My Dear Christian Folk:  The only good thing concerning the sticky business  of fund raising over the radio or internet is that most of the money pledged is just that; pledged.

It doesn’t mean they get all of it.

The benefit to the donor is that it gives him the time to reflect on his decision to follow through with  his pledge or not.

This is especially beneficial to those who are easily carried away and pledge money to radio  broadcasters that pretend to be a Christian ministry.

 Those that operate on the fringes of Christian society such as the many pseudo-Christian operators found on the  radio dial  periodically have fund raising events they like to term as SHARE-A-THONS!

they give you the opportunity to SHARE , isn’t that sweet of them.

What happens behind the scenes during these festivals of greed will never be seen by the average Christian yokel or vapid yahoo that has fallen for the bait and agreed to send in a check ,large or small; these greedy folks will cash it.

  Recently the blood-suckers over at RBN [rejoice radio] had one of their many share-a thons claiming they took in over 240,000 $. Could be.

But over the course of time those who pledged will realize their foolishness and how easily they were carried away by the folksy wisdom and small town hayseed appeal of their pitchmen and hayseed sounding females they usually bring out in fund raising  events to convince all the gullible to write checks.

Those of you who pledged did you notice how they took down not  only your name and comments but also all the other information they will need to dun and badger you monthly to pay up.As any bill collector would do!

The simple truth is that whether you  fulfill your pledge or not ,your name alone  is worth far  more than the amount you pledged.

What I’m saying is that your name will be put on a mailing list and then sold to hundreds of marketers round the world and you will soon be hearing from them.

 Few know the incredible value of a list of thousands of names ,names of stupid,gullible ,naive,easily carried away by emotion and sentimentality  Christian suckers,who will fall for any scam or  moneymaking pitch these vultures can think up.

And if you pledged your name is already on THE LIST of fools!

You would sooner see a HYENA  surrender  its still warm carcass  in its claws than a Pseudo-Christian swindler give up  the fund raising scam!


The scam is always the same;  pledge now and you will reap rewards in heaven.

The old pie in the  sky con-job. Always works on the minds of the stupid.

 Regarding the jokers at RBN; do any of  you think that CRAIG MATTSON works for nothing ?

Do you believe any of them do the program as a labor of love?

You therefore have a right to know how much of the money pledged and later received will go  towards salaries and luxury living.

Is it a moral thing to do during the financial downturn to continue awarding themselves pay increases and bonuses while the Christian community wallows in the grips of joblessness .

This is what they mean when they claim they need money “FOR OPERATING EXPENSES” don’t be tricked by their clever use of words.

 You have the right and an obligation to ask them to fax you a copy of their yearly budget.

You have a duty to know in advance of fulfilling your pledge how all monies received are spent.

how much goes to the cute secretaries that work for the bosses of this money making organization ?

what favors do the lard asses that sit in the offices of Pensacola  Christian college  receive from the female staff of their money making operations?

How much do they rip off from the listening audience of REJOICE RADIO?

you will  never know the answers to these question until you see a detailed statement listing all their employees and their salaries.

The Lord did not give His life in order to create business opportunities for the lazy and the cowardly many of whom sit behind the microphones of various Christian broadcast operations.



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