounding pitchmen are any different from what has proceeded in prior years?


Remember Tammy Faye Baker and JIM?

Remember the con game that ORAL and his family of wife swapping degenerates used to play on weekly television. ??

Why is this bunch any different? Do you personally know any more about this gang than you knew about JIMMY BOY SWAGGERT ?

remember the lies he would tell in order to gain the  people’s trust?

Do you have any idea of the millions he would take in weekly from out of the pockets of his naive and stupid television audience?

How do you or anyone else know what the smooth talkers over at VCY AMERICA NETWORK AND RBN are all about?

remember TED HAGGART?

here was a family values guy if there ever was one. The president of a prestigious Christian organization who deceived millions.

When the truth came out we all saw what he truly was; a lying degenerate who spent the money collected by his phony organization on male prostitutes and drugs.

And this scam went  undetected for years and he deceived millions of trusting Christian FOOLS!

Remember that PENSACOLA has all the perverse elements found in such sin cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans and such.

And this city is where the jokers collecting your money love to spend their free time.

Pensacola,prostitutes, pornography,drugs ,are you starting to see the picture?

Just listen to callers to the CROSSTALK RADIO CALL-IN PROGRAM to

understand the extent of the idiotic Christian community that falls for the con job

allows itself to be victimized.


or DOROTHY FROM ILLINOIS;  An English  lady  who sounds like she is still suffering the effects of THE BLITZ or THE BUZZ  BOMBS that fell on England during the 2nd. W.W.

Let’s not forget SUE from Hermiston, this dear lady needs to stay on her meds.

A really delusional victim of the crosstalk team!


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