What is a MINISTRY?

My Dear Christian Folk:    In today’s terms ,what exactly is a  Christian ministry?

In times past and according to Holy Writ, a ministry is a calling to help the poor,the hungry, the sick and dying ; those in desperate need of help ,and all to be  done in Christ’s name.This is the  only public ministry that is in keeping with the great commission  outlined in scripture.

In order to get those with money and the wherewithal to assist in  this effort, a certain amount of preaching or sermonizing was required so as to inspire those too selfish or  callous ,to pitch in and help out.

But can you claim a ministry when the end goal is one’s own financial support?

Can you simply sell something to the public for a profit and use the money to pay your own bills and to make payments on  credit cards and car payments and mortgages on luxury condo apartments?

Or how about collecting money ostensibly to be used by a third-party and the money somehow is

used for the maintenance and cost of operating one’s private plane? Does simply claiming to be a Christian allow  you to do this?In good conscience ;not in some furtive effort to swindle and deceive the trusting and gullible among the Christian Folk.

Is this why we hear so much merchandise being sold on the Christian Broadcast networks as of late?

Is this an attempt to pull a fast one on the incredibly stupid listening audiences of CHRISTIAN  radio programming such as the crosstalk program produced by VCY AMERICA?


How does the selling of merchandise constitute a ministry?

How is the money  collected used ?

Does it go to help the poor and needy or does it just go into the private bank accounts of those pitching merchandise such as Religious books and Christmas recordings?  VERY EFFECTIVE THIS TIME OF YEAR ,But selling books is big business year-round. And they are only too happy to sell it to all the idiots in the audience.

Books on every subject imaginable ,how to raise children,why DARWIN was a fraud, why Catholics go to hell :take your pick.!!

If this stuff is sold to the public ,then the money must be used for a charitable cause or else it isn’t a Christian ministry, but simply a private  profit-making enterprise and must be so stated.

The swindlers engaged in this type of  activity are not concerned with these trivialities.

Their   only concerns are how to increase the value of their   broadcasting assets ,which means they must show a profit and market share.

It’s all cold calculating business methods ,and they are simply using the pathetic listening audience to help them achieve their goals.

Do you think they are running 80 transmitters just so they can give a bunch of moronic hayseeds the chance to vent their mean-spirited hatreds on the air for a few minutes a  day.?

Listen someday to these organized scam artists as they begin each day’s programming with an introduction of a fellow charlatan coming on to pitch one of his books and see how the three co-hosts of the show  help him along.

As soon as the pitch is made the ringleader declares that the incoming phone lines be opened and then  a few seconds later  with glee in his voice, he clearly states “AND THE LINES ARE JAAAAMED!

All 4 of them.

And the lines are filled with an assortment of  shills and sycophants and now and then someone who  is so deranged they put him on endless hold,hoping  he’ll just get tired and go away.

When that doesn’t happen, well that’s when the entertainment really begins.

The callers to this organized scam really make the show!

listening to these  wonderful Evangelicals and Regular  Baptists  calling in and expressing their learned opinions about everything you can imagine ,whether it’s in scripture or not ,they can fake it if need be.

But I know this must be very cynical to say but when the charlatans of the world are free to ply their trade of deceit this is what usually gravitates to   their side of the fence…But in all honesty ,it’s funny!

Sadly this is a reflection not only on the cheap low life bottom feeders that trick these dupes left and right but also on  the large church denominations that have failed all those that the Lord would  save.

What these twisted jokers are really doing is simply biding their time till the day they can unload their broadcast assets and all their holdings    to a commercial enterprise and simply skip town.

Not even waiting to thank all the incredibly  ignorant members of their audience for helping them achieve their goals of financial independence.

Pretty good business ,if you are a cold,low life cheating ,double talking  religion hustler!

But why support them? Why support any of them? At least in a church there’s some transparency in the church dealings and with whom you are dealing with,but on   THE” AIR  MINISTRY “SO-CALLED

chances are you are being scammed. And the music of the hymns sold on CDS in many cases is produced by the ELVIS PRESLEY FOUNDATION ,funny how these things work out!

Elvis lives in CHRISTIAN WORSHIP SERVICES! figure that…

Stay strong and united  my Christian Comrades and together we will defeat all those who defile the cross of Christ.


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