MUSINGS FROM “THE IMITATION OF JUDAS ISCARIOT”on behalf of the christian radio broadcast networks.


 My Dear Christian Folk:  The job of the casting director is vital if there is to be a credible performance in any theatre production.

 Finding  the right actor  for the right  role  in any drama is a skill that very few people have and far fewer can  appreciate.

 What is needed, is to be able to see in a particular actor the potential to fit into a particular part and then to encourage him to open up to ; to embrace it , in fact to live it. At least for a season.

This is just as true for the many PASSION PLAYS that are performed each  Easter throughout the world as with any other performance.

And boy,would  I love to be  the casting director of a PASSION PLAY ;on condition that my picks for the several important parts would be limited to the  Christian radio personalities many of you listen to daily.

But if the available stock is limited  ,then I  would be willing to extend the invitations to all the ON THE AIR GUESTS AND STOOGES that make their  appearances on the various TALK SHOWS from time to time.

In most PASSION PLAYS ,there is a concerted effort to remain true to the GOSPEL NARRATIVES.

But more than likely the producer/director usually employs something from the oral tradition to embellish the GOSPEL STORY, revolving around the last days of Jesus Christ  and the terrible suffering and agony he endured at the hands of the  perfidious Jewish murderers.

One  embellishment from out of the ORAL  tradition , comes from the BALKANS  and deals with the forging of the nails used in the CRUCIFIXION .

Here this  element in the play, adds a tremendous emotional  impact  to the events that follow.

What is depicted is a scene featuring CAIAPHAS the CHIEF RABBI of  Jerusalem  entering a GYPSY CAMP ordering the manufacture of the very nails that would pierce the body of Christ.

What is explained to the audience is that Pilate refuses  to pay the GYPSIES for the nails or to even order them made.

 The Gypsies being the ones chosen by the Romans for the dubious distinction of forging the nails used in all Roman executions ;for their iron working talent.

And so CAIAPHAS having to personally   order  and pay for five nails to be forged ,leaves the GYPSY camp; and delivery is made  to the Roman soldiers anxiously awaiting  to get on with their assigned task, by  an old  wrinkled GYPSY hag.

When she arrives holding a purple bag with the nails ,she instructs the soldiers,cackling all the while ,which ones are for the victims feet and which two are for his hands.

And the fifth one she instructs the soldiers is to be driven through his heart.

 According to the orders given to her by CAIAPHAS ,and his stating that this would be “very pleasing to the  Jews”.

So who should be assigned the role of the CACKLING OLD GYPSY HAG?

 Based on hearing the scratchy ,cackling  voice  of PHYLLIS SCHLAFLEY  who quite often appears on the VCY PRODUCED ,CROSSTALK PROGRAM ,I believe she would be a shoe -in for the part!

 Now for the  role of JUDAS ISCARIOT :well  this  one is a no-brainer.

 The part is the exclusive right of Mr. Vic Eliason to perform.You know him as the ring-leader of the VCY AMERICA PRODUCTION COMPANY.He co-hosts the crosstalk radio talk show.

In fact this gentleman was made for the part;playing it just as well off-stage as he would on stage.

Mr. Vic is the very embodiment of what it means to be a JUDAS.

He exudes the very spirit and ethos of the  great betrayer of JESUS CHRIST.

Conferring  , often as he does with the modern-day enemies of the Savior ;

  sneering at the suffering of the poor ,just as Judas Did.

 Judas ,mocking the  agony of Christ on the CROSS ; OLD VIC mocking the  agony of the millions of Palestinians suffering at the hands of today’s pharisees and scribes and lying murderers.

 Judas, gloating over the payment of 30 pieces of silver,Vic grinning over the inflated prices of all the useless books he sells to his unsuspecting audience.

 Judas ,deceiving the company of the faithful and excusing himself from the Lord’s table  ;Mr.Vic deceiving his gullible audience with an endless series of clumsy lies and ignorance ;all put over with the help of his hired stooges that are all too willing to take advantage of the naive and credulous  radio audience.

Judas laughing at the suffering  Christ would endure ,being beaten by a mob of blood thirsty jews;Mr.Vic mocking the murders of over 400 Palestinian children,some as young as 2 months of age;with his description of them as :” so much collateral damage”

Yes Vic. you have found your true calling;playing Judas Iscariot .The only problem your reading skills are so poor I hardly think you could learn your lines. But then again you might not even have to!


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