My Dear Christian Folk:  Any  time you can    teach  religion to    a classroom of students out of a textbook ,you are in effect teaching a Dead Religion.

Religion is not an exact science ,and  can never follow  any set formula  or definite unalterable principles.

And science ,founded on evidence ,   not relying on interpretations  of  prophetic  certainty,or on selected verses of scripture    :is based on the unalterable and immutable truths   found in natural law.

This truth was not lost on the rulers of Soviet Russia ,who made mandatory the study of Christianity in all their colleges and institutions of higher learning.

Apparently they had no fear that this would upset their official policy of enforced atheism.

What a student learns  about religion in a classroom has the same effect as studying ancient history ;it merely provides an academic backdrop to the subject ;allowing for a better understanding   of all    who  belong to any  particular religion. Usually the one being studied.

The Christian Faith is less a religion than an  Art Form.

The enduring quality of this belief  system has been  based on its ability to  capture the  Spirit of the  Age, in whatever cultural milieu   its unique story of Redemption gains purchase.

 The ability of this Faith to maintain the central theme of its unparalleled story of the Birth,Death and  Resurrection of Christ  ,in the face of  tumultuous societal changes ,is  a  true miracle  and a  witness to its universal appeal.

   The vision to see    flexibility  at  its outer  perimeters , as a distinct enhancement for  survival ; and only later,after gaining a secure footing,   reverts slowly back to its ancient beliefs  ,advancing the need for discipline, and total unity among the faithful .This process has served it well. This  above all, has

prevented Christianity from going the way of The  Aztec belief  in the god of the corn.

The situation today, can only be  viewed  in  the knowledge that at some   point in the past   , a horde of utterly stupid people was unleashed on the Church,the Nation ,and on  academic circles .

Whereas many  befuddled, as to how the current situation came about  ;overwhelmed by all the negativity ;preferring to view it as an insoluble riddle  ;nevertheless continue in the old paths and ways of thinking ,hoping that a different outcome will suddenly come about.

  Today, the biggest failure experienced by  Christianity and the Church  , was to depart from its former strategy of accommodation and incorporation of social,  and scientific movements   it found itself originally in conflict with. Better   to find flexibility in scripture, rather than to see its  best and brightest, departing in other directions.

  The refusal of  the traditional believing ,Evangelical Church to come to terms with settled science , regarding Human Evolutionary Biology, has simply facilitated a cottage industry     of Six Day Creationists to sprout ;pushing their incredibly unscientific guess-work onto some of this country’s most gullible  and ignorant.  

Their   only true aim is to exploit the ignorance of those  attending   churches  where the Pastors  are  too stupid  or too lazy to learn how to translate scriptures  in a  far more accurate way.

The charlatans who push Six Day  Creation have only their own financial enrichment in mind and nothing else.

The fact that these low life swindlers are allowed to deceive the  gullible, is itself an indictment to the general apathy of those in positions of political power.

Then there are those in the ministry that feel it would be a waste of time trying to preach a sermon, bringing together  God’s truth

and biological discovery ,to a hayseed  Church membership ,who lack the intellect to understand anything with  deeper meaning, other than their college  football scores.

The end result is to continue the downward path the Church of Christ has been on  over many decades.

Charlatanism begets charlatanism ,swindlers seem to spawn others of their profession ,and it can be seen everywhere you look.

 Look at the healing Ministry of Benny   Hinn and that of the late Oral Roberts.

How many were financially duped by the likes of Jim Baker and his infamous P.T.L. Club will never be truly known.

 The abject stupidity of personalities such as  Jimmy Swaggert,   who made a laughing-stock out of the Gospel Message ,goes relatively unremembered. 

 Other con artists  who  made fortunes, taking advantage of all the simpletons in the church ,are hardly recalled,as an ever-growing fresh batch of religious criminals begin to make themselves known ,and replace those of the past.

Who now remembers con-artists such as Ted Haggard,Morris Cerullo [a converted Jew]or the cunning and crafty  Peter Popoff? All part of swindler’s Hall of Fame in America.

  The ever forgetful Christian masses ,always ready to trust and believe ,based primarily  on  the lousy way people are taught in the public schools of this country.

In the final analysis ,the Christian community in America is reduced to the level of idiotic Snake Handlers , who risk  not only their money ,but their lives as well.

The lazy , yokel ,air-head preachers , ripping off Christians in the local church would rather  keep the tithes coming in than to say or do anything that would upset  the HAPPY CLAPPY  CROWD that provide them with a good living.

The scandals of the Catholic Church have had far-reaching repercussions.

Whereas these have been primarily due to a corrupted authoritarian ecclesiastical caste ,domineering the gullible within the sanctity of its hallowed halls .  As a result of which some heart breaking sexual exploitation has been allowed to continue and go relatively  unpunished.

