My Dear Christian Folk:   For the Christian community ,and the whole world by extension,there are certain questions that   demand  clear  answers .    

Throughout the history of the  Christian faith ,the one question that has remained as a riddle for the  greatest  part of Christianity’s existence is,what exactly is a Jew ?

This question has defied an answer, primarily due to the rank ignorance  and cowardice of  clergy and laity alike in this matter of importance ;that can only be solved  when this issue is pursued  ,using the totality of   what we know regarding   the world’s    and our own national  history .

Any objective study of the nature of the  Jewish people will inevitably lead to confusion as to whether we are dealing with a religious community,a racial grouping,  an ethnic group ,or just a humanistic cultural society  ,similar to the MASONS ,found in most of the countries of the world.

But what can we make of the insistence on the part of this SPECIAL RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY ;that they  exist as a  religion , and demand to be treated as such?

The problem that  clearly exists  is that this group changes its own definition and its identity as circumstances  require.

The gullible and unsuspecting simpletons in the Christian faith community traditionally have seen them as a peculiar religious people, and  afforded them respect ; only to learn in time that this group of Jews only uses the cover of religion as nothing more but an instrument for  their  business and political existence.

Any objective look at world history indicates that this has been their course of action over the centuries.

 We can now begin to understand that what we are dealing with is something far more menacing than just a religion that  denies the essential teachings of the Christian Faith, but something  even worse .

We begin to see that the RELIGIOUS component on the part of the Jews is a means to an end,and in light of the fact that they desire the  eventual domination of Christian society,   can only create misgivings as to their desirability in the general population of the U.S.A.

The more one studies this group the more ominous they begin to appear.

 Only after learning their true intentions can we drop the dogmatically entrenched beliefs regarding the Jews and can we then begin to see them as they truly are: instruments of decay,parasites,determined to corrode the moral,ethical and religious foundations of this country.

In fact ,Jews are uniquely endowed with the traits and characteristics of parasitism.

To know that the guiding influence of the Jewish people is the TALMUD should convince anyone as to their evil nature.

     And one reading of this diabolical book  , not only brings  the  evil  goals of the Jews to light , but  does so with terrifying clarity.

For the benefit of those clearly benighted Christians who keep referring to Jews as  God’s people found in the Old Testament,let me offer that ; A true Jew cannot deny Jesus Christ without denying himself in the process.

The basic teachings of Christianity are rooted in the over 350 references that point to the coming of the Christ and describe him in one form or another.

The 53 chapter of Isaiah is only one of many clear references. From all this one can clearly see that in the true religious sense ,there is no such thing as a real Jew.

Anyone who claims to be a Jew is MAKING A FALSE CLAIM!

Any so-called Jew who rejects Christ rejects his own teachings  found throughout the Old Testament.

After the death,burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ all true Jews repented and became followers of Christ . Those that did not were never real Jews to begin with but simply atheistic,materialistic servants of Satan.

And as such they remain today!

One can clearly see the Jewish religion swindle in view of the establishment of the modern state of ISRAEL.

Here we have millions of Jews claiming as their own , the property of the Palestinian people, on the basis of OLD TESTAMENT RESIDENCE two thousand years ago.

In fact they further push this claim attempting to employ Bible prophecy of one sort or another.

What goes over the heads of all the unsuspecting idiots in the Christian community is that these clever claims are made on the part of the world’s greatest gang of  avowed atheists, agnostics, blasphemers and degenerates the  world has ever seen. Fully 95% of all Israelis claim no religious sentiment.

Yet,these idiotic claims find resonance  among  the morons in the  Christian community ,especially on the Christian radio airwaves.




And over at REJOICE  SWINDLE  RADIO we have  the kindly sounding JIM ANDERSON always ready to

explain  how we are saved by grace  and -WHY DON’T WE PLEASE  JUST LEAVE THE JEWS ALONE ?He explains  .There’s no place in God’s kingdom for cowards JIM ,or hasn’t anyone told you?

My Dear Christian Folk: Unless humanity  rids the world of the Jewish disease ,The  Jewish disease will rid the world of HUMANITY!


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