My Dear Christian Folk:   One issue that will never be amicably decided ,is the Gun Control controversy.  The nation, being fairly divided as to the interpretation of the 2nd. Amendment, is  likely to defer this question from ever being heard in   the Supreme Court.

The question is more than a Constitutional issue,but one that pits private property rights  against Public Safety.

 The two positions freely stated by the Pro- Gun Lobbyists ,that I can  sympathise with,  are the   basic  ,” Self- Defense of one’s own life ” idea  ,and  2nd ; the fact that if guns are outlawed then criminals will resort to other modes of inflicting pain,death  and suffering on the defenseless.   Knives will replace guns,hammers will be used if available ,a brick or poison if not.

The idea of  using various means and other instruments  to destroy the innocent and the helpless, is an idea often used ,not only by   depraved criminals   ,but also by various  political and parasitic community elements, living freely in our midst.

For these groups ,the weapons of choice  are deceit ,subterfuge ,political influence ,extortion and the use of blackmail in the political process of a nation.

In America today, the one group that consistently employs these methods against the people and the nation at large is the  Jewish Community international.

 The unique aptitude of this group  for diverting attention from  itself and onto others, makes any attempt to reveal  to the public the  danger we face ,an almost impossibility.

This group can only thrive when it can go unchallenged .Any criticism leveled against a Jew anywhere in the world is taken by him as a personal insult.

 The mere refusal to   believe any of the falsehoods he publishes is met with cries of indignation and treated as a personal attack ; not only against himself ,but against the entire religious cabal he pretends to align with.

The Jew in America and worldwide is a typical asocial parasite  ,a maggot who manages to burrow into the fabric of   society for the singular purpose of corroding it from within .

In order to accomplish his goal he takes great effort in disguising his activities by means of playing the role of a  religious community ,one  with humanitarian beliefs and as such ,a great benefactor of humanity.

His early arrival in America began as a merchant and small businessman and rapidly developed into a more   significant  role in the nation’s financial system.

Using  his long history of deceit and unethical treatment of others in the business world, he manages to gain a strong control over the economic life of the nation.

From here it is an easy jump into the  realm of political power which he uses with a craftiness ,unheard of in the life of any Christian Nation.

Total control of the mass media further allows the penetration into the mass culture and even the religious institutions of the nation, to go unimpeded.

With the media at the Jew’s beck and call , he begins to influence the masses at all levels ;creating a form of mass stupefaction and hypnotic trance  ;leaving the public at the mercies of this diabolical cabal of professional swindlers and international instigators of wars for profit.

Religion serves him as a protective cloak, behind which, he is able to hide his true intentions to totally dominate and control any nation that affords him hospitality.

All one need do is look at the sordid fate of other nations that were unfortunate enough to have provided him with  favorable conditions ,allowing him to prosper and grow .Over time he becomes a true blood-sucker that cannot be easily picked off.

The people ,once they discover his true nature begin to feel that the simple fact of his existence within  their borders is as bad as the plague.



One reading of the  ESSENTIAL TALMUD is enough to reveal with terrifying clarity the intentions of this group and what they plan to impose on the rest of humanity.

For the Christian Community today ,the greatest struggle we face  to our very existence  comes from the abject stupidity and apathy at all levels  found in Christian Society.The unwillingness of the majority of Christians to see the Jew as he is ,and not how he portrays himself,hiding  behind the cloak of a religious community, will prove to be just as lethal and destructive to our existence as any weapon of mass destruction.

Only a knowledge of the Jews provides the key with which to understand his inner nature. Only by understanding the insidious tactics he employs in the areas of Civil Rights,in popular culture ,in the  production and spread of pornography and in corrupting the cowardly politicians in office can we ever hope to roll back the injurious manifestations currently in play throughout the country.

For once we begin to educate ourselves as to the nefarious nature of the Jew and his tactics become the common knowledge of the Christian  population ,we can then consider the power of this adversary of mankind as being broken.

One of the most lethal tactics this international  maggot employs against the church is to use the Christian Faith Community as a  battering ram against itself.

This can be plainly seen in how they use the gullible Christian Community to assist them in their diabolical expulsion and subsequent murdering of the native population of Palestine.

In this matter there is no lack of willing gentile stooges ready to assist them.

One of the most  open  exponents of this great betrayal can be found on the Christian Radio Airwaves.

The VCY AMERICA BROADCAST deception is an open    and very willing   group of Jewish  lackies   that accept  the Judas wage.

They cater to Jewish interests on a daily basis.For the express purpose of enhancing their chances of remaining in the broadcast business.

 Whereas all are entitled to their opinions ,the fact that a deliberate attempt to deceive and to render helpless the listening audience ,made up of primarily Christians ,is tolerated by all decent and fair-minded people is an  atrocity in itself.

The VCY America gang as well as their patrons in PENSACOLA who provide them with the free airtime ,THE RBN CONNIVANCE,to continue this great betrayal, is  itself a serious  indictment  of the depths of depravity the pretend Christians have sunk in order to facilitate this obnoxious bacillus that has foisted itself on the Church’s backside and is now a running ,poisonous abscess   ,threatening  to  devour all that remains of decency ,morality and True Faith.



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