My  Dear Christian Folk: The Charlatan is usually not the most cynical of those who prey on the naive and gullible.

 In many cases it’s the stupid and gullible themselves who show a keen inclination  for duping their fellow  Christian believers .

 Charlatanism ,gullibility ,stupidity eventually lead to a dangerous form of self-deception and somehow they are all linked together.

When the ignorant convince themselves that they are in possession of the only truth ,they likely become indifferent to common, ordinary everyday truths.

Truths such as ;the  Earth and the  Universe were  NOT  formed in six days ; The earth is NOT a flat disk suspended in mid-air with the Sun rising and setting in front of it;The Human Race was  NOT  created from the soil of the Earth and the first female was  NOT formed out of a man’s rib!

Noah and his family did NOT sail on an ark loaded with dinosaurs and finally landing on Mt. Ararat , followed by their repopulating the Earth that had been totally destroyed in a gigantic flood.

What a travesty this is and what a setback for the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ that attempts to convince the unbelievers

 of the veracity of Christian doctrine.

What irony, in that science and technology first appeared in Protestant countries.Protestants who maintained the integrity of Scriptures and fought the Papists to keep them pure from strange interpretations.

Yet it is now the descendants of MARTIN LUTHER who are the biggest  slanderers of God’s truth by holding up the spiritual truths found in scripture and demanding they be understood as scientifically valid   and historically accurate.

 Interesting that GALILEO had few disciples in ITALY but converted many in protestant England to his discoveries. Foremost among them was ISAAC NEWTON!

In this day and age only those operating on the fringes of Christian society would be shameless enough to continue this deceitful travesty  regarding creation ,thereby dumbing down those who through no fault of their own continue to wallow in the depths of ignorance and

superstition  ;denying the settled science of EVOLUTION THEORY and trusting the predators that have made millions peddling their moronic CREATION MUSEUMS and their idiotic FLOOD STORIES  that are written so poorly they can only be  printed in paperback.

those quick to take advantage of the abject stupidity demonstrated by so many  on the   fringes of Christianity are the ever  present parasites on Christian radio who earn their daily bread by swindling the credulous.

Under the guise of soliciting funds for their fraudulent ministries

they make an appeal to the most uneducated elements in society, hoping to extract from them  whatever amounts of money these suckers are willing to send them.

This operation   usually takes the form of a book  written on a subject sure to appeal to the many hicks that gravitate to this type of fraudulent pseudo-Christian operation ,flying under the radar as a GOD CENTERED MINISTRY . Almost too funny to say!  

They usually drum up a fellow traveler ,a stooge they hire who has a sincere ,solemn voice that he can turn on and off as needed .

He then  convinces the listening audience as to the importance of the subject matter as heard today on the ever present organized radio deceit called CROSSTALK ,produced at the studios of VCY AMERICA . The current topic of fraud and deceit was the  Noah’s ARK AND FLOOD STORY . A story most of the hayseed audience still pays credence to.

The catch comes when they push the book for a quick sale. In this case ,as heard  on the call-in talk show, they wanted fifteen dollars for a poorly written paperback on this worn out subject.

It shows to what low levels these charlatans will stoop to in order to finance their luxury lifestyles at the expense of the moronic listening audience.

The best evidence of their stupidity is to listen to the same callers calling in  day after day contributing their moronic mouthing to others  who share  their delusional  thinking.

One of the regular callers is the poor ,delusional SUE FROM HERMISTON ,followed by BENNY from the upper peninsula . The reason to note these two is to demonstrate the desperate situation a sizable number of Christians find themselves in as regards to their mental health.

Only the lowest bottom-feeders would take advantage of their stupidity and delusional thinking.But one listen to the usual  fare found on the  CHRISTIAN RADIO DIAL is enough to convince even the most skeptical that there is big money to be made at the expense of those who cannot defend  or protect themselves.

The professional swindlers heard daily and the damage they do is compounded  by the silence on the part of all   the other mainstream Christian organizations that should know better than to sit in  silence while their fellow human beings are subjected to this mind numbing fraud and deceit.

Why don’t they speak up and renounce  with the sternest of denunciations all those who feed off the ignorance and stupidity found among the unsuspecting elements of Christian society ?

What hypocrisy!

In fact these crooks are far worse than any international communist working to destroy all religion.

They serve no legitimate purpose other than to spread confusion and cause derision  in  those found among the eternal enemies of  JESUS CHRIST .This enemy whose power is the mortal foe of any true  Christianity.




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