My Dear Christian Folk:   Gypsies are an incredible people,living as they do on the margins of society ,they nonetheless have survived, and at times have prospered over the millenia .

Their origins remain shrouded in mystery .   Anthropologists ,based on linguistic analysis, believe they originated from northern India and migrated westward during the great westward migration of peoples ,some five thousand years ago.

 Contrary to popular opinion ,Gypsies are very talented ,especially in  Arts and Crafts, and many still retain their earliest skills as metal workers and tinsmiths.

The striking feature of these people, is their proclivity  to live by  the unsavory  vocation of deception, in all things involving  the intermixing of the occult with deepest  spiritual  concerns.

This ranges from reading one’s future in tea leaves, coffee grinds, or in a daily horoscope  ;conducting seances ,revealing personal failings , and selling  potions  and prescriptions to overcome them .

 Gypsy men usually leave  these matters to their very much adept women folk ,who over the centuries have keened their  knowledge   in the fine art of the psychic swindle and instinctively sense the deep preoccupation people have with their future  ,their love life,   the Good Luck , Bad Luck dynamic.

They guarantee  you Good Luck for a price and conversely will curse someone else with terrible luck and a stern fate ,if that is the desired outcome one has for his fellow man.

As long as  there is a clear understanding of how  they operate ,people will generally stay away from the Gypsy and his seductive practices  .   Sooner or later they will find greener pastures somewhere else.

It is only when people refuse to believe the hard taskmaster of commonsense ,do we see the deleterious effects played out on the incredibly naive and gullible victims of this elaborate con-game.

The odds are all on the side of the Gypsy Lady.. [fortune teller and personal advisor]…knowing as she must, that you are convinced of her powers , or else you wouldn’t be sitting in front of her,in her gaudy  ,sleazy and   eerily  furnished living room.

 The strong desire to believe    in the quick fix of potions and spells and to  abandon  God’s gift of human reason ,has been the bane of mankind from time immemorial.

Gypsies can sell just about anything .  Pity the farmer who foolishly purchases a horse from a  Gypsy horse-trader . Seeing it prance and glowing with a finely groomed mane ,a bright gleam in  both eyes ,looking  fit and able to work for another five years ,the unsuspecting peasant pays the gypsy his price .

 Unaware, that  prior to the sale, the horse was doctored  ,forced to drink hot blistering liquids poured down his throat ,in order to create movement and briskness in this poor animal, barely a few months away from the glue-factory.

And so the farmer is tricked ,the gypsy trader,long gone.

 But all that passes for distasteful ,on the part of a small minority in our society, has in some form or other its counterpart.

A gypsy is only too happy to tell you that ,whereas, he lies,cheats and swindles his way  to riches by means of tarot cards and tea cups , nevertheless, he is quick to point out ,that it’s you GADJE [whites- non-gypsies] who swindle,trick ,steal and deceive with the pencil and the ballpoint pen!

  Yes, Gypsies are incredible, and at times can overwhelm you with their direct and uncomfortable honesty.

The sad truth of the gypsy lament is that in  this  quick paced society many of the deceptions practiced by our dear Gypsy people have their counterpart in our own world of religion and commerce.

Ever try to buy a used car from someone who knows how to press your buttons? Can make you believe the car he  wants to sell you will make you the most admired guy in town ;Will last you ten years, and deliver more mileage than you ever dreamed of . In fact, the money you save on gasoline  can be spent taking your girlfriend to dinner at the best restaurants in town ,and so on.

And slowly the fool believes him.

How many people lost their life savings at the hands of this country’s hedge fund swindlers ,will never be truly know.

 Some are in prison ,but relatively few ,considering the enormity of their financial crimes.

 Could there be collusion between the criminal politicians that rule this nation, and many of the criminals in the world of  finance?

  The tobacco business at one time advertised their product as a health remedy and as an aid to digestion . no longer!

