My Dear Christian Folk:   The lure a Political Science class offers  to the more motivated college  freshman and new incoming  students is hard to resist.

The prospect of a career in government seems worthwhile.  Where else can one be part of the machinery that controls much of what we do ,influences much of the way we think,    can determine  our very destiny as human beings  ?  Nowhere but in government.

The idea of making a difference in the lives of others  ;or  just giving  vent to our inborn desires to rule over others ,even in  some  minimal  way, is too  strong to pass up.

And so the registration begins and   classes  quickly fill up.

At some point ,the instructor will begin the usual invocations  and sacrificial offerings in support of the Two-Party system . He will  likely describe in reverential tones the exceptional beauty of this political creation and how well it has worked for America ,these last two hundred years or so.

 His goal ,and quite reasonable ,is to acquaint his audience with the blessings of the American system  ;whether he personally  believes  his own rhetoric  is another question.

 His job is to prepare his students for government service ;and the bare minimal requirement  is to understand   how government functions,how elections are carried out ; and most importantly the basic tripartite division  of powers theory , functioning within   a two hundred year old constitutional framework .

And if he can convince them of all this  ;he will  go on  into more theoretical stuff ,about the Rights of  Man, responsibilities and duties   ,and possibly throw in something from Plato’s republic.  

All that, if the students are motivated and the professor can keep them awake . Big if!

What he  won’t get into are the systemic flaws  of  the two-party system . .He can’t do that.  He would be inviting disaster. What else would he have to motivate the class?  What else holds   the promise for a future participation  in the vital organs   of government ,by the bland ,insipid, mediocre at best ,eager to begin their own personal  ‘Reign of terror”. Only the two-party system,  American style.

The politicians  owe their existence to the same system ;this more than anything precludes any honest evaluation  or  analysis of  what has  been billed as American  exceptionalism in the political sphere of human governance.

The subject is taught with the  conviction that the two-party system, acts as an  extra layer of oversight in the political process. The party out of power keeps an eye out for weaknesses in the party in power . Competition becomes keen between the parties,each one trying to out do the other in benevolence towards their subjects ,and thereby improving the lot of the average citizen.

Ultimately the people vote for the party platform that best serves their interests and there’s no where else to go, but up!

 The glib professorial types   ,with royal demeanor ,prepare yet another highly impressionable group of students ,to fall in line with the accepted thinking . 

 To believe    this  system  ,more than anything, has led to the highly prized creation of the  glorious State ;blinded by rhetoric , to the monstrosity  it really is ;never connecting the salaries these royal idiots receive with the subject matter they teach.


 Only an ignoramus would believe this imbecility .

If this explains America’s success ,what accounts for its tremendous failures throughout its history?

The two-party system has held sway in America from its inception. Nothing else is more deserving of blame!

Which of the two parties has been able to offer a plan that insures the soundness of American  currency, and the savings accounts of the American people ?

Given the astronomical increase in the debt  level ,and  expansion of the money supply ,it would take a true miracle ,surpassing the “feeding of the five thousand” to believe that the  savings accounts of the workers and the thrifty ,will ever provide a decent living for their families and themselves in the  future.

Why   is there  little difference in the attitudes of either party in  matters of fiscal responsibility?

Where is the voice of the people in such matters ;proclaimed and represented  by all the cheap politicians in Congress ,when it comes to fiscal integrity and securing the livelihood of the people?

If the party out of office provides the needed remedy ,why have they failed in delivering any relief to the average ,hardworking ,thrifty  citizen?

What a worker earns now will hardly provide him or his family with the means to live a decent,moral life in accordance with Christian principles.It will not provide a decent education,safe and secure housing ,medical services; but in fact will cause a return to a primitive state of barbarism that can only be seen in certain third-world countries.

Why have  American jobs been exported with nary a concern for the families,especially the children, now deprived  of  a decent education and a moral Christian upbringing.

 What accounts for the downward spiral of our cultural and religious life in society?

