THE NEW FAITH TO ACTION:Fight the International Maggot by taking control of your life.

My  Dear Christian Folk: We live in a universe of stars that number in the myriad . Galaxies beyond the ability  for man to calculate.

We live in a universe composed of suns and planets; and their distances can be measured ; and the forces that hold them in place can be used to guide man in    future space travel.

We live in a cosmos where planets orbit suns and moons journey around planets ;all  at fixed time tables that alter only by the smallest  fraction of a second.

Here we can observe the handiwork of the Almighty and wonder at the power and forces  employed  at  His command;   to forge together this architectural wonder,  eternity’s celestial tapestry.

But  in its observation ,it may give rise to the thought that the forces  that  govern  the celestial ;the laws of nature, that clearly apply to the universe ,may also apply here on earth.

That possibly  man himself is subject to the laws that God has  ordained  in  creation and that these laws must be obeyed for they are immutable .

 That there are no special laws for mankind .

All man can do is to discover nature’s hidden secrets .He may choose to ignore the laws that God has put into effect but he does, only at his peril.

There’s no room for dark,shadowy phantoms lurking in the vastness of God’s natural world and those who attempt to conquer nature by means of superstition or good intentions will find themselves destroyed by the very forces they had hoped to manipulate or subvert.

 The law that allows for the lion to kill the lamb also  sanctions the death of the lamb.

In God’s eternal court of justice the wreath of victory is always granted to the stronger.

If this were not the case then human progress in this world of struggle would have come to a halt millions of years ago.

We live in a world where the strong must out of necessity exploit the weak . By so doing they gain the strength to survive albeit at the expense of others.


But what if the opposite were true;that the weak and sickly lived and thrived at the expense of the strong and healthy?

The downward spiral so effected would deny to mankind his rightful place in the world.

The race of man ,instead of gaining and improving his position would eventually recede back into the primordial   past, and again,slowly  falling victim to the more powerful and swifter of the great beasts of prey.


And so it is ,that man’s ultimate destiny lies in his ability to organize for the advancement of the best ,the brightest and the healthiest of his kind.

For only here can we ever  hope to gain favor with the Almighty ,creator of the universe  ,by furthering His handiwork.

All politics must therefore be in total compliance with  natural law.

Nature herself knows no political boundaries.In her sight nations with fixed borders do not exist.

All nature can do is  to place living creatures on the globe and watch the interplay of the weaker being dominated by the stronger . She    grants dominance only to the healthiest and crowns him the victor.

Politics can only be in  the domain of human culture.Therefore the highest aim of human existence is not the preservation of national boundaries or governments but the preservation of the human species.

In this ,the most self-evident course of action   must   be  , as a  matter of survival; to weed out from among us all the parasites that have entered within the community of man . Parasites that slowly sap the strength of the stronger and attempt to destroy the very handiwork of the creator.

Vigilance is key, and often goes lacking due to the ease with which those who put self before the good of mankind exploit the decent ,thrifty ,hardworking among us ; all those who by  necessity are too busy providing for their families and their communities.

These unsuspecting are usually the first to fall victim to the nefarious elements that have deceived entire nations in the past and now through deceit and subterfuge      attack the very moral and religious foundations of our Christian society.

This is just the preparatory phase for what will follow will be the total subjugation of the white Christian race in America!

America’s finances ,legal system ,public schools  ,mass media,and our entire legal framework based on constitutional principles     are now subverted and put under the control of an alien race perpetually masquerading as a religious community.

This cabal of demons   known internationally as a plague on humanity, has been the major cause of the world’s horrors and calamities.

The greatest call to action is to root out these human parasites from out of the Christian Faith community and  with them all of their hired help ,operating from behind the pulpits of churches and behind the microphones of  the Christian radio broadcast media.

In most of the world, this community of poisoned mushrooms that survive and thrive on the decay of failed nations are looked at as the dreaded JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE that has taken the lives of    so many of  mankind’s  best and brightest.

Those who make pretense of the Christian faith are  only too willing to facilitate the spread of this jewish contagion and in fact make no bones about it.

They deceive many. Just give a listen to all the scam artists who appear on radio programs such as CROSSTALK produced by VCY BROADCASTING.

Listen to the planned lullaby rhetoric of REJOICE RADIO . Whose sole purpose is to disarm the decent Christian Folk and to prepare them for their destruction at the hands of the international maggots .

 The first thing any decent person should do is to stop all financial support of these judases working and receiving the judas wage.

All those who attempt to deceive you regarding scientific truths or misdirect you as to who the real enemies of the GOSPEL are.

Avoid them for they have become as  dirty and filthy as the jewish causes they represent.

Remember that unless  humanity rids the world of the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE: The JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE will rid the world of humanity!


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