My Dear Christian Folk: Before you know it the Christmas season will be here, and for certain, during these difficult economic times it will be  hard for many to adjust to the reality of the tight budget.

But if CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE  can the Easter observances be that far behind?

I strongly suggest you  purchase your tickets now for the 2010

presentation of the PASSION PLAY  in the historic city of OBERAMMERGAU..

.These performances go all the way back to the year 1634 ,when the citizens of this city vowed to perform the events leading up to the death of  Christ in gratitude for surviving the plague.  The popularity of this play  draws audiences from around the world.

In fact tickets to see this Bible  centered presentation of the last days of  the life of Christ    that ended  with his crucifixion ,may already be sold out.

 The performance is really worth seeing.It really is that good!

But wonderfully ,   OBERAMMERGAU    is not the only place where you can see a passion play.  In many parts of   Eastern Europe ,in  the  local” OLD BELIEVERS “churches  they put on these plays using local talent as well as  church members.

The various roles assigned to the actors are sometimes begrudgingly accepted.

It seems no one wants to play the part of JUDAS ISCARIOT.

 Few wish to be cast in the role of CAIAPHAS  ,THE HIGH PRIEST and even playing PONTIUS PILATE is viewed as being so totally unsavory  ;they fear the possible stigmatization that may follow them into the future.

  Bear in mind,these are small town folk  with small town attitudes and long memories.

 Would you want to be seen playing the part of CAIAPHAS in a passion play ,or that of JUDAS and being remembered by the hometown folks  as the one who sent Christ to his death or betrayed him to the JEWS?  I don’t think so!

Many may not be aware but right here in the U.S.A. there are many passion plays being performed every HOLY WEEK.

In fact one may be coming to a theatre near you.

Imagine if the citizens of WASHINGTON D.C. were to  organize a theatre production accurately depicting  the events leading up to

the betrayal, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.Given the Zeitgeist of the times ,who  do you think would play the role of  Jesus? Anyone care to venture a guess?

  My Dear Christian Folk:

  It would be good if the churches would agree to present  those in the Christian faith community ,

 with  some sort of OSCAR AWARD.  To those deserving of special recognition for all they do ;And 

 these would be awards of very SPECIAL RECOGNITION; to those who have  done the most throughout the year in betraying the GOSPEL OF CHRIST ,deceiving the    Christian Faith Community, 

perpetually lying to them,deceiving them, manipulating their emotions using hot button topics designed to draw attention to themselves and their useless  ministries,tricking them into making purchases at unfair prices ,and generally treating the people of God the way the ancient pharisees treated the believers who wanted to follow Christ.

While this may never happen in so far as the mainstream churches are concerned ,I truly believe there is an interest among those who follow the deceptive practices heard daily on the RADIO DIAL  ;  those who  earn their living broadcasting on Christian Radio.

The listeners of various stations such as THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK, THE  DOVE, FAMILY RADIO, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK should have the right to  cast their ballots for their favorite nominees.

And there are many  Christian Radio personalities to choose from.

If I had a ballot to begin  the nomination process  ;I would start by nominating for the PONTIUS PILATE AWARD  :the glib popinjay of Christian Radio ,the one-man show over at  RBN   ,a true renaissance man ; the ever popular smooth talking guy with the eclectic background ,oh well you know him as CRAIG MATTSON!


The Italian poet Dante Alighieri places in a  special section of the inferno all those who turn their backs when confronted with deceit and injustice.

Afterall isn’t this what Pilate did when he caved into the demands of the howling mob of depraved jews ?

Isn’t this what Craig does when he refuses to  denounce the fraud ,deception and injustice committed against the listening audience of RBN and  that of their affiliate:THE CROSSTALK PROGRAM?produced by VCY AMERICA?

 I nominate   BRANNON  HOWSE for the CAIAPHAS AWARD  ; for his self delusional political pursuasion. And didn’t CAIAPHAS convince Pilate to execute Jesus?  Wasn’t  CAIAPHAS a political genius,self-perceived!  And  how  does  the conceited BRANNON THINK OF HIMSELF?

But THE JUDAS ISCARIOT AWARD BELONGS TO NONE OTHER THAN TO MR.  VIC ELIASON;for betraying  the community of believers with his false assertions,  the false statements he perpetually makes on and off the air.for abusing the listeners hungry to hear the truth, for betraying the Christ  of the Gospel for the retail price of a poorly written book.

And didn’t JUDAS BETRAY CHRIST FOR 30 pieces of silver.

Vic has made more than that,in fact Vic has made enough money betraying the Lord ,he can retire in the lap of luxury from here on out.

Yes ,no doubt about The prestigious Judas ISCARIOT AWARD should go to the deserving ring-leader of VCY AMERICA ; The honorable Vic Eliason.

You don’t ever want to buy a used car from this guy or a book for that matter! HE’S THE VERY EPITOME OF JUDAS ISCARIOT! A  TRUE FOLLOWER OF THE FALSE DISCIPLE. HE WAS BORN TO BE A JUDAS. AND SOMEDAY HE WILL SEE HIM AS HE IS .





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