My Dear Christian Folk:  In  Germany if  one wants to earn  a living cutting hair as a barber ,he must first go to school, learn his trade and pass all the required proficiency exams .  Only then is he  entitled to receive a ” MASTER CRAFTSMAN” certificate enabling him to go into business.

This is true for all professions ;car repair , dentistry,pharmacy ,medical specialist etc.

This is intended to protect the public from flim-flam operations  that may charge less for services but are really not as well qualified as those who have passed rigorous exams in their chosen fields and professions.

This policy protects the craftsman from  frauds and unscrupulous scoundrels  who  undercut and drive out of business all the legitimate small businessmen who have invested their time and money to study their  craft , earning the right to be called a MASTER CRAFTSMAN.

Do you really want to be treated by a Doctor whose only experience is in treating livestock;even if his fees are  a lot  less?   

This  holds  true as well for the clergy  .They must be ordained by their respective denominations;they must pass peer review ,they must

agree not to function outside of their sacramental  obligations  ,and  to  show some proficiency in their clerical duties .

It’s not like here in the USA ,where all you really need is a business licence and a compliant public and you’re good to go!

You don’t have a license to teach , well just start  your own school,or better yet start your own HOME -SCHOOLING RACKET.

You may have   studied medicine at one time but can you pass peer review? No problem, just keep prescribing the same stuff day in and day out and the idiotic American public will be none the wiser.

Regarding the role of clergyman in American society  ;it’s interesting how many choose to write books and give lectures,appear on various pseudo-christian radio programs hawking their poorly written material on an unsuspecting public,in fields they know NOTHING about.

A pastor cannot assume the role of child psychologist without first furnishing proof that he has studied the field and has shown

proficiency in advising parents,teachers and all interested parties as to how best raise a child.

Should a pastor be allowed to lecture on human origins with the certainty that only comes from years of study as a BIOLOGIST?

Why is it that the idiotic ,hare-brained fundamentalist Christian

dupes allow someone like KEN HAM to lecture them regarding the origins of human life, or double-talking scam artists such as IAN TAYLOR ;both of whom have made fortunes peddling their pseudo-science to a gullible  public ;too easily intimidated to know that neither one has ever studied the natural sciences to any extent.

Ken  Ham is in fact a businessman along with TAYLOR and all the other cronies in the  CREATION  RESEARCH INSTITUTE that are making big money off the usual idiots.

The creation museum they have put together is an insult to man’s intelligence and to the CREATOR that created that intelligence.

   But where do these jokers appear at all hours of the day or night  ?

Why where else but on the  Pseudo-Christian radio dial.

Stations such as REJOICE RADIO and VCY AMERICA heartily endorse the nonsense they spew and  I’m certain this makes for a mutually financially beneficial relationship.

My Dear Christians ,keep in mind and never forget this-THAT CHARLATANS GRAVITATE TO OTHER CHARLATANS-

 How would you feel if you were to learn that the Doctor treating you deathly ill child also consulted with voodoo medicine men or shamans from among the aborigines?

 Would that inspire your confidence in your doctor?

But when you listen to those on Christian Radio  who profess their profound belief in the LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST.

and yet  sponsor with free time and indeed are proud of their affiliation with cheats,liars,betrayers of the Gospel, and even support unabashedly the mortal enemies of Christ ;what in the world does that do to your sense of confidence in those very same  Christian radio moguls?

It is not for nothing that some say the AMERICAN PUBLIC IS TOO STUPID TO PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER!

The one thing that can be easily understood is the concept of -“Just follow the money-“

 Here at last is an idea that most Americans can understand.

When you tune in to your favorite Christian Radio station remember that the people you hear

are relatively anonymous to the public.

How much do you really know about LADY BOO HOO ?: INGRID SCHLUETER.


The fact that all we really know is what comes out in the media after they are arrested for defrauding the public should tell you something about the need to exercise caution when dealing with these radio personalities!

Yet most of you throw caution to the wind and support them sight unseen.

The result is that you are guaranteeing the continuation of this type of activity which will only result in the future corrosion of Christian Values.

You are simply allowing them to financially enrich themselves at your expense.

What do they know about the natural sciences?  NOTHING!

What do they  know about CHILD  PSYCHOLOGY ? NOTHING!

What do they know about CHURCH HISTORY? NOTHING !


Yet you trust their opinions to your very own detriment.

The end result will be as it always has been :the diminishing of the   Christian Faith and the victory of the mortal enemies of Christianity .

And in the final analysis you can only blame the Devil for so much.

At some point you must look in the mirror and accept responsibility for the damage that has been done to the cause of Christ in America and around the World!


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