My Dear Christian Folk:  Pensacola has a mysterious quality  to it.    Possibly due to its  location  on the northern PANHANDLE  part of the Florida peninsula  ,where the high season is during the hot summer months . One can feel a colonial mugginess to this city.

 Unlike other areas, this city has a real winter season. Snow birds from  Wisconsin ,Minnesota and all points north, pass this place up  for warmer climes further south.


   This city,founded by the Spanish in the 15th.century served as remote     naval outpost      in the far flung  Castilian Empire ;specifically to keep an eye on the many gold laden galleons crossing the Gulf ,on their way  across the Atlantic to their home turf in Old  Castile.

Today ,the U.S. Navy still finds value in this location and keeps a strong presence in the area.

And so do other branches of  military service . One of the largest is the huge Eglin Airforce base complex ,as well as  various departments of Army personnel.

The number of servicemen in the general area of  Pensacola is enormous. And the money hungry city honchos love every dollar spent there by the uniformed personnel.

What they hate are the bar brawls ,the robberies ,rapes and rioting that usually occur there,whenever a few sailors  stay too long at one of the hundreds of cheap beer bars that hug the beach areas surrounding the city.

This is what gives the city a bad name but also creates a wall of separation between the military and the civilian  populations.

Many of the fine  young ladies of this old southern city ,find themselves in compromising situations with one or more of America’s best and brightest ;and undoubtedly ,resulting in conflict with the city’s home boys ,who as true scions of the south, resent any infringement  on their  fundamental right   of first choice .

What  flies under the radar is the general immorality of the area that spreads out over the military and civilian population alike ,as red tide filled with  venemous  sting rays .

Whereas the number of military is large ,the number of military wives,daughters ,girlfriends is even larger. And when their loved ones are serving in distant and remote areas ,these women go on the prowl .

And anywhere they can find men alone ,that’s the territory they scour.

Pensacola is one of this  nation’s  most unashamed centers of wife-swapping ,adultery ,promiscuity, abortion on demand and basic ‘cheat them      while you can ‘ communities in the world!

This area ,dreary at best during the slow dull winter months when tourists are scarce ,is a  moral sleaze bucket ,slowly  gnawing away at the moral ,decent Christian fiber of this nation.

What is doubly hard to stomach is that the Christian Community of Pensacola is hardly any better  than the debauched general population of Pensacola Beach.

 And this is where you will find the venerable PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE ,putting on  the best face they can manage.

The truth is that all those who either attend this institution of higher learning  -as they bill themselves-  or the many who work as teachers or administrative staff are by no means immune to the licentiousness that exists within a short distance of their front doors.

This includes all those who daily produce the REJOICE BROADCAST programming which includes sacred music 24/7

And of course words of wisdom from the glib profiteers who hit you with a  DAILY DILLY BOP over the head and attempt to BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS with words from the proverbist.

I guess that’s KING SOLOMON . Where did he ever find the  time to compose these timely proverbs given the size of his HAREM and hundreds of concubines. One would think he had his hands full!

These of course are the crafty jokers and clever religion marketers who daily try to solicit donations based on their AIRTIME EXPENSES.

A week ago it was their OPERATING EXPENSES ,let’s not forget their end of the month expenses, or their end of year expenses ,or the end of the quarter expenses they were driveling about.

 Funny how they never get to the point of explaining the exact nature of these terrible to bear expenses?

By expenses do they mean Craig Mattson’s end of year bonus or raise in salary?

Or maybe the station  manager’s  commission for producing more money than any of the other religion swindlers on the radio dial.?

Unless they provide a detailed financial statement we will never know!

What we know, is that they rely on dumbing down the yokels in  Pensacola and nationally in order to enrich themselves at their expense.

Don’t fall for their scams and tricks.

Do we as Christians have a right to demand transparency from these hustlers as we would from our political leaders.?

Do not support this gang under any set of circumstances.

Can you be sure they are not using the funds they demand from you for immoral purposes?

How would you know,since they operate in a shadowy world of secrecy and backroom dealing?

Given their proximity to the BABYLON ON THE  BEACH that Pensacola is known as ,it is a safe bet there is quite a lot of hank panky going on there.

look at all who were tricked by the P.T.L. con artists and the disgraceful ORAL ROBERTS who thought his  ministry was a license to steal and extort money!

Stay away from this gang!


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