My Dear Christian Folk:  The word exploitation conjures up varying images depending with whom you speak.

To someone barely getting by on minimum wage ,the word means financial gain and advantage   of  the employer over his workers.

The word   offers   a  different insight when viewed in  a broader   context.

     In the course of  man’s  history ,exploitation was the necessary road for our earliest ancestors to travel on, in order that human progress develop and rise to the  level  it exists today.

Many years before  man was able to tame the horse to pull  the plough , he simply chained a captured slave ,caught in the heat of battle , to provide him with  this most  essential labor.

By so doing the slave allowed his master the time to capture and tame the horse ,the oxen and other beasts of burden ;thereby allowing for his own freedom  ;or  at least a lessening of his    arduous labors.

At some point human organization began to develop. The idea began to emerge that more effective use of one’s own time and efforts could be made, if all those of like mind would work together as a team.

The more cooperation expended on the tasks at hand by  those thrown together by   geography or by common blood ,the more time became available for enhancing the God-given gift of human reason.

The all  essential and   uniquely human attribute , had  as an immediate effect, man’s total dominance  over the animal species and eliminated the never-ending need to protect one’s own family and self from the wild  predatory  beasts of prey.

What man  could not accomplish by flight  or   speed ,  by strength  of  jaw,fang or nail   , he  substituted the work of his hands and mind. And so the spear  was invented,  the poison dart ,the sharpened knife and so on. Man evolved into a clever tool-maker!

  Lodging was built ,leading to settlements that afforded not only protection from the large cats and beasts of prey but from the harsh elements as well.

In time a human culture began to develop and with it the stark beginnings of  religion and the yearning to acquire greater insights  into man’s origins and his purpose in the natural world. –

-If  man  must live in  the world of eternal struggle , then why must he also die ? 

   Is there order in the universe ,if so , how did it come to be ?

The idea that developed  in time ,was that the amenities afforded to humanity by skill and reason allowed for the emergence of the arts ,of religion , poetic expression ,for  song, and written language  ;in  essence   civilization.

And in turn civilization   allowed  for  the progression of human reason to continue ;and in this manner the   process comes full circle. The circle is closed!

Where the word exploitation  engenders a more ominous  connotation  is when this circle of forward motion is broken by the selfish interests of a few individuals or a group   within the larger community.

  Then the  word slowly changes meaning, and for many ,especially those of us in the Christian Faith Community ,it  begins to resemble   TREASON!

 Betrayal and exploitation of one’s own community all run together.

When Judas betrayed his teacher for thirty pieces of silver ,he not only exploited the community of believers  he had  broken bread with ,but also sent his teacher to certain death .

When  clergy and others siphon off  donated funds ,intended to help the needy  ;then this is  not only criminal behavior ,but clearly fits the meaning of  betrayal, treason and the  exploitation of the innocent.

  Sadly ,more often than not ,this is standard practices among   those who take upon themselves the mantle of Christian Missionary.

This affords the unscrupulous and criminal minded in society the opportunity to amass huge fortunes under the guise of Christian care and concern for all those living beyond the scope of God’s truth.

What few  Christians realize is  that anyone can go into the missionary business for varying reasons.

In fact one need not even be a committed Christian ,or  could  even be a Jew for that matter, and still  be involved in Christian charity work.

The reasons are self-evident when one takes into account the lack of oversight into this lucrative money-making business.

Christians love the sound of the word missionary,especially if it only involves the writing of a small check to an organization  promising to remit the funds to promote the  spread of the Gospel  to a primitive and heathen population. 

If  encouragement to donate should be needed ,then a large folder of photos  is  produced , showing the desperate needs ,both spiritual  and physical, of the people  they intend to help.

If the pictures shown are    people or  natives of Africa , so much the better. This now affords the would be donor a chance not only to comply with the Divine Commission  :”to go out to all the world”,but  also an opportunity to relieve any pent-up WHITE GUILT  :whatever that may mean!


An organized missionary enterprise may take as long as they need to maximize their fund-raising efforts.  In this profitable business you won’t find much in the way of fine print or disclaimers.

Nothing that would cause the promoters any legal hassles in the future .

You simply donate your money to them with no strings attached and  with the simple faith and trust that  funds will be administered  to spread the Gospel or whatever other  verbal assurances you were given at the time. 

Whatever they told you at the time  you donated  can never be verified .Years later the same swindlers will be soliciting for the same reasons and to help the same people as when  you first ran into them.

 In the course of studying these professional fund-raisers ,it is often seen that some start out with good intentions and make an honest attempt to help  those in desperate need.

 They may even travel to the intended destination, be it in Africa, Latin America or Asia.

But once there, and after they see that existing conditions are so dire, in that the local politicians would steal any funds or  foodstuffs   in any event, they simply fold their tents and head back home.Before leaving they drop off a few items and leave a small donation at the local mission church ,just to make it look good.

The monies collected become awkward  and the question becomes what to do with all the millions at their disposal.

 Well, some of it re-enters the kitty ,so to speak ,but more often than not huge amounts are deducted for time spent in travel,for any and all inconveniences encountered ,for expenses real or imagined ,in other words they pay themselves huge salaries and bonuses ,for what otherwise is billed to the public as a great Charity undertaking to spread God’s word among the heathen.

And so, one of this country’s biggest and most lucrative rackets goes on relatively unnoticed and unsupervised by anyone other than like-minded charlatans in other fields of Christian benevolence.


Even on the occasion that these missionary scam artists are   forced to reveal the amounts collected and those spent on their advertised purpose ,it shows that only a small percentage ever gets to the primitive savages on whose behalf they collected these huge amounts of money.

 Exploitation goes all the way back to Genesis ,in the GARDEN OF EDEN!

Here ,The creator feels he was exploited by the serpent ,who in turn  exploited Eve by seduction,who in turn exploited her  husband ADAM  ,who felt he was exploited by EVE . And so the circle continues to this very day.

 The ones who best exploit the GENESIS story today are  the  two crafty and criminal minded charlatans that appear daily on  the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK : MR KEN HAM and the deranged MR.


Ken is nothing but a clever pickpocket who simply wants to live off the abject stupidity of the sycophants that follow him around.

IAN TAYLOR may have started out that way but now he has  entered his very own world of self  delusion he helped to create  by peddling his six-day creation pseudo-scientific con game.

He has pushed this nonsense for so long that he now believes his own scam. You can hear it in his voice . You can practically see the drool spilling from the sides of his  mouth.

This often happens with charlatans who get taken in by their own idiotic reasoning and become fascinated by the idea they can live a life of luxury  ;thanks to the gullibility and general ignorance of scientific principles existing in the Christian Community of America.

One listen to KEN HAM will tell you this joker is just a slick businessman exploiting the stupid.

His idiotic :moronic assertions WITH KEN HAM ,heard  daily  on the incredibly deceptive programming from RBN [THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK]

 will convince any decent Christian listener the extent he goes to profit from the ignorance of all those who listen to CRAIG MATTSON and the totally corrupted STATION MANAGER ,over there at the PENSACOLA STUDIOS OF RBN!

 If that’s not enough exploitation listen to the CRIMINAL minded jokers over at VCY AMERICA and the crosstalk program.


 ONE OF THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS IS MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER ,the deceptive hypocrite and double talking fast -buck artist. on the CHRISTIAN RADIO AIRWAVES!

You have been forwarned!


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