My Dear Christian Folk:  ….In view of the fact that we live in a pluralistic democracy, is it that hard to imagine that each and every minority group in America would demand to have the same rights as the majority?

If you allow one    racial or religious group the right to equal time then you must in all fairness allow that same privilege to all others equally.

If the Courts ,the government and their   lackeys in the media continuously assault the public with the humanistic notion that as  soon as someone from the tropical jungles of East Africa arrives on our shores ,he automatically  enjoys the same rights and privileges  earned and fought for by the mainstream population, then that dilutes  whatever value society  places on American citizenship.

Sooner or later ,if you dilute something long enough it loses any  material distinction it had to start with.

  At one time in American history it was verboten for inter-racial  couples  to obtain a marriage  licence . At one time in the history of this nation 37 states had EUGENICS LAWS on the books  which had imput as to who could   marry and produce offspring and who would undergo sterilisation before obtaining a marriage licence.

At one time abortion on demand was not allowed and limited to saving the mother’s life and in cases of rape and incest.

Now all women have the right to indiscriminately destroy healthy life in the womb.

Every manner of  immoral behavior is either sanctioned by the state or enjoys access to the court system in this wonderful land of unlimited opportunities!

Violent criminals serving life sentences or awaiting execution enjoy in some cases greater legal protections than those in our society who are hardworking,industrious ,decent folk   who  are vital to the very existence of this nation.

We live in a society that can only be described as criminal  at its very core.We are under a court system that regards the vilest form of human degeneracy as A FREE SPEECH AND EXPRESSION issue.

We live in a country where the criminal legislators in Congress have habitually taken the side of those whose only intent and purpose is to fully destroy the moral and Christian foundations of this  country; by placing them on the same level with the demonic inspired values of the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE.

INSOFAR as rights of citizenship are concerned the marxist criminals in control of this country’s   government afford greater rights to a NEGRO TRIBE in the CONGO than they do with all those who daily struggle to earn a living,working with their hands and facing an uphill battle trying to keep family and home from splitting apart.




Day of African Child, Chad

 WHO KNOWS,they may all become great golfers.


  Is it really that surprising that degenerates would demand the right to marry whatever gender of person that pleases them?

Are they not also equal citizens ? Having been granted full rights ;but not only by the courts and by legislation but in the halls of public opinion as  well.

And who is it that controls PUBLIC OPINION in The land that cherishes its first amendment rights?

The same criminal gang that controls the MEDIA..; The international maggot ;the enemies of all mankind, the implacable foe of all that is moral and decent and truly Christian in this life ,THE ETERNAL JEW!



The Rats


 Jews kill non-Jewish children.




Without first solving this self-evident problem no other solution or remedy exists for all the other evils that have arisen as a result of having neglected this so very dire existential threat to our very existence.

This is the great question that must be decided one way or the other…In this regard we must be willing to fight fire with fire..poison gas with poison gas..

The education of our children can be nothing less than   their preparation   in the coming  struggle.

The goal is to once and for all time break the stupefaction and  hypnotic  paralysis that has taken hold of  their psyches and threatens  their  future existence on this planet.


Those who earn their living in the CHRISTIAN MEDIA so-called who are nothing but paid stooges for the world adversary are compounding the problem as much as the clergy in the various church denominations ,that have fallen  under the spell of the mortal foe of any true CHRISTIAN FAITH.

They in fact are only too eager to do their bidding. Just give a listen to programs such as the CROSSTALK RADIO PROGRAM  produced by VCY inc. and the REJOICE BROADCAST  NETWORK.




 Rats + Creativity + Talent = Beautiful Photos

Rats + Creativity + Talent = Beautiful Photos

Rats + Creativity + Talent = Beautiful Photos

Rats + Creativity + Talent = Beautiful Photos

Rats + Creativity + Talent = Beautiful Photos

Rats + Creativity + Talent = Beautiful Photos

Rats + Creativity + Talent = Beautiful Photos

These are some of the WHITE RATS that  produce the deceptive radio programming you listen to daily at VCY AMERICA, Milwaukee, and at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK:PENSACOLA,FLORIDA

You may not recognize them,  but some sit behind the microphones spewing their carefully crafted lies and deceptions ,over the radio  airwaves…These are the rats that produce the hate-mongering stupidity you hear on CROSS-TALK , on a daily basis .

Here it boils down to a simple matter of a group of highly paid professional diversionists, misleading the Christian public as to who the real enemy of mankind is.

They in fact  cover for him ,blaming  the victims of this demonic plague ,rather than the satanic seducers of every Christian dumb enough to regard them as a legitimate religious community.

This the stooges behind the microphones love to do on a daily basis.

Beware of them and do not support them.


 AMERICAN MOTHER , One of these young men may be your future son-in-law. Think about it.


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