My  Dear Christian Folk:   ..During this Christmas  season ,as in those of years gone by,there are forces loose in this country whose only goal is to trivialize this sacred holiday;to the point that it becomes essentially   meaningless   as a religious observance.

One of the better known organizations that specializes in these ominous and frightening endeavors is the notorious A.C.L.U.

 Few Christians have failed to acquaint themselves with this demonic group, and yet,  most know little as to their ultimate purpose ,and how they function within Christian society.

 Anyone who attempts to define the A.C.L.U. and fails to mention the Jewish context within which it draws its sustenance and nourishment is not doing you any good.

 In fact  ,any attempt to ignore the Jewish  roots of this hateful organization ,will only contribute to its future success in America.

 The best way to define the American civil Liberties Org. is to  see it as a chisel ,and not as a battering ram.

This finely honed chisel is reshaping the  U.S. Constitution ,  for the end result of turning the Constitution itself into the much desired battering ram  ,sharply pointed ,to be used to break down the walls of Christianity ;and by extension the breakdown of all that is moral and decent in the nation and in the world.

This is its ultimate aim and can be seen with icy clarity in the seemingly petty but persistent way it intimidates,threatens and frightens decent,hardworking and honest Christian people , bending them to their will . The end result is to turn the

people of God into a Helotry from which the   Jewish-Marxist

apostles of hate can simply walk into and pick up the reins of political power.

 My Dear Christian Folk the only way to understand the ACLU is to

see clearly the driving force behind them.

Ultimately, one must    come to the only logical conclusion that a rational being can arrive at ;that the Jews are the most dangerous enemy the  American people face.

 Dangerous    not only in matters of religion ,but our own political and economic freedoms are at risk as well.

The greatest danger the Christian community faces from this criminal gang of parasites is their unique propensity to hide their intentions behind the mask of religion and compassionate concern for the rights of others.

  After swindling their way into the Black civil rights movement ,they spread their poison into other endeavors ;attempting to concern themselves with all other non-Christian groups who they pretend to feel concern over their lack of representation and access to religious expression.

The final result is the abolishment of all religious expression,  preparing   the way for the  gullible and  believing  public for entry into the jewish-Marxist  paradise.

 My Dear Christian Folk :  The Jews are sewing the seeds of corruption ,the extent of which no one today has any adequate  understanding.

 This corruption extends deep into the bowels of the Church itself and all the clap-trap organizations

that exist at its periphery.

The Clergy as well as all those who  feign deep concern  for  the plight of American Christianity   are powerless to lead the Christian Community.

All those attempting  this herculean task are impotent due to their cowardice to face head on the  Jewish adversary of all mankind  . Coupled with stupidity at all levels ,failing to understand the constantly shifting offensive being waged by the international maggot against God’s Church ;they simply refuse to acknowledge this enemy as the spreading pestilence he is :threatening to infect the people of faith at large.  

Some of the biggest diversionists and agents of cover for this international plague ,can be found at the broadcast studios of VCY AMERICA, and their partners in a  cozy swindler’s match;the hayseed jokers over at REJOICE RADIO, stationed at Pensacola ,florida 32523.

Together ,they form a highly concentrated solution of lies ,designed to run cover for the adversary of all mankind;the Jew.

In fact ,they praise  these demons in human likeness. The  whole point of their programming is to instill in the minds of the simpleton listening audience that all it takes to turn things around ,is a few phone calls to your congressman, senator,or to the Capitol switch board, and they will get the message.

All this is music to the ears of the international maggot who revels in the idea that the dumb goyim are feeling secure  and oblivious to the slow decay and perversion, that they are sinking in.

The VCY AMERICA crosstalk programming is one of the worst offenders in this regard. NEVER SUPPORT THEM,FOR SO DOING YOU WILL BE SIMPLY CONTRIBUTING TO YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION .

 Anyone who refuses to see the Jews as they really are, in effect supports them ,and thereby makes himself a willing stooge and accomplice to the slow degeneracy we are experiencing now ,and will take an even greater toll in the future.

REJOICE RADIO is a compliant accomplice , simply  refusing to take a stand ,jealously guarding their tax exempt   status . WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THEIR INTEGRITY?


Some time ago,the infamous ring leader of the VCY AMERICA organization of deceit and lies featured a Rabbi, An orthodox JEW!

In the midst of the Christmas Season ,Mr. Vic Eliason  gleefully allowed this Jew to brain- wash  the naive and stupid listening audience of CROSSTALK produced at the  VCY RADIO  STUDIOS with the same propaganda the Jews count on for their survival in  America ;

The notion that they  are a religious group, concerned about the same issues of morality and decency that any true Christian ascribes to.

Vic, really did his usual arse kissing whenever he speaks to any Jew he invites   to his talk-show  hoping to get a commendation from these Christ killers  ,at some future time.

What Christians need to know ,is that this obnoxious Jew that spoke, routinely curses the name  of Jesus Christ, mocks in the most blasphemous terms the entire Christmas story ,the virgin birth, the Lordship and Divinity of Christ, you name it,they blaspheme it, in the most pornographic terms their satanic brains can muster.

And Vic,  with  his entire Jew loving staff at VCY AMERICA ,did all things possible to praise this maggot from the depths of hell ,sent to corrode the very underpinnings of Christian morality and  religious belief.

What can more clearly show the depravity ,not of the Jew ,but of Mr. Vic Eliason ,a  Judas of the highest order who treats his listening audience with satanic malice in order to make a living off of their naivety and abject stupidity.

Is there anyone else that comes close to this disciple of JUDAS ISCARIOT to be found on Christian Radio?

Scorn the low life scoundrel, and may he reap his just reward!



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