My Dear Christian Folk: If what passes for  Christianity in America today existed during the first three centuries of church history, then I truly believe the new faith would have never survived the dark years of Roman persecution.

The idiocy and scatter-brain mindset that has  firmly nested in the  vast majority  of those who  call themselves Christians , including  the traitors and  Judases in charge of the various church denominations would have  been easy work for the ancient Roman rulers to  eradicate.


What impressed the Roman authorities was the steadfastness and determination of the Christian sect to survive and  sacrifice  ,even to the point of suffering the cruelest death.

The greatness of Christianity was not found in its willingness to negotiate or modify away any of its core beliefs with any of the other competing religions in the ancient world,but rather in its uncompromising stance in preaching and in its fanaticism in defending its own doctrines.

 Today’s Christian faith  has fallen victim to a progressively increasing paralysis of sound reason.

It suffers from  a pestilential attitude usually reserved for cowards; that it is better -to not    rock the boat and to just leave it all in God’s hands.-


The Church has lost the simple instinct of self-preservation and by so doing has placed itself in the idiotic position of believing that it alone is not subject to exactly the same laws as all other human organizations and biological entities.

Those in the church who teach that somehow the Christian community is something apart and invincible from the threats and determination on the part of its enemies to  corrupt and destroy Christianity at its root are either ignoramuses or perfectly conscious swindlers and liars.

 The question that inevitably must be answered is ;-how did we go from being a Christian Nation ,in fact and in substance ,to a nation where Mammon is king –How did we descend to the point we now find ourselves in?

Totally separated from our culture and heritage,fearful of those who rule over us, financially insecure,mired in the depths of perversion and degeneracy ;we grasp for straws .

And to be sure ,straws are all that those in the Christian religion business have to offer those clutching the sinking Ark  of the Covenant ,containing  the Gospel of Christ!

 This may be a sad state of affairs  but to change something it means you have to recognize it first.

 The answer to this riddle is to be found in the unprejudiced examination of an alien people  of an alien culture , possessing the clear determination of a parasite to corrode ,destroy and eventually dominate and enslave  the population   of any nation  : wherever it  may find a willing and unsuspecting host to bid it welcome. 

The Church if given a chance will always advocate for culture and decency and morality :these being essential to its basic reason to exist.

But it fights with hostility any attempt to save the church and the  community of believers within its walls from the venom injected into its veins by its most mortal enemy ;The Jewish World Plague.

The attitude of the Church towards the jews has now become part and parcel of Christian dogma thereby making it impossible to deal with these vipers in the calm objectivity this enormous question demands.

But here we are facing a question without whose solution any attempt to save from shipwreck the

Body of Christ will forever remain futile ,senseless and practically impossible.

The only way out of this dilemma is to study this alien race ,examine the tactics they use in their perversion  of all that is good,moral and decent.

The more  the Christian faith community studies this religious group the more they will see the foundation of lies ,deceit and social racketeering this alien race is founded on ;

 The clearer the vision will become as to how  this nation and church evolved into  its present state of corruption,degeneracy,and treason.

One of its most formidable and effective tactics employed by this gang  is to portray itself as a religious community,thereby endearing it to the unsuspecting and naive among the simple folk  .

Once they have established themselves as such they then demand the same rights and privileges of all other groups and soon the demands become more and more  shrill ;all under the guise of civil rights and equal treatment.

They then begin deceiving the clergy for their support in international affairs under the heading of RETURNING TO THE PROMISED LAND.

They then  begin portraying themselves as victims of persecution and demand  compensation.Usually at the expense of helpless and defenseless people.

The church begins to advocate for the causes that can only denigrate the Gospel .causes that support the slaughter of innocent children caught in the blood bath of GAZA ;visited upon them by this so-called morally correct people.

 Some of their most avid supporters  of  these demonic  causes  are to be found in the PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN BROADCAST BUSINESS.

Notably the VCY AMERICA AND REJOICE RADIO BROADCASTERS that toil and are driven by the JEWISH WHIP!

The problem here is so acute that all involved in the travesty of Christian Radio have lost all semblance of decency .

Happy to refer to the 400 Palestinian children  murdered by Zionist servants of God as collateral damage. imagine anyone pretending to quote scripture  as is often the case by the immoral callous swindlers found on PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST  NETWORKS  such as you hear on CROSSTALK CALL-IN TALK PROGRAM refer to the deaths of 400 defenseless children as

understandable “COLLATERAL DAMAGE ” would be enough to turn the stomach of a leech. But is simply everyday fare for those who daily dupe their gullible listening audience!



The beginning for our revival and redemption will come after we have cleansed the land of the parasites that beset us and removed all those who endeavor to dumb down the simple minded.

The time has come to remove from within our midst all those who earn the JUDAS WAGE. AND LET’S START WITH THE DAILY DECEIVERS FOUND ON THE RADIO DIAL WORKING ON BEHALF OF JEWISH CAUSES .



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