What accounts for the decline in the number of small ,family owned farms in America?

Which of the two parties has ever in their history   provided a sense of parity and security to those who work the soil and provide sustenance to the people.?

What accounts for the moral decay in Public Service?

John Edwards , Sanford and  Son ,or the jackasses  who fell for  Chiquita  banana and the new age mistress of mystery  are only a tiny indication to the depth of moral depravity and decay that predominates in the    inner sanctum of political power. 

 The utter hypocrisy of these two-party swindlers cries out to the heavens,when proclaiming the blessings of a totally color-blind society in racial matters ,yet break out in a sweat to increase funding for Affirmative Action programs, racial set aside grants, minority community programs based on race and government contacts for minorities  ,not subject to normal bidding practices. 

We see how the words of a recently celebrated Civil Rights leader go unheeded  ,in his call that people should be judged not by the color of skin,but by character .

We now see how these liars and cheats have pushed this fraud on an  unsuspecting ,fearful public ,with impunity. What can be more in violation of the Sacred writings found in the Constitution than to provide advantage to one class in society at the undeserved expense of another.

But what difference does all that make to a gang of political criminals who are driven by the Jewish Whip?

What intrinsic value can be found in politics as usual, if one merely looks back at America History and sees that the Civil War ;fomented in no small part by the conceit and criminality of those in power ;seated according to party affiliation and putting greedy economic interests over the blood and spirit  of America’s best families  and most treasured people  this nation ever possessed.

The Civil War, despite the highly prized two-party system,failed to prevent the idyllic  American pastureland from being turned into a charnel house of unheard of proportions.

The Congress on both sides of this tragic dispute ,merely took their seats according to party and geographic lines and as the gods of Mt. Olympus looked down at the slaughter on the plains of ancient Troy ,and delighting in the heroics of those in mortal combat ,so did these corrupted and evil ,duly elected representatives of the people. 

   Today’s current situation is no less tragic ,that a great nation should fall so low. That it should allow itself to be intimidated by professional extortionists operating as the Congressional Black     Caucus..At the same time denying the same direct representation  for  those of European American Ancestry.

This nation is divided as never before  ;only the rate of decay is slower and far more incremental ,as to be less obvious.

 What has been at  the root cause of this dire situation?

For some it remains a riddle , but I firmly believe the  key to its solution can be seen in the clear fact that neither one of the two-parties in America ever criticizes the JEWS!

 Herein lies the answer to its incredible failure. The two party system in the U.S. is the greatest failure ever experienced by any one nation in the entire  civilized world.

The total inability of the two-party system to protect America’s vital overseas interests will  drain the blood from this nation’s youth as assuredly as the blood letting at Gettysburg and  Bullrun.

The cowardice and treason on the part of every member of congress will  result     in  total subservience to foreign  interests .

This  is so obvious ,even a blind person can see the total collapse of America ‘s interests in the middle-east to the international Cabalists operating under the guise of a concerned political lobby . And there are hundreds of political action committees threatening and buying influence of every single Senator and  Congressman in WASHINGTON D.C.!

The Jewish political action groups spend their money well!

On the home front ,every independent minded ,decent Christian organizations and Churches     are frightened  beyond belief by the likes of JEWISH GROUPS such as THE ANTI- DEFAMATION LEAGUE,BNAI BRITH ,and the ever present A.C.L.U.!

The Jews fight on two  fronts,foreign and domestic ,and in both parties. So much for equal protection under the law ,and the breaking of ties with foreign powers!

Interesting how Jews claim to be loyal Americans but cringe at the thought of relinquishing their ISRAELI citizenship ,which is an automatic right for every Jewish person in America to enjoy.

This allows them to vote in Israeli elections ,usually for a candidate with  an  anti-American agenda and at the same time these very same Jews influence American politics to their political and financial advantage.They have it both ways.

