My Dear Christian Folk:   When  the greatest expositor of  Sacred Scripture ,Martin Luther, was asked to   put the Gospel Of Christ in its simplest form,he  responded with these words: SUFFER ,SUFFER- CROSS,CROSS.

May I be so bold as to add to MARTIN  LUTHER’S succinct reply   ,the words: STRUGGLE,STRUGGLE  –  FIGHT,FIGHT!

While many see in the ‘imitation of Christ” a suffering savior ,I truly believe that a cursory examination of new testament Scripture will reveal the founder of Christianity as having the greatest fighting personality of all time.

In fact He calls all  mankind to join Him  in the struggle to defeat the enemies of all peoples,all religions, all races and all nations : The international maggot of  humanity  :The Jewish World plague.


How exactly has this lethal pathogenic bacillus entered the blood stream of  America’s Christian Community has been a subject

that for the most part has been ignored by the leading  personalities of   both Church and  government.

In fact any attempt to bring this vital subject up for public discussion has been met with derision and calumnies being heaped on any who would dare to ask such questions as ;Why do we condemn the extremist verses found in the KORAN but ignore the truly Blasphemous statements espoused in the JEWISH HOLY BOOK : THE TALMUD?

Why are we  so  concerned by Muslim threats to the Christian Community and blind ourselves to the continuous stream of poison emanating from out of the Jewish Community that has  caused decay and dry rot throughout the Cultural,Religious ,Ethical and governmental pillars of The Christian-American Mainstream?

Why do we allow  the nation’s  churches,schools and cultural institutions to remain subservient to the fundamental  Jewish control thereby facilitating their own destruction and desecration ?

Why do we allow lying scoundrels to control the Nation’s  Christian radio broadcast networks ?    

Why do we allow the Airwaves to be used in the spread of deliberate lies about other Christians?

Why do we allow the pseudo-Christian parasites in broadcasting to engage in the worst form of swindle imaginable;practiced on an unsuspecting and trusting listening audience ?

When the Jews through the fine art of subterfuge and subtlety are given license to practice their corrosive practices, all things are possible.

Anyone who sees a Jew or knows anything about  them ,knows that they curse the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST EVERY SATURDAY!

 Whether under the roof of their synagogue of Satan or under their own, the BLASPHEMY is exactly the same and those pastors, priests and ministers that choose to remain silent and fail to warn the larger Christian Faith community regarding these demons in the flesh share in the consequences that surely will come down upon them. 

 While Protestants and  Catholics continue the ancient  feud denigrating each other ,dividing each other ,heaping scorn on each other’s long held beliefs ,the Jew slyly grins and chuckles up his sleeve.

In fact the Jew through his domination and even total control of the information media promotes this  antagonism through his many surrogates in the pseudo-Christian Radio ministries such as the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK,;it makes any attempt to show the public the real enemy of any true Christianity seem almost hopeless.

Through radio stations such as REJOICE RADIO the Jew promulgates his lies and deceit  causing one Christian to attack another while the very cultural foundations and even the very GOSPEL OF CHRIST is corroded and undermined by the poison of  the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE.

The best way to understand the dilemma we face is to examine the pseudo Christian purveyors of this organized swindle that attempts to pass as a Christian ministry.


Here’s a good place to begin your examination as to the mutual assistance the betrayers of the GOSPEL working  hand in  glove with the international maggot extend each other.

Here as in all cases ,when someone attempts to deceive you for financial gain ,under the guise of spreading the Gospel ,you can be sure that the Judas wage has been paid by the enemies of JESUS CHRIST!

This time it comes under the guise of a simple book sale with the urging to purchase quickly and so a 30% discount can be granted .

What these deceivers over at the VCY AMERICA ORGANIZED SWINDLE fail to inform you is that the book can be purchased as well from AMAZON .COM or Wal-Mart at a huge discount ,since they are both engaged in a price war and all their books are selling for 8-9 dollars.

They don’t bother to tell you this in order to trick you into spending far more than you should.

What does this say about any moral integrity or lack thereof ,if they would trick the trusting listening audience out of their hard earned money?

Use this as a learning experience ;for if they would stoop this low to cheat a group of naive Christians they would have no problems selling out the GOSPEL OF CHRIST to their Jewish bosses for any price in any amount.

And by so doing and with impunity ,the jews grant them the immunity from prosecution they need to continue foisting this scam nation wide.

My Dear Christian friends ,fight for the cross ,fight for our God . FIGHT FOR THE GREATEST WAR LORD in history and slowly but surely  we will defeat the enemy of Jesus Christ . This enemy whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity!



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