 A jar of hydrogenated petrolatum can sell for over fifty dollars per five oz.size , marketed as the very fountain of youth to all  America’s vain and self-centered women.

In fact it can come with guarantees of one sort or other  ;to eliminate wrinkles, and restore the glow of a lost youth.

How different is that  from  the love potions and elixirs sold surreptitiously  from the back of  Gypsy caravans?

 All forms of swindle and scam artistry have a common thread ;man’s incredible naivety and trusting nature.

This has not been lost on those incredible low lives who prey on the gullible and unsuspecting dupes normally found in the many churches and religious institutions  in Christian society.

This was the motivation that guided some truly gifted swindlers ,some time back  ;operating in the electronics media ,taking advantage of the greed and self righteousness that permeates throughout Christendom.

The PTL CLUB operated by JIM BAKER and his henchmen from Charlotte  N.C. is a glaring example of the willingness ,of otherwise decent folk, to throw away the UMBRELLA OF REASON and buy into his TIMESHARE DECEPTION . An unexisting TIMESHARE THAT IS.

The interesting thing is that the traditional Christian community and all legitimate church representatives did nothing to expose this  ;what quickly became an obvious fraud . But it took the civil authorities,including the State prosecutor  with  the local attorney general to put these scam artists behind bars.

Why did  the mainstream  Christian Community  cover for these jokers?

Why did everyone ,from the BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE SOCIETY to the Anglican Bishops and  Baptist Elders play dumb about this obvious   criminal enterprise?

 Were  they also in collusion with criminals?

One of the biggest scams currently in vogue with many of America’s Evangelical HAPPY CLAPPY CROWD is found in  their  infatuation    with Christian radio  broadcasting.

Here is a great source  in obtaining  large amounts of money with little effort and much less chance of detection.

Mistakes from the past have been quickly learned.

Mistakes  involving THE ORAL ROBERTS DECEPTIONS and licensed extortion  . The frauds  this religious disgrace spawned, involving his own family and many others is truly a shameful blight on all that is honest ,decent and virtuous.

In fact, in certain respects, the same frauds are continuing ,only refined to the point of passing legal muster.

just give a listen to the endless drumbeat from the PAT  ROBERTSON SPECTACLE and their demands for twenty dollars donations , from their  viewing audience . And just listen to the lies and planned deceptions from the false testimonies ,of  those who immediately became wealthy after so doing! 

It’s just another get rich scheme that Gypsies perfected thousands of years ago.

 The list is endless of petty ,mean spirited  con-men ,who have become incredibly wealthy at your expense, Dear Christian.

Some of recent success, is the incredibly deceptive REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK .

 While pretending that without an increase in incoming donations they might have to go off the air ,depriving their radio audience with yet another rendition of “AINT GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO LONGER,” 


They now want TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to spread their radio broadcast network further into the  homes of the easily fooled.

It would be hard to catalogue all their lies and scam tactics  ;suffice it to say  ,that the corrupted station manager and CRAIG  MATTSON ,the one man show at RBN, can both lie with a 


Those who operate in the shadows, such as IAN TAYLOR and  KEN  HAM and the demonic gang at VCY AMERICA do not deserve a penny from anyone under any circumstances. SUPPORTING RBN SIMPLY ASSURES THESE JERKS WILL BE ON THE AIR THAT MUCH LONGER!


 whereby their   guests and assorted stooges get to push their drivel and poorly written books on a stupid listening audience and kick back what they would have otherwise had to pay for advertising to the incredibly criminal minded,,, VIC Eliason,,, and his Neurotic daughter ,MRS INGRID SCHLUETER!

In fact the only reason to listen to any of these fine professional swindlers is to learn how they successfully operate and take advantage of the stupid in their  listening audience.

 And in  order to better defend yourselves!

The only other reason I can think of is for the entertainment value ;especially when they open their phone lines to the deranged sounding listening audience.

   Some of those who call themselves PASTORS are especially delusional sounding. It’s entertaining for sure!




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