My  Dear Christian Folk:  The situation  Christians find themselves in    can best be described as being somewhere between    pathetic and criminal .

Given what human nature has evolved into , it hardly seems surprising that abuse and criminal behavior  have  become commonplace in Christian Society generally.

We see it within the  halls of Christendom’s most hallowed institutions . Recently ,it was reported that  certain   clergy in the  Lutheran  Church in Berlin ,  Germany had  for decades  seriously mistreated and  sexually abused  young unwanted children left in their care.

The same situation   occurred for many years in Ireland ,in orphanages under the control of the Catholic Church. This scandal involved dozens of  Catholic clergy and went unreported

for many years due to the criminal conspiracy of silence on the part of the Bishops and higher clergy of that most Catholic of countries .

  In America the abuse not only follows a similar path ,but also includes the very sinister aspect of financial swindle.

 Millions of  Christians are deluded annually into believing the good intentions of one particular pastor or preacher  ;to the extent of supporting them financially for reasons  that only a psychiatrist can best explain.

There are other variations to the criminal abuse heaped on the Christian faithful ,that are in fact far more deleterious than the mere loss of one’s money.

The  abuse centers on the misdirection, and the false advice ,on the part  of  those that claim to have some sort of  ministry,pushed

into the brains of some of the more defenseless and hopeless   elements of the Church community.

Invariably , the  subject of abortion is one of the most pressing problems young women face in America ;and demands to be properly understood by clergy and laity alike ;in order to diminish the unwarranted abuse and undue suffering experienced by the   youth of this country.

 It seems interesting that those who claim expertise in the understanding of Holy Scripture,yet  fail to find any verses that prohibit  abortion .

Abortion, as a sin or otherwise ,is not mentioned in either the  Old or  New Testaments.

One would think that verses  banning  this practice would be easy to find ,given the extent to which modern religious leaders condemn it.   Given how far the Evangelical cowboy preachers in America go in placing this medical procedure high on the list of crimes ,it should be easy to find some reference to it in Holy Writ.

 Whereas many of  our great religious leaders such as the Pope and Brannon  Howse [just kidding ]equate this practice with killing or infanticide  ; the  Bible has nothing to say about a female aborting her pregnancy to save her life.

It says nothing about terminating a pregnancy due to rape by an invader. Given the racist attitudes of the ancient   Hebrews this should be of no surprise.

All other mention of killing or murders are clearly delineated  in scripture ,as well as the punishment in each case.

In today’s convoluted world ,where some hayseed money-grubbing fly by night preacher’s kid  ,sitting behind a microphone,  is allowed to intimidate large numbers of gullible and easily frightened dupes ,on a daily basis   ;the consequences  and effects on the psyches of all those who take the drivel seriously,  is enormous,.

Whenever an attempt to mislead is present you can rest assured honesty becomes scarce.

Mr.Vic Eliason is good at  it  ;that’s what he does for a living ;Misleading good Christian,decent  folk is how he keeps his ratings up ,as a pseudo-Christian Radio Broadcaster.

The big lie, this professional pickpocket loves to push on his gullible ,and naive listening audience, when invariably the subject of abortion just happens to pop up ,is that abortion under all circumstances is the equivalent of premeditated murder.

If that is the case why not argue for the arrest and imprisonment of the mother?

In cases where the mother’s life is at risk, why not save the fetus and let the mother die,if both have equal status?

Why choose the mother over the fetus? If the life of the fetus is in fact a BABY,why not let it be an act of God ,which way  it resolves itself  ?

Interesting that the most ardent pro-life church in the world doesn’t baptise fetuses!

If every human ovum contains a soul, and inherits original sin, then one would think that the Catholic Church would baptise all fetuses to guarantee their entrance through the pearly gates.

But even they are not  stupid enough to believe all  the  unscriptural nonsense  that pours out of the mouths of not only their clergy[who in most cases do not believe that a fetus is a BABY ]but simply ignore the Papal Edicts every opportunity they get.

  Vic Eliason is a professional scam artist . His personal integrity is such as to make him totally unbelievable .

If this joker had any religious concerns about the moral welfare of any Christian, he would provide imput from professional medical personnel ;as well as Christian ethicists to put the entire subject of abortion in the proper context; and thereby better to address all the great moral concerns he pretends to have.

The truth is that this swindler is only interested in how much money he can grind out of of his simpleton listening audience;and in order to do so ,he relies on stooges and misguided individuals, wherever he can find them.



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