My Dear Christian Folk: It is my unshakable will and my unalterable determination

to expose all those who deceive and cheat the remnant of God’s church. 

 There is no more satisfying vocation than to defend those who through no fault of their own find themselves unable to break loose from the grip of deception that cheats them not only out of their income and hard-earned money but also abuses and insults their  intelligence as well.

The exploitation and abuse of God’s people  extends back in time to the earliest development of  Christianity on the earth.

During the centuries prior to the discovery of the scientific method Christians found themselves victimized by unscrupulous clergymen who could claim anything they could get away with  in order to advance their control over the minds of those whom  they gleefully exploited.

Added to  this was the  inability of the general population to acquire sufficient education and  knowledge to defend themselves against the predators of that age and so mankind descended into the mire of ignorance regarding the natural world around them as well as the  spiritual truths found in HOLY SCRIPTURE.

Today the exploitation and abuse continue  at an unprecedented

rate only now it no longer requires the use of pronouncements ,

 edicts of excommunication, Papal Bulls and overt threats ;it merely requires a  microphone ,a radio transmitter , a smooth talker and a wide audience and the results are basically the same.

The exploiters get richer, more influential,more feared, less likely to accept criticism and more respected by the unsuspecting and stupid.

The people who  are intimidated by  these professional religion swindlers  remain as their former Christian believers during the middle ages ;as ignorant and subservient as before.

The major difference is now those who remain ignorant of the truth are too cowardly or too lazy to change their circumstances.

  Those  Christians who now find themselves exploited have been brainwashed over the years and now find themselves incapable of  breaking loose from the demonic exploiters who will never surrender this lucrative money-making machine they have carefully nurtured over the years.

 All that can be hoped for is that the light of reason will break through and slowly these religion swindlers and abusers of decent Christian folk will be exposed,discredited,shunned and ridiculed for the charlatans they are.

 The guiding principles of  this  class of predators is their own personal enrichment.

And there is no end as to how they skillfully accomplish their money-making goals.

 The important thing is to recognize them for what they are and to avoid them.

During the middle ages ,the  peasants paid their tithes to  the church in the form of labor in the fields owned by the catholic church or by donations of harvested crops.

Today the pseudo Christian hungry power brokers use the old BOOK SALE technique.

Buy a book!  Usually one designed to appeal to the shallow and conceited mind of the gullible, and lo and behold ,you will learn things few others have knowledge of. WHAT A TRICK!

And the price? -well call in to their so-called book store and find out. –

And be sure to ask for your 30% DISCOUNT ,you are entitled to, for only a short time only ….,blah blah blah.

Sounds similar to a used car transaction .

Ever see an ad   touting a big 50% discount only to find the item selling for more than twice the regular price?

As strange as all this may appear  this is the scam they routinely use over the radio airwaves.

The VCY AMERICA NETWORK has perfected this book sales pitch to a fine art.

In fact these jokers ,all three of their conniving talk-show hosts take  a turn at this.

The ring leader of this gang uses all the subtle charm of a used car salesman , and here there is no exaggeration;all one has to do is give a listen to hear the voice many would recognize as the voice of a used  car salesman,badgering his desperate car buyer to hurry up and sign the contract.

 The Book these jokers were touting was called AMERICA FOR SALE,but it turned out to be GOLD FOR SALE!

These Pseudo-Christian salesmen can’t get away from pushing gold sales;of course on a program supposedly touted to a discussion of Christian principles. So why not push some gold sales on an unsuspecting public . And follow through with a  brow beating sales technique for the book that will make you wiser and smarter.

And here’s the phone number they brainwashed  the listening audience  with.-1-888-722-4829..GIVE THEM A CALL AND SHOW THEM HOW REALLY STUPID YOU ARE! THEY ARE WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU!


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