My Dear Christian Folk:   If a national revival is to come ,it will either come from the Christian White Race  Community ,or it will not come.

  And unless the Christian Faith community provides the spiritual underpinning  for  this awakening, it will never succeed.

It can hardly be expected that other religious and racial ethnic groups initiate this great effort or contribute to its success . Only one group has a vested interest in restoring the values, morality and Christian civilization that have long ago disappeared from

the  foundational culture of this country.And that group is represented by those who originally founded this country and formed it to represent the Image of God among the nations.

All  those who form the elements of diversity cannot be expected to fight   for a nation ,a people ,a culture they  took no part in forming.

 This includes all non-Christian elements, despite the protests by some that there exists some sort of spiritual umbilical  nexus with the Jewish Community in America.

The Jewish presence in America is  without question at the very root cause of all the moral decay , political corruption, and the aimlessness of the great majority of our youth.

This one group above all others has  systematically corroded the  foundational structure of this country ,to the extent of gaining a controlling influence in the  Christian  faith and in all of its religious institutions.

The evidence is so   convincing, that even a blind man can see the deleterious effects on our people ,these international maggots have caused, over the many years   , masquerading   as a SPECIAL RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION.

This, more than anything else has allowed them to function surreptitiously ,swindling their way into every aspect of national life.To the point now that it would take a national uprising of monumental proportions to unseat them from their positions of dominance.

 Their control of the mass media ,both the entertainment and  information, has allowed them to corrupt the values and ethics of our people ; who at one time were considered some of the most valued in the world.

 Today our people are regarded, in many international quarters, as the laughing stock  among  the  nations and races of mankind .

By surrendering all that we in past times considered sacred, or a matter of national sovereignty ;such as our self defeating foreign policy  ,that favors a small nation of international racketeers

living in the modern state of ISRAEL ,and placing us well in the wrath of over one billion  Muslims ,with whom we are economically dependent on for resources no longer available elsewhere.We thereby incur the humiliation of others not so inclined.

The  strong financial and political influences on the part of the various  Jewish lobbyists ,exercising an iron grip over the political criminals in the Capitol ;to defy what is in the best interests of the people of this country ;and to slavishly support a small gang of international troublemakers ;is a crime that cries out to the high heavens.

The greatest crime to the charge of these parasites is the inexorable drive to poison the blood of our youth.  In this task

 they piously swindled their way into the Black civil rights  movement  ,demanding equal rights on behalf of a still primitive and incompetent racial group . Equal rights in education eventually came to mean equal rights in the social context  as well as, the inter-racial dating patterns .

 And now we have the slow but   insipid degeneration of our young folk ,both morally and in their ability to fight for their own identity and racial preservation. This in time will guarantee the total destruction of this country to the extent which few comprehend. A glimpse at Haiti today is a prelude of what will surely take place in America ,in the not too distant  future.

My Dear Christian Folk: You  can’t drive out the Devil with Beelzebub!

You cannot allow the highly influential Jewish element to use the Christian community as a  battering ram against itself.

The Jews as such ,are highly skilled in camouflaging their agenda and have developed the skills and unique aptitude to mimic the Christian ethic and jargon  ,  to the extent of quoting scripture as needed, to trick the less astute among  Christians of average intelligence.

If today I characterize the Church and the  Christian Community generally as  aimless and incompetent ,filled with deceit and treachery ;the greatest proof of my assertion lies in the failure of this institution to have any lasting influence  on the life of the nation.

Even if the people of this country were   less intellectually gifted than they are today , the efforts of THE CHURCH to have a positive and  lasting impact could be no worse.

Any attempt to to restore moral ,religious and cultural values on those holding political office will be met with defeat.

The only course of action is to prevail upon all those holding positions of influence in the  Church community  , to remember our true calling as Christians, and to awaken from the hypnotic spell cast upon them by the MASTERS OF LIES AND DECEIT.

It is my firmly held conviction that the masses of people will in turn respond to this awakening, and  dedicate themselves willingly to its final success.

People generally will work harder for what has a chance for success ,than for something  that does not.

The Clergy , failing miserably to inspire the masses to a higher calling, must be singled out and called out by the people of God. They must be reminded of what existed in the past and has been erased by the sponge of time.

All those who are decent will join our efforts and those who do not must be shunned and treated as Pariahs in Christian Society.

 To this end we must again restore a sense of pride in being a CHRISTIAN .A Christian who never hesitates or plays the coward.

The most effective way for this is to require all true Christians to wear a uniform ,no matter their profession. It must be made mandatory for every true believer to have a neatly pressed uniform ,denoting his profession and statement of Faith to be  hanging in everyone’s closet,ready to be worn for    gatherings and in daily life. Clergy would not be exempted .They too must wear the same uniform  ,when not in need of their normal clerical garb.

This above all else, for the time being ,will instill a sense of pride in our people, as nothing else will.!

On our visors ,all the enemies of Christ will clearly see our statement of belief and a clear indication to what awaits all those who have betrayed the Faith ,and the end that awaits the  Eternal  Enemy of Mankind :The Jewish serpent! 

We must never allow the Clergy or anyone else to portrays us as having betrayed Christianity. It is not we that have deserted the Faith but all those who came into positions of power and influence ahead of us that have betrayed the Faith.

  WITHOUT THE GREAT CHRISTIAN IDEA it will be impossible to bring about the moral and political purification of our PUBLIC LIFE .

The swindlers who currently operate from out of the Radio broadcast studios ,I firmly believe are beyond redemption and must be shunned and finally removed from their positions of influence.

These professional scam artists rely on the stupidity of their listening audiences in order to enrich themselves at their expense.

One gang in particular is the REJOICE BROADCAST   NETWORK that operates out of their studios in PENSACOLA,FLA.

This crafty and clever ring of liars and exploiters of the gullible listening audience ,are constantly trying to re-invent themselves. In this  ,  they operate as a tag team with those like minded religion criminals spewing their divisiveness over at THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK .

It doesn’t come as a surprise ,they both are  serving the interests of the JEWISH PARASITES ,the lineal descendants of the gangsters that murdered JESUS CHRIST.

 Do not ever support either criminal gang. While there may very well be thousands of others, these two deserve special mention so as to be aware of their pernicious and evil programming.

Stay united and we will defeat the enemy of Christ whose power is the mortal foe of any true CHRISTIANITY!




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