My Dear Christian Folk:    The Christian community in America faces a clear choice. It either continues on the same road  enduring the same victimization    as before  ,or it can choose something better.

It can choose to continue   using  the Christian Faith   as  an opiate, a narcotic   ;to mollify and ameliorate the traumatic effects the real world can inflict upon it,or it can  turn the dynamic teachings of the Gospel of Christ into  something positive.The choice remains clear.

 One glance back  into the life of one of America ‘s iconic religious figures , Oral Roberts ,  indicates how tragic and pathetic has been the Christian community’s  love affair with the whole world of smooth talking ,charismatic, religion hustlers.

As we move into the twenty-first century and find ourselves in the midst of a fast paced hi-tech revolution ,and simultaneously experiencing a more complex life as a result, the need to find meaning and purpose in life becomes all the more desperate.

This has  prompted some to revert back to a   simpler life ,to a  time when one did not criticise or analyse claims made by those  in the Christian religion business ,attempting to promote religious practice  ,or matters pertaining to the Gospel of Christ.

 The end result has been a renewal of those claiming to speak out of mystical or psychic powers that God has given to them  as a gift.

 This is no true Christianity, but simply a return to a primitive faith system that can only be viewed as superstition.

The moral,legal and ethical questions involved ,simply go unheeded ,while a  Hollywood style  backdrop unfolds ,casting everything in a shroud of DISNEYWORLD  fantasy.

Just take a look at the travesty of the CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL and the egotistical pseudo-psychological presentation of “POSSIBILITY THINKING”  on the part of the highly skilled swindler that created this monstrosity.

Believers of this organized scam are attracted by the razzle-dazzle and the cheap entertainment this enterprise offers ,but it  seldom provides anything  instructive.


The meaning of the  TRUE  GOSPEL, with its admonishments to help the poor and needy  are as rare here ,as they are in the super rich multimillionaire suburbs of Dallas TX.


Who can forget “KEVIN”S HOUSE”? promoted by the now defunct PTL CLUB And the incredibly deceitful, HERITAGE USA.

The truth is Kevin never lived in  the  sumptuous house depicted for T.V. viewers . He was obliged to sleep on a cot in a dingy area  ,designated as OFF -LIMITS to tourists and visitors. DECEPTIVE PRACTICES TO  BE SURE.

Modern televangelists  are at the vanguard in using hi-tech gimmickry, to exploit human feelings  of those suffering a sense of unease,  and  hopelessness ,by providing simple answers to the ageless problems effecting human existence.

  As their popularity increases ,so does their GREED!

And with it ,all sense of decency and honesty fly out the window.

Who now remembers some of the claims made by the now deceased ORAL ROBERTS? Who remembers the  statement he made to his gullible listening audience that HE RAISED THE DEAD!

Or the ridiculous claims made by his conniving and crafty son,RICHARD  ,while in front of the T.V. camera, that he suddenly hears messages from GOD about certain people who have pain or are  suffering disease in a certain part of their bodies ,and claims to heal them through prayer and mental telepathy.

All this followed by letters of testimony confirming all such healings claimed by the clever trickster ;MR RICHARD ROBERTS!

All this nonsense is only matched by the insatiable greed these vultures have for the  cash  remaining to be fleeced from the stupid and credulous viewing audience.

Who can forget the con-job The   MASTER SWINDLER pulled off back in 1987 when Oral announced  that God had given him a deadline and unless eight million were donated by  his idiotic followers  ,GOD WOULD KILL HIM!


This is the scam artist who claimed to have seen a nine hundred  ft. high figure of JESUS who told him to build a  hospital on his university campus.

And sadly the surrounding community suffered due to this gross stupidity ;already saturated with too many unused hospital beds ,it made the existing medical facilities verge on bankruptcy.

So much for wisdom from on high!

Other religion swindlers practice their own unique  brand of deception as individually as   one changes clothing styles.

Currently, people are tricked daily by a  successful  businessman turned religion hustler: the very one that  inspired JIM AND TAMMY BAKER to branch out on their own T.V. hustle :MR PAT ROBERSTON.

This joker uses some of the same mental telepathy techniques used by the bygone swindlers of yesteryear ;Naming  correctly, ailments , describing prognosis ,claiming to pray for miraculous healing,so hurry up and send in your twenty dollar membership to   his  incredibly    profitable 700 CLUB!

 One of the all time masters in deceit and subterfuge was the outrageous REVEREND PETER POPOFF!

