My  Dear Christian Folk:     Because  Christmas is a time of merriment and joyous anticipation ,a truly magical  season of the year  ,is reason enough to forgive all the associated herky-  jerkiness  that  often comes with it.

While commercialism and childishness  sometimes mar the   intrinsic value of this sacred day ,the sentiments ,the feelings of nostalgia,the warm glow of the traditional log burning and colorful  tree decorations,somehow manage to break through  ,they somehow beat back the  petty  distractions  that  often arise. Somehow, the meaning remains ,in fact it may very well be expanding  among all those receptive to its basic message .

The Christmas season transcends national boundaries , even ethnic and religious differences .

Whereas  Muslims , Hindus and all non-Christians may not attach the same spiritual significance to this all-important Christian  Holiday ;  Easter being the only other day of equal importance ,they nevertheless partake in its joy and celebration.

 In some small way ,all the religions of the world pay their respects to The Christian God simply by having a good time and showing their appreciation   and understanding of something that for most Christians has a very deep emotional ,and sacred meaning.

 There is one exception to all this  seasonal ecumenism and that happens to be the  WORLDWIDE JEWISH COMMUNITY.

This group feels threatened by the very mention of the Christmas Greeting.

They are strangely intimidated by the sights and sounds of this fun-time of the year.

They work tirelessly, to not only remove Christmas trees and Nativity  scenes from public view ,but all that is visibly Christian.

It manages to rattle their nerves,this holiday ;more than anything else that Christianity can  offer  the world, is of greater   concern to the  Jewish cabal living within our very midst.

For the Jewish community in America,   Christmas above all other Christian celebrations is ,THE BIG STEAMROLLER.

It is in fact so annoying to their psyche that they can’t bring themselves to utter the words “MERRY CHRISTMAS” even to their household help.

They do manage it when their cash register receipts depend on it. 

 Whereas Jews pretend to be a religious group or community ,the truth is that the only hymn these parasites sing ,is in  tune to the jingle of the cash register.

Their concerns become   obsessively  gripping  when  you look at the way and the extent to which  they shield their offspring from the imagined threats this Sacred Christmas Holiday may  pose to their mental well-being.

 In order to shield them from the damaging effects of the season they try to ignore it ,preferring to refer to the holiday   with all the scorn their voices   can  crow    as: ” THE BIG MESS OUT THERE”

 At some point in the season they send their little ones out-of-town ,usually to the mountain resorts, to spend the  remaining days of the year among other like-minded Jewish Cabalists ;attempting to remain pure from the injurious manifestations the Christmas season  may produce and effect their children’s proper growth, as future swindlers and morally depraved degenerates.

Their children, safe from the injurious manifestations of the Christian Holiday and far from home ,are free to pursue whatever deviant sexual activity their demonic minds can fathom .Usually at the expense of all their hired help at resorts such as in THE CATSKILLS  ,upstate NEW YORK.


So what can explain the numbers of  Jews ,that  from time to time ,appear on a generally thought of Christian Radio program, listened to by many Christians ;purporting to advocate for great moral issues.

The explanation can be seen when one understands that this is only another TACTIC OF THE INTERNATIONAL  MAGGOT to further his own advancement.

What the Jew is doing when he pretends to take a stand against immorality and degeneracy ,whether it is in NEW YORK or NEW  JERSEY or throughout the country, is attempting to use the Christian community itself as a battering ram against the Christian World.

As he once swindled his way into the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT and into the SUPREME COURT which was to eventually legalize every imaginable filth and depravity the fertile mind of the Jew was able to argue for ;he now finds an open door to his further national domination in the struggle for Christians  in their legitimate fight to maintain their religious identity and social standing.

What the Jews accomplish by this clever trick is to harness the Christian Faith Community to the power they mistakenly believe they are combating.

With amazing cleverness the Jew usually approaches the Christian pretending sympathy with his loss of status and all the damage done by the malicious decrees of the Supreme Court and Congress,and  then fanning the need to take concerted action :the gullible gentile  takes the bait.

 The final result of this diabolical strategy is to ensure the political victory in the coming elections of more Jews in the State House or in Congress. Thanks in no small part to the gullible and  deceived simpletons in the moronic Christian Evangelic Church who believe they have a political ally in the Jewish world  disease.

Once they garner enough political power to feel sufficiently emboldened they will  drop all  pretense and then their true form will emerge in the icy cold clarity of  daylight  :The bloodthirsty demonic  serpent  will appear.

What Jews generally look for are the easily manipulated Christians who are eager to sell out any vestige of Christian morality they may have.

Jews understand well the large number of JUDASES that exist in the CHURCH OF CHRIST.

They seek them out and cultivate them over time.

The VCY AMERICA produced crosstalk radio program, run by one such JUDAS ISCARIOT ; Mr. Vic Eliason  and his daughter, MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER ,best exemplify how the Jewish national disgrace penetrates the minds of the gullible who daily listen to the low class drivel ,produced by these professional pickpockets .

They open their microphones to all the RABBIS in their family of friends . Of course hearing Mr. Vic Eliason referring to a JEWISH Rabbi , made me think ,is there any other kind of Rabbi?


But here we see how the strategy of deceit plays out among the idiots in his listening audience.

Jews love to be thought of as a RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY. They slyly thank the naive gentiles for thinking so, and laugh up their sleeves all the way to the bank.

My Friends, Vic Eliason and all the phony pseudo-christian hustlers on CHRISTIAN RADIO are damaging to the health of the people of GOD .

Listen to them with a critical ear, learn how they go about deceiving the true Christian family, watch them work for the benefit of the adversary of all mankind : THE JEW!

Vic Eliason is a true  Judas, good at betraying all that is moral and decent in the world.

Remember ;unlessHUMANITY rids the world of the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE,THE JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE will rid the world of HUMANITY! 



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