REJOICING IN THE LORD..while swindling the gullible.

My Dear Christian Folk:   One of the more notable aspects of the Christian faith is  its emphasis on faith.Faith is the major determinant of our religion. 

Whereas this may well  figure in other faith groups;it is only the Christian that  stresses  an equal  amount of faith and trust   be placed ,not only on the essential teachings and dogmas  of our belief system ;but on other  like believers,  and mankind generally .

For this reason I firmly believe that the Christian finds himself more at risk of being duped and deceived ,not only by  those  of differing beliefs ,but  even more so ,by   his own fellow believers.

Too much trust is not always a good thing ,to say the least.And especially so with your fellow co-religionists.

This unfortunately has been part of the history of the Church ,not only in America ,but throughout the world.

A far greater  amount of injustice has been   done to Christians by other Christians that anything at the hands of  Hindus , Buddhists ,   Muslims or atheists combined.

One glance at European history makes this dreadfully clear.

The thirty year war and the hundred year war are just two examples of a seemingly endless series of religious wars involving Catholics and Protestants.

And again the same refrain is heard over and over;— How could  those who  claim to know the Lord do such things.?—-  

 When you trust someone without being fully apprised as to their motives you are setting yourself up for disaster or a serious bout of depression.

It is my unshakable belief that this lies at the heart of the tremendous disenchantment experienced by the Christian faithful with their respective church denominations.

 Imagine the great disillusionment experienced by  millions of  Catholics who were deceived and sexually exploited by those in authority over them.

Imagine the mental suffering of all those so abused.

This ,to be sure, is not limited to the Catholic church ,but is something that finds itself in all Protestant denominations as well. — The gullible ,trusting ,naive and unsuspecting simpletons putting their trust and faith in those whom they have   learned to believe in  from childhood.—


This has proved to be a teachable moment in the lives of many Christian Faithful ,both  Protestant and Catholic.

 Now, many who attend church do so with a wary eye on not only those in attendance but especially on the clergy, and all who are  in a position of authority. And this may prove to be beneficial over time.

Christians now are more careful with what they see.They take their time sizing up the priest or pastor.They defer leaving their minor children alone with any of them.

They question their motives and are generally more skeptical of their financial dealings involving donations and expenditures.

They remember all the unscrupulous pastors who embezzled funds from the church and ran off with their mistresses.

They remember the lies told by JIMMY SWAGGERT AND JIM  BAKER and ORAL ROBERTS and BENNY HINN .  Many of these charlatans were under FBI investigation at the time they were claiming fraudulent healings and miracles etc.;for the express purpose of collecting funds from their incredibly stupid and insanely ignorant listening audiences.

But what about those whom you can’t see ?

What about the claims for money made by those in the Christian radio programming business that collect millions in funds but never reveal how these funds are dispersed or   to whom they are paid to..

Why should you trust and believe these jokers any more than all the others who took advantage of all the stupid  hayseeds that trusted in  their good intentions and their godly presentations of music and holy  words.???

 Two good examples  worthy of mention is the COZY  MUTUAL SWINDLING MATCH over at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK [RBN]

and the equally deceptive practices many of you listen to at the  VCY AMERICA  BROADCAST NETWORK INCORPORATED.

 Here it basically boils down to the same mix of phony scriptural appeals ,followed by calls of urgency regarding the political hot button issue du jour ,and then an invited stooge appears  to confirm the scam ;again  closing     the swindle with another  urgent appeal to buy a book ;that no one has ever heard of  at a big mark up.

This gang over at VCY AMERICA consists usually of three co-hosts operating in a tag team fashion.

The head honcho ,who never fails to remind  the gullible ,and easily influenced in the radio audience,that ,he’s A PREACHER’S KID starts the program with an urgent call  regarding a hot button issue of vital importance  :Usually   he picks  from a short list an    anti – federal government  item.

And while this gifted con-artist ,in subtle and at times in   direct  appeal    has suggested  at times  to everyone  to begin a  real ,violent revolution against the government.   It never occurs to anyone that this professional agitator benefits the most from the government he pretends to hate.

Doesn’t this scoundrel enjoy his non-profit ,non-taxable status? Doesn’t he enjoy the freedom to take advantage of the idiotic and stupid masses of people who blindly support his moronic ministry of lies and deceit?

 Doesn’t he gloat over the first amendment right that legalizes his planned deceit and swindle.?

Doesn’t he personally benefit from all the funds his  phony minority outreach summer camp organization receives from the tax payers?[FAITH BASED ENTERPRISE]so-called.

And yet he   encourages the simpletons in  his  radio listening audience to begin thinking ,at the very least, of staging a full-scale revolution against the Federal Government!

If this character doesn’t fit the profile of a  socially  amoral con artist ,then nothing else   will.

Of course if a violent social upheaval were to ever take place this double talking low life would be on his private jet flying to safer havens and leaving all the suckers who call in daily to clean up the mess.

The smooth talking pseudo-Christian religion handlers over at RBN are hardly any better. Here the con takes a different pitch.

 They give the trusting born again hare-brained types a few hours of sacred music ,softening them up with sentimental appeals of a melancholy religious nature;reminding them constantly that they are a listener supported outfit [hint,hint] ,and then comes the tales of woe. 

 They have trouble paying their operating expenses,woe is me!

 It hardly registers to the naive and trusting faithful that these jokers can pre-program at least six months of radio programming in advance ,allowing them to cut administrative costs to a bare minimum.

 It never occurs to the soft headed idiots who believe these swindlers that they also enjoy tax benefits and as part of a religious enterprise they can go home laughing up their sleeves at all the hill billies  that send them their hard-earned money every week.

They probably pre-record everything , and then take off  on vacation ,and none the wiser.

How much of the money they receive goes to supporting their depraved lifestyles? remember JIM BAKER and the PTL CLUB?

And do you remember where the money went? Supporting  all the whores they could get their righteous hands on! :  LIFE IN THE DEEP SOUTH!!

Have you noticed how often both of these clap trap organizations use the word ministry to describe themselves?

My Dear Christian Folk; whereas these two money-making outfits are hardly  the only ones involved in the easy way to make a living lifestyle ;it  still requires all of you to stop supporting them.

Granted there is an entertainment value ,listening to all the delusional callers to the CROSSTALK RADIO PROGRAM PRODUCED AT THE VCY RADIO BROADCAST  STUDIOS, but is it really worth it to allow these con artists the freedom to abuse the intellect and the psyches of those  in their respective audiences who are facing serious problems and  really  need help?

Has anyone noticed that they never include helping the indigent ,homeless,hungry or sick? Why should they?

They have no Christian ideology and their ministry is simply to enrich themselves at your expense.

And they do a pretty good job of it!

Soon they will   use the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY as a way of   reminding you of all the blessings, all of you selfish ingrates have;and reminding you to  share your material wealth with others; namely with them.

It’s an old trick ,just don’t fall for it.!!



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