The Jews sell out America’s freedom to big international finance,and with their influence in Congress ,stall any progress in areas of international cooperation,holding over the heads of the people endless wars ,endless  bloodshed.

The gravest of sins on the part of  this  enemy of all mankind is the endless drive to poison the blood of this nation’s youth in accordance with the principles of JEWISH MARXIST INTER-RACIAL DATING AND THE MISCEGENATION THAT INVARIABLY OCCURS!


And yet no one dares question their motives. No one dares to address the treacherous situation involving the  Israeli political action committees operating in the U.S. with impunity ,threatening and blackmailing our duly elected representatives.

No one dares to even discuss the monopoly Jews enjoy  in the American media ,and their dominance in the popular culture ;

as if they had a divine right to control the most important  feature

of our national  identity. Their  control of  Hollywood and the dissemination of  ninety percent of all pornographic materials by  

members of this humanistic, religious community is of no interest ,to our illustrious guardians of democracy.

The inability and utter weakness of our political parties to deal effectively with the corrosive influences of these maggots can be traced to the shameful fact that in our free and fair elections the candidates rely on the jewish money bags for funding ,and money is promptly channeled to those  candidates most favored by these parasites.  So much for liberty and  justice for all!


Unless and until we resolve  the Black racial conflict and the Jewish problem in America ,no  solution to any other problem we may have ,will ever be found.   The solution to these  two issues  is  essential if we are to survive as a free people.

If we continue enduring this’ crown of thorns’ we will only see the further destruction to our Christian values ,our family structure ,the deterioration of our finances and the  loss of our savings and pensions.Our freedom itself.

It must be said that in the final analysis all we care about is our own people.

All we wish to possess ,all we need is just ourselves.Nothing else matters . All we dare to claim is what rightfully belongs to us  ;our families, our schools ,which we bought,built and paid for, our homes and the right to live in  clean safe  neighborhoods, our savings,our houses of worship , and the only symbol we will ever raise :the Cross and nothing else..

 My Christians , It took the blood of countless regiments to secure the boundaries of this country and to tear from the hands of barbarism the lands we now possess. Do we not owe those who sacrificed their lives for   posterity  at least a defense  for what they died for?

If the criminal politicians who work for and are driven by the Jewish whip, refuse to surrender to us what rightfully  is ours ,then let the Immortal Christ,who gathers the clouds, bear witness to our  claims ,and let Him decide as to :what belongs to whom.

But if we, who built this nation, are so despised by the enemies of Christ and their cowardly   stooges in Congress and are determined to take even this  from us ,then so be it!

Let them take   everything we have.

Take even the clothes off our backs ;If we are so unworthy that we deserve nothing ,then only give us  THE SOIL UNDER OUR NAKED FEET!

And so from this only, we will rebuild our lives, we will  provide a decent , God fearing civilization for our posterity.

My Christian Folk:  We wish no one ill will. We harbor no animosity towards any other ethnic  community or  group professing a true religion. We cannot abide those who use the cover of religion to mask their evil intentions to control and dominate a country that was never theirs to begin with.

  We  are not racists!  But nor are we an inferior people.It was the hard work of countless millions  of  European Americans whose industry ,thrift and invention , that civilized this continent and created the conditions that allowed for the future preservation of all those that were to follow.

Was that all for nothing ?Did all that occur only to provide a  hospitable  environment to all those who live off the hard work of others?  How long can we continue providing   the corrosive ,parasitic elements eating away at this nation’s vital organs free access to the  minds ,bodies  and  the very souls of our youth ?

We must live free from the parasitic blood poisoners of our people ,free to raise children that reflect the image of God and not something half-way between man and ape!

..The two party system cannot help us now or in the future.

The only solution is to conduct all your charitable giving and all your patronage to only those who are best able to guarantee your survival in this world of eternal struggle.  Only support those who represent your own nation,your own tribe,your own clan and never betray your own family.

Judas betrayed Christ and he received his reward. Stay united ,stay faithful to our sacred cause!


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