He also was involved in the highly lucrative healing business, excuse me MINISTRY!

Only he, not only identified specific ailments and symptoms ,he also named the Doctors and hospitals that dispensed treatment to those afflicted  ,who had the misfortune of being in his T.V. audience. All the while wandering casually among members of his audience. 

He called this information -THE WORD OF KNOWLEDGE-and it was from GOD!

The truth is amazing, in that it went on for as long as it did.

This low life cheat and run of the mill crook had a tiny receiving device in his ear and using his wife as a willing accomplice , who would furnish him with information  she obtained in the course of normal conversations, with persons in the audience , prior  to the start of the SHOW!

The big question ,aside from the moral ,legal and ethical questions is  -WHAT HAPPENS WITH ALL THE BILLIONS THESE CON-ARTISTS OBTAIN BY FALSE AND ILLEGAL MEANS?-

The greatest percentage is recycled back into expanding their outreach so as to have access to a greater number of potential donors.


Some of them plead for money in order to preach in foreign lands ,by satellite or to fund a hospital or to provide SOLAR PANELS AND RADIO TRANSMISSION TOWERS TO A TRIBE OF PRIMITIVE SAVAGES IN THE SOUTH SUDAN!

 This is an old trick used successfully by some incredibly deceitful radio broadcasters in the Mid-West.

And I’m sure it will be used again and again. The radio listening audience in some ways is far more credulous ,stupid and forgetful  than anything on  CHRISTIAN TELEVANGELISM!

  Other highly skilled pickpockets in the Pseudo-Christian broadcast ministry use the funds collected to support  their own political ambitions  ,or to pay anti-abortion clinics to remain open .

 Listeners are encouraged to send SEED MONEY from which they can reap a rich financial harvest . All these claims are backed up with a series of validating testimonies from those who were sufficiently duped and confirmed by the organizers of this scam .

In some cases cheap jewelry is offered in return for a sizeable donation . Often artifacts such as handkerchiefs with miraculous healing powers are given as an inducement to give money.

By way of internet and tremendous mailing campaigns   ,these jokers reach out each month by way of letter [personalized by computer] in order to reach millions of new potential donors.


Along with appeals for funds ,there are ads  inserted ,  by which useless and poorly made CD.S and DVD.S and tapes are sold for huge profits.

  The costs involved in these high pressure letter writing campaigns ,the salaries of their staffs and employees ,to the professional letter writers themselves, are all underwritten by the millions in donations the stupid and gullible listening audiences send in.

What usually escapes the casual eye, is the stark truth, that the vast majority of funds received by these  blood-suckers go  to supporting the extravagant life styles of these parasites.

Who knew about the million dollar mansions owned by JIMMY SWAGGERT?

Who knew about the wealth the ORAL ROBERTS family accumulated during their criminally  theatric  ,healing ministry?


And this criminality continues unabated by his criminal minded sons and daughter- in laws.

The list is endless and the indictments could reach the heavens ,as a TOWER OF BABEL  of  the conniving ,criminal minded predators who walk among the naive and credulous  in THE CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY. 

All that applies to those who operate their scams and con-games in front of a CAMERA ,apply  just as much to those who by deception and fraud have been given licence to speak to the general public  by means of RADIO TRANSMISSION.

These frauds who operate throughout the country under various names and disguises are simply smaller versions of what takes place nationally by CRIMINAL MINDED TELEVANGELISTS.


 These  jokers, pretending to have intimate knowledge of various field of study, attempt to make their idiotic  presentations as entertaining and  controversial as  possible.

The key to their success is in keeping you as a loyal listener and slowly creating a sense of credibility in the minds  of their easily deceived listening audience .

This is how they make their money.

The more you begin to depend on them ,for information they brainwash you into thinking is vital for your physical, and spiritual well being ,the more obligated you will come to feel in supporting them financially.

If anyone should be independent thinking enough to question their idiotic positions, they would see that they are usually wrong most of the time!

 Their  goal is to appear as credible as possible. That’s the reason they can never tolerate an opposing point of view to be heard by their national audience.

Depending on  where in the country you reside ,some of the cleverest gang of pseudo-Christian Radio Broadcasters anyone can ever hope to find on the  BROADCAST  DIAL is the RBN network operating out of PENSACOLA ,FLORIDA …This gang of thieves has a con that just won’t quit.

 Their  incredible skill , used  to  mask their intentions to defraud  the audience by means of  playing carefully chosen renditions of OLD  COUNTRY GOSPEL music that appeals to the silver haired crowd.

