My  Dear Christian Folk: There is no sin in having a sense of humor. It’s not sinful ,in the midst of all  things  that  beset  us ,to laugh and be amused at the inconsistencies ,and ironies of daily  living.

Christmas  Eve and the season itself, produced some memorable events ,fortunately recorded for history.

The televised incident during the Christmas Eve celebration from St.  Peter’s Basilica

involving His Holiness ,Benedictus was something that will not   be soon forgotten.

Now don’t get me wrong ,I happen to admire this Pope.

 He’s not just another renaissance man, with nothing better to do than pontificate all day long.

He believes in efficiency , honesty ,loyalty ;having true faith;having true religion.

How can you not like a man who defended his nation ,fighting as an anti-aircraft machine gunner ,from the roof tops of his hometown in Germany,these many years ago.

 His long road to the Holy See , I’m sure was helped with the training and discipline he received while serving in the H.J.

  Morality and the willingness to sacrifice for the greater good ;things learned in his youth ,helped to make him what he is today :the leader of the world’s largest Christian denomination.

So it seemed rather funny  to see this all important personality ,during the course of a solemn Christmas Eve procession,wearing very impressive   vestments ,being dragged to the ground by a  young but very deranged  Italian lady .

 It all seemed so ludicrous.  Here is a man who bills himself as the most infallible person in the world.  He can do, or say , no wrong.

In matters pertaining to faith and morals ,he is the highest authority ,only after the Almighty himself.

Nothing he learned in the H.J. could have  prepared him for this potentially very dangerous confrontation.

The image of the most important personality in the world being thrown to the ground ,by this    insignificant spectator ,in fact an uninvited trouble maker ,should make us all think ,just how fallible we all are. 

 No one can resist the force of  GRAVITY,not even the most infallible person in the world. 

Later on ,another strange fiasco ,arising a few hours later ,which brought to terrifying clarity the utter stupidity on the part of the criminal politicians in government  ; that totally ignore political realities ; choosing  to placate all the primitive savages in the world ;  to the end of achieving their Marxist goals to mongrelize  this nation.

 Allowing some baboon looking     Kenyan citizen to  board a passenger plane  ;flying onto American  soil,ignoring all the obvious warnings, is  truly laughable ;given the huge amounts of money being spent for [another joke] :HOMELAND SECURITY].

And it gets funnier ,when I recall seeing an  eighty year old grandma, in a wheelchair no less, being frisked  by a couple of officious security guards at an international airport ,on the west coast.

  Even her wheelchair had to be reviewed ,a clear matter of suspicion  to be sure.

What nonsense ,but still very funny.


The Christian Radio business in America is still one of the main sources of entertainment one can wish for. This is indeed a sad situation for all those who cannot think for themselves  and who become prey  of  those who daily swindle  them out of their  money and exploit them for  selfish  purposes.

But for all those who walk under the  UMBRELLA OF REASON ,and are independent thinkers ;enough  so that they can clearly see through the swindle and  charade that these parasites dish out ;this can be a great source of comedy.

The best place on the radio dial to start  is with the VCY AMERICA PRODUCED CROSSTALK SHOW.

If this planned deceitful ministry doesn’t  start you laughing, then you need to have a long talk with the Lord.

Just give a listen to the ever deceitful EXECUTIVE PRODUCER:MRS INGRID SCHLUETER ,A.K.A. LADY BOO-HOO.

Listen  to her feigning a tearful moment ,describing how much she cares for the cause of Christ in today’s society.

If that were true ,why not tell her father in crime to stay away from the Jews who daily mock the Lord she pretends to love so much!


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