My Dear Christian Folk:    All honest scientific discovery has  a spiritual expression.  As long as man has a  conscience and an appreciation of the infinite beauty existing in nature ,he will  ever  yearn to discover meaning and purpose hidden deep within the surface of all he surveys.  

 This in fact has been a major impetus for all who dedicate themselves to the study of the natural world.  They do so not to deceive others, but to enlighten their fellow-man.

The search for truth is its own reward.

 The never ending search for scientific truth has not limited religious belief, but in fact has only served to enhance it.

On the occasion that conflict arises between Religious doctrine and scientific truth ,it is religion that must yield.

If by chance some fool theologian claims that with intense  prayer and fasting a true believer can defy the laws of gravity ,would any  sane person accept his challenge ?

If some idiot fundamentalist, claiming to stand  on  Biblical Promises  were to pick up a COBRA and  to dangle it in front of his face ,would that be an acceptable Christian practice?

If  a deranged member of THE PENTACOSTAL movement  ,writhing on the floor,screaming in a manner only  witnessed  in an insane asylum ,and foaming at the mouth, were to explain that he was under the influence of THE HOLY SPIRIT and the insanity you just witnessed was  the Biblical injunction

-to not forbid the SPEAKING OF TONGUES -,would any rational person accept this explanation?  

  When eternal nature who zealously guards her many secrets is forced to reveal but a few ,it creates in the mind of all rational thinking Christians a sense  of order and purpose in God’s creation. 

 In this world of reason ,there is no room for the irrational mind of superstition to take root.   To a true  Christian ,this promotes the praise and  wonderment  he already retains within his consciousness for the infinitely powerful God ,he routinely claims to worship.

But who can explain the positions taken by seemingly rational sounding individuals in their  attempt  to discredit what has been settled science for well over a  century? Namely ;THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION.

Why would normally well-intentioned parents withhold vital medical attention from their dying children ,on  religious grounds ,following   the  biblical injunction ,to- “PUT  ONE’S TOTAL TRUST IN THE LORD’  ?

The primary reason why people do these things  is because at some point in their lives they fell under the influence of  unscrupulous ,deceiving ,and criminal minded individuals,posing as pastors ,ministers of the Gospel,or dedicated,God-fearing preachers of the WORD!

 And they number in the millions!

And they,the deceived,  do not have the intellectual wherewithal to defend themselves and to see these  religious scam artists for the parasites they  are!

  The average Christian hesitates to question anyone who claims a self ordained authority to preach or discuss spiritual matters.

 This has led to an incredible dumbing down of all those who for whatever reasons cannot think independently.

You see this in mainstream churches ,on the part of those who claim a certain expertise in  HOLY SCRIPTURE.

Listen to your average BAPTIST preacher  talk authoritatively  about the importance of maintaining  the literal interpretation  of the six-day creation narrative , yet  the jackass  doesn’t know the difference between ..RED WINE AND WELCH’S GRAPE JUICE!

Listen to clever and scheming scam artists talk about the idiocy of EVOLUTION ,when they have never taken a single course in it’s study or in BIOLOGY for that matter.

 Listen to hypocrites such as MRS INGRID SCHLUETER [LADY BOO-HOO] talk about the dreaded ABORTION issue in America ,on her incredibly deceptive CROSSTALK PROGRAM she produces  everyday.

When a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother ,and if the mother is her own daughter ,then she can tell us how awful  trimester abortion procedures are. –

Then let’s see if she advises her own daughter to just” do GOD’S WILL “and slowly die ,slowly bleed ,screaming all the way.

In the meantime ,DEAR INGRID,- keep your stupid hypocritical ,neurosis induced  declarations all to yourself !

INGRID is just one of three co-hosts that operates from the studios of VCY AMERICA ,based in MILWAUKEE.

This gang has been cleverly swindling and inducing   stupidity onto  their   very gullible listening audience for decades ,and  getting away with it!

The way to see through all the convoluted idiocy these folks present  and push  on the public everyday ,is to look beyond what is being presented.

To debate these idiots point for point would serve no purpose.

The majority in their listening audience cannot understand what they do not know.

It would be hard to fault them for  believing only what is convenient and comfortable .

If believing in a “six-day creation” narrative makes sense to them ,how can you change their minds ?

If the  majority of the credulous in their radio audience find it difficult to read a PHONE BOOK or are embarrassed to read a BEDTIME STORY to their children or grandkids for lack of reading skills ,how  would  they be able to grasp the subtleties of human evolutionary biology?  

 The best way to deal with these swindlers is to drop the idea that they are interested in providing you with some insights into subject matter ,not covered in the everyday media.

A true Christian must endeavor to see them for what they truly are,for what they  only  want from you.

This becomes apparent to those who have ears that can hear and have the intellectual independence to analyse their words and craftily devised statements ,they cleverly assemble everyday they are on the CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST DIAL.

What motivates them  all is the very simple to understand desire to live off of your generosity. THAT’S IT!  THERE’S NOTHING MORE TO IT THAN  GREED AND THE ACCUMULATION OF WEALTH THAT MAY ALSO ALLOW POLITICAL POWER TO ACCRUE TO THE BOTTOM LINE.

Wealth usually leads to  political power ,just as political power leads to the creation of wealth. ONE  DOUBLE YOKE EGG ,BOTH POISONOUS!

The way they accomplish this is to expand their broadcast  network ;adding stations and increasing their popularity with the Christian,stay at home public.

This is a competitive business ,radio is ,and so the  more idiotic statements they can squeeze out of the mouths of their  invited stooges  ,the more splash they make and from there the bigger the audience of nit wits. Nit-wits or useful idiots are good,as far as  it concerns their financial interests.

The dumber the audience, the easier it is to gain their financial support, selling them basically useless reading material.

They are careful to only provide charlatans as evil as themselves ,with letters after their names ,or DOCTOR in front. How  else  to impress the jerks in the listening audience.?


These folks ,such as the evil trio at VCY AMERICA have no ideology or beliefs beyond the financial support they thrive on. TIME TO PUT THESE LYING BASTARDS OUT OF BUSINESS!

  This  is equally true for the lying swindlers over at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK, now called the REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK of PENSACOLA FLORIDA!   [RBN]

Here  ,you can listen to a clever theatrical production ,headed by MR CRAIG MATTSON,the one man show operating from the studios of PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE.

Who exactly is MR.CRAIG  MATTSON ,you may ask..

Well here’s a little bio info.


 He basically is a more erudite version of the swindlers from the VCY AMERICA den of thieves. ADDING a lot more in the way of trite and arcane blather to his  con job.

Better to impress the lame brained hicks ,not only in PENSACOLA but throughout the BIBLE BELT….This is best seen with the two creation  theory  scammers that routinely fill the airwaves from WPCS [Pensacola ] RBN network ;Mr. Ken Ham and his fellow criminal minded and  fast talking  side-kick ,the clever IAN TAYLOR. and his deceptive CREATION MOMENTS. a fast two-minute piece of contrived baloney.


If the jokers at REJEWISH RBN network had an ounce of honesty or integrity in their bones would  they subject the listening radio audience with this type of nonsense ?  Knowing as they do that NO INTELLIGENT CHRISTIAN BELIEVES IN A SIX  DAY CREATION!

Not that they know what he’s talking about ,but who cares, it sounds good .  And perception is all that matters with this gang of pickpockets!

Stay clear of them,let them with GOD’S HELP slowly wither away!





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