This is not for love of  the  genre of music, but  in anticipation that the little old ladies and seniors generally ,best acquainted with these songs ,will respond  to their demands for money.

The big hope on the part of these vultures at RBN [PENSACOLA] radio is for some of  the  naive and ‘sentimentally off cue’.. among the  dying and deranged will WILL THEM THEIR ESTATES!

Why do you think these swindlers are constantly playing-“AIN’T GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO LONGER ”  ,I”M GETTIN READY TO MEET THE SAINTS” ?

And many other twilight renditions of basically ” nothing more to live for hymns ” ;SO WHY NOT JUST HAND IT OVER TO THE MONEY GRUBBING BASTARDS AT THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK[PENSACOLA,FLORIDA!

These  jokers are hardly able to  hide the fact that they work hand in glove with the Jewish moguls in the Communication media ,without whom they would have long ago lost  their license to broadcast!

So much so ,that they should rename their NETWORK ,FROM REJOICE  BROADCAST to  : THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK! 

Yes ,THE RE-JEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK is more as to what they are really all about.

 But it doesn’t stop here.  These racketeers at RBN  provide airtime to another bunch of GYPSY FLY BY NIGHTS ,known as THE VCY AMERICA ASSOCIATION OF FREE WHEELING CHARLATANS AND RABBLEROUSERS .

You have to listen to the radio call-in program called CROSSTALK to believe the extent of this fraud and public nuisance. Here they operate as a three way operation and clever scheme, involving three co-hosts manning the microphones and filling the audience with vital information.

 It hardly varies from day to day. Here these incredibly ignorant scam artists take pleasure calling women who in desperation had an abortion and referring to them as murderers . They go to great effort, convincing the idiot audience for their love and concern for the unborn fetus but casually refer to the slaughter of PALESTINIAN CHILDREN IN GAZA AS MERELY COLLATERAL DAMAGE!

Christians who may differ with them for  their love and concern for the unborn fetus are routinely called heretics and apostates on the road to hell fire.

All this with one purpose;To get their ratings up and to accomodate the twisted thinking of their long list of fellow swindlers who periodically visit with them on the air and gain access to the unsuspecting and less astute in their audience. 


The so called guests are in fact fellow charlatans promoting anything from  an idiotic website or an article or book they may have written.

Let’s not  forget all the fraudulent charities and non-existent overseas mission operations they are allowed to sell to the gullible audience.

Yes, those who control a microphone and have access to a stupid ,uneducated group can easily gain access to their money!

 For many of you MY DEAR CHRISTIAN FOLK,This is nothing new.

You are well aware of  the  depths certain con artists  of  the  airwaves such as ;CRAIG MATTSON, and his corrupted station manager, the  professional liars at VCY AMERICA ,selling their useless books and bible tracts etc. have stooped to and engage in,so as to live off of other people’s earnings.

What for us Christians should be the noblest of activities;CHARITABLE GIVING TO HONEST CAUSES ,


use on a daily basis to take advantage of the stupid and less astute in their respective audiences.

The only solution is to never believe anything you hear them say. Always assume that whatever scheme they are involved in or whatever they are promoting is a FOR PROFIT MOTIVE!

The music you hear from the turntables of MR CRAIG MATTSON is just a cloak behind which they gain access to the CHRISTIAN EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS many vulnerable people in their audience have and so attempt to take unfair advantage .

Never fall for the MUSIC, or the rhetoric, It is all pre-planned theatrics. In fact CRAIG MATTSON would do well to pay  for some acting lessons and move to HOLLYWOOD!

MUSIC means nothing, and says nothing, about the integrity of the performer or the ones behind the scenes ,making money off the sentimentality it produces in the minds of the naive.



 We need an honest Christianity ,we need a useful religion that promotes the conditions that can guarantee our survival as a viable Christian community .We need a straight forward profession of belief that is free of mysticism and superstition.

We need a Christianity that cultivates the natural order of things and is free of prudery and hypocrisy.

  We need a faith community that organizes its members in the struggle against immorality and is not afraid to point at the international jewish maggots that have polluted our nation with pornography and depravity in the popular culture.

We need to demand a revival in PUBLIC LIFE and to rebuild America to reflect God’s image and properly deal with our criminal politicians who have succeeded in turning this once great country into a playground for JEWISH PORNOGRAPHERS,BLACK PIMPS AND ALL OF THEIR JEWISH  WHORES!

Stay united and we will defeat the  enemy of all mankind!


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