My Dear Christian Folk:       The existence of a universe in which Black Holes ,those   undetectable masses of concentrated gravity ;spiraling  deep  into an undefined mysterious area ;reveals a part of astronomy ,few have ever ventured to study.

Whereas the sharpest eye and the most advanced telescope invented  have never been able to visibly see a Black Hole ,its existence is confirmed by the unusual activity that occurs at its perimeter.

Stars and planets ,space clutter,gravity itself ,when approaching the wide yawning gap of a black hole  are   drawn into its rapidly spiralling current and sucked down ,breaking apart into a nothingness ,that defies all of what we know of physics and the indestructability of matter.

 The Evangelical movement today can be seen as a galaxy of stars    , and within its contours  exist Black  Holes  of religious apathy , deceit, treason ,and ignorance threatening to suck it down   , drawing  it  to   its final end, and ultimate destruction.

This can only be accomplished when Christians of varied denominations give up the will to fight the never ending gravitational pull downwards ,provided by the enemies of Christ ,who eagerly await the final end to the one force in the Universe, that can deter and defeat their diabolical goals -The Gospel of Christ.

One of the more  shameful aspects of this malevolent force ,ready to entice the innocent and well meaning Christian Faith Community, is the planned and well organized effort to defraud the faithful, by means of trickery and   deception. Operating at the periphery of Christian society ,dressed in  the cloak of deceit.

To this end there are no limits to the extent  in which the pseudo-christian deceivers will go, to pick the pockets of benevolent good-natured people   ,throughout this country.

It has always been my goal to inform the Christian public as to these criminal activities ;often employed by the callous and depraved, among those who use Christianity as a means to a rich livelihood.

This in fact has been my only aim . I have no other purpose but to advocate for all those who are too distracted by life’s daily chores ,to learn the truth about   those who would devour them.

Charities and all flim-flam philanthropies go by various innocuous sounding names in order to trick the gullible .

The organization called China Aid is clearly one such organization that learned early on , the benefits of  providing to the simpletons of the world a bubbly, outgoing and caring face ,for the purpose of decidedly calming any objections or misgivings the general public may have ,to their fraudulent fund raising activities.

Here is where the salary of a MEDIA  COORDINATOR brings back returns of a thousand fold to the parent organization .

This position is very attractive . Not only does  it pay well ,but the perks are impressive. The huge expense allowance and the free travel are only some of what these scavengers demand and enjoy.

All items ,paid for  from the millions they get out of the mindless Evangelical idiots who fall for any scam that comes  their way.

These Media reps. employ every major deception found  in the Handbook of Mass-Marketing techniques  and     tricks to fool the stupid.

Ms.Annie Kahler is one such mass-marketer of religious double talk.

Why anyone with half a brain would take the word of a highly paid media stooge is beyond reason.

 All one has to do is listen ,not even closely, to catch  the double talk,the misinformation and inaccuracies in her presentation and pitch made today ,on the infamous radio call-in talk show  program,produced by VCY AMERICA , called  CROSSTALK.

What is sometimes hard to impress on others to see ,is not only the lies and fraud they actually claim but what they leave unsaid.

The occasional truth is itself a lie ,since it is simply used to cover a greater falsehood.

The claim that the Church is suffering undo persecution in China is a lie. The examples of a few  HOME CHURCHES or unregistered religious organizations being shut down and the leaders jailed means nothing ,when the facts remain unknown.

Keep in mind the fate of DAVID KORESH in WACO Tx. who never lived to explain his beliefs to any magistrate in America.

Are these few churches being closed in China truly dangerous to the state?  And would the U.S. government not do the same with any unregistered   group that it considered a threat to public safety?

No one knows the truth ,but why take the   word of an organization ,making its appeal based on a false sense of sentimentality,when they are reluctant to reveal their own yearly finances ?

  Why believe them when their reps.refuse to reveal how much they earn and the size of their expense accounts?

In fact why look at China at all?  Why not apply the same human rights standards being applied in ASIA to our GOOD FRIENDS ,THE ISRAELIS?

Why is ISRAEL ignored when it comes to their persecution of THE CHURCH?

Why do the criminal brained co-hosts of the CROSSTALK PROGRAM simply  overlook the burning of NEW TESTAMENTS throughout ISRAEL by orthodox Jewish fanatics. ?

Why is nothing ever said about  the jail terms given to Christians WITNESSING to the JEWS, God’s   CHOSEN PARASITES  OF  THE HUMAN RACE?

How about training Pastors to travel to ISRAEL in order to strengthen the CHURCH for the sake of UNITY over in ISRAEL?

In fact CHRISTIANS LIVING OR TRAVELING IN     ISRAEL, SUFFER GREATER PERSECUTION   than they do in CHINA . Those that wish to practice    their faith ,or simply wish not to be beaten or spit at.

Of course the idiots  that  listen to scam artists such as Annie, slowly begin to believe her until the  time they can investigate for themselves the hypocrisy of those who condemn CHINA and give the Jewish haters of Christianity a free pass.

Do you think you can obtain a building permit for a CHURCH IN ISRAEL? Are you a dreamer?

To contrast THE CHINESE WITH THE   ISRAELIS is also informative in terms of Evangelization.

 To  the  Chinese ,a religion that tells them that their unbelieving family members ,alive or in the Beyond, are burning in Eternal Torment can  conceivably be a cause of social discord. In the part of the world where family members and  ancestors are honored ,this belief may even cause  extreme violence to break out.

The government of China would have an expressed interest in maintaining  domestic tranquility. Therefore restricting the dissemination of such typical Evangelical beliefs would be understandable.,if not warranted.

In the case of the unbelieving Jews in the atheistic State Of Israel, telling a Jew that he will burn forever in the BLACK FLAMES OF HELL has never   caused him a  case of indigestion.In fact   has hardly ever caused him  a sleepless night.

So why not go  where the need is greatest ? Why not go to those who are totally without ethics or basic standards of moral behavior…Why not leave CHINA  alone and simply offer the benefits of Christian thinking to God’s chosen :THE JEW!

What we  currently face in America is a concerted effort on the part of various Christian radio broadcasters to trick ,deceive and con their listening audiences out of their hard earned money.

Today’s crosstalk program is one of the best in the fine art of Christian deception.

In fact this gang of professional swindlers   operate as a tag team match, and the ones getting their  brains beaten ,are the simpletons in the radio audience  ,that believe Vic Eliason , his clever and crafty daughter LADY BOO-HOO ,Jim Schneider and the scam artists at the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK[RBN] in PENSACOLA are involved in Christian Ministry.WHAT A JOKE.


All these jokers are involved in, is  the promotion of one con-job after another.

Vic and  Craig  Mattson ,MRS INGRID SCHLUETER [Vic’s daughter] are all of one mind  . Included is  the station manager over at   RBN .

There only purpose is to live well from whatever donations they can hustle from the gullible audience  or from the  free airtime and exposure they  give  to all their criminal minded fellow travellers in the fine art of scamming the gullible .INCLUDED HERE is the idiot KEN HAM and the moronic IAN TAYLOR ,daily trying to hustle a few bucks from the dupes in their audience.

All of these JOKERS are nothing but the SCUM OF HUMANITY feeding off the mentally deranged. LEAVE THEM ALONE . and use your common sense.



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