This has involved the very heights of Church power ,leading to the Vatican itself.

The  Church ,a long time exploiter of the innocent, has had the smarts in recent years  to avoid conflict with modern science.

  Will today’s Evangelical Church have to someday apologize to Biology in the same manner that the popes had to  :

concerning  Galileo’s  discoveries  and the rotation of the  planets?

 “If  Gold rusts what will iron do “

If the most infallible man in the world who has the power to excommunicate from God’s Grace  any and all who may disagree with His policies can so easily  fail to maintain the essentials in Christian behavior what can we expect of lesser men?

What exactly is the Pope thinking when it comes to the sanctification process;offering up  the  names

of pope John Paul  2nd. and Pius the 12th.?

Is he trying to make a mockery of all who can think independently and according to principles of common sense?


Pope  John was the one who turned his back on the pleadings of all those who were coming forward ,demanding the Church  begin a serious investigation, on the part of all concerned as to the incredible sexual scandals that were making Catholicism, a  religion for pedophiles,degenerates and child abusers.

He was too busy apologising to the lineal descendants of the JEWISH MOBSTERS who nailed Jesus Christ to the cross.

He was too  occupied with matters concerning war-time atrocities real and imagined in his native Poland.

He was too  busy travelling to Mexico ,making Saints out of  mythical dead  Aztecs claiming to have seen The Virgin Mary.Promoting   one falsehood after another,even after being advised by his own  Bishops in Mexico City that the  whole story of Juan Diego and the apparition was an invention cooked up by some clever Catholic nuns,during the Spanish conquest of that country.

Now it’s St. Juan Diego  ;see how it  works ,and millions of Mexicans will gratefully applaud and increase their donations.

The other Apostle for canonization is Pius the 12th. Known throughout  Europe during the 2nd. W.W. as Italy’s  NUMBER ONE DOUBLE AGENT.

 Here was a double crosser     if there ever was one.Willing to serve two masters . The Allies when things were in their favor ,the other side when they  were not.

 Superb qualities for  Sainthood.And the jerks in the Catholic Church will never bother to take the time to figure it out.

Some years back,when I stated that  the CHURCH AGE was over ,I was greeted with cries of derision.

Some ten years ago the very idea that the mission of Christ’s Church had ended was thought to have been the figment of a wild and corrupted imagination. A product of a brain diseased.

Those that laughed at me then are no longer laughing now.

As they begin to assess the state and condition of all the  significant churches in the world they can no longer laugh.

 Just look at the degeneracy that has become commonplace in the Anglican Church ,with the ordination of depraved individuals to the highest posts in  this one time venerable institution.

The same is occurring in the Lutheran and others. Add the Methodists to the list of the depraved, and others will no doubt be added.

The nation itself is deluged with the same moral depravity ,the only difference is that in society in general there is no pretense to anything higher other than  the cost of admission to the various porn parlors found in any section of the city.

This moral disease is not just against basic fundamental beliefs in Christian behavior and attitude but is an affront to NATURAL LAW .With any division of the natural and spiritual, to the extent  which the Homosexual agenda is pushing the Church , we may consider the mission of the Gospel as  having ended.

  At the heart is clearly visible and  concerted effort on the part of the enemies of Christ to destroy the Body of Christ in all its manifestations.

This can only be accomplished with the help of the depraved and willing stooges found within the church itself.

For this reason the current Pope Benedictus is seen in the company of sadistic blood thirsty Zionist Jews ,even to the extent of inviting them into the sacred grounds of the Vatican.

Not far from the outer walls of St. Peter’s basilica is found the crypt within the bones of the Great  Apostle believed to rest.

And not far from there ,the  enemies of Christ walk with impunity ,entertained by His  Holiness ,who in times past  previous popes had declared the  Jews to be pestilent and confined them inside  walled ghettos.

 If today the organized deceit in the mainline churches represents our CROSS to bear  then the  charlatans and swindlers on Christian Radio represent our CROWN of THORNS!

recently heard a Christian radio talk show hustler refer to his clap trap broadcast operation as a MINISTRY.

This  was enough to make a pack of hyenas   , set aside their carrion ,and break   into a hearty laugh.

Let me once again assume the role of a prophet  by stating that unless the true believers in the Gospel of Christ ,begin to understand the true reasons for Christianity’s many problems and begin to demand the guilty be ousted not only from the church but from the nation as well ,it will not just be the   CHURCH AGE that has ended but Christianity as a true  ideology and a spiritual force in the world as well. 

 Unless a   united humanity rids the world of the Jewish World Plague,the Jewish World Plague will rid the world of Humanity!


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