My Dear Christian Folk:   The four  Gospel narratives  are as instructive as they are inspirational.   Few Christians,  however ,attempt to connect what they read in these inspired writings with contemporary events,effecting our churches ;our schools,our families ,our nation.

 This clearly represents the major pitfall in  understanding many of the social and religious problems we face today in the U.S.

It’s hard to equate the conflicts outlined in  scripture   occurring between the Founder of the Christian Faith and his enemies among the Pharisees ,and the Jews in general ,with today’s events.

This    is  due to the vast differences existing in culture ,customs and political institutions that existed then and those of today’s  modern society.

But what can be easily discerned, if only Christians made the effort to see ,that the driving force behind the heated ,almost violent disagreements,  Jesus had  with those that opposed his

teachings,  was  fundamentally based on the prevailing hypocrisy  in the ranks of the religious elite;the thievery, deceptions ,lies and the general role  that  money and wealth played in the society of that day.

The question Christians must ask themselves is : how much has really changed today?

 Everywhere one looks today can be seen the same dynamics at play ; those in positions of religious authority taking advantage of those who are ill equiped to defend themselves.

Christianity today simply represents one giant fund-raising operation,designed to make the rich even richer and the poor and less astute more miserable.

If money cannot be raised by a simple appeal for funds then all sorts of crafty devices are employed to swindle the casual Christian .  The ones most easily deceived are those who would deceive others if given the chance.

Hypocrisy ,lies and deceptive practices ,simply convince these folks ,that the same demons residing within themselves ,reside as well in the souls of those claiming to be among the best and holiest.  It can make one feel good and satisfied that the minister or Pastor is just as susceptible to larceny as anyone else.

This could be the reason why the evils produced by hypocrisy, sexual misconduct ,stealing from the Church treasury ; and generally  using Christianity as a means by which one can   live well,  at other peoples expense, are so easily excused and forgiven.

The very contours of New Testament scripture include warnings  about the evils of hypocrisy and money[filthy lucre ]and the devastating effects they have on the people of God.

But hypocrisy is so easily overlooked  when we are deliberately blinded to it, by some very skilled craftsmen in the fine art of religious deception.

 The problem here ,is that the average Christian is too easily distracted by the demands of the day and by lack of training ,required to see and understand it  when hit in the face with it!

A good place to prepare both ear and mind is by listening to some of the highly deceptive CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTERS that peddle hypocrisy and deceit by the truckload everyday.

This is the best way to become sensitive to  the  demonic practices ,that yield huge amounts of money into the coffers of  these incredibly callous individuals,such as :MR .JIM SCHNEIDER and his two other partners in crime over at VCY AMERICA  RADIO STUDIOS ,emanating from MILWAUKEE.

These clowns put on a radio program they fondly call CROSSTALK.   And hypocrisy abounds at every turn.

They routinely bleep out or hang up ,during their call-in segment ,on anyone who even mildly describes body parts or sexual activity in the dialect of the masses ,but  casually discuss in detail subjects involving CONDOMS, FORNICATION,HOMOSEXUALITY, SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES  ..LESBIANISM ,ETC .

  And this “TALK’ is highly encouraged. On a program that bills itself as FAMILY  ORIENTED ,TOPIC DISCUSSION HOUR. !!!

Can you imagine a stay at home MOM ,finishing up with her HOME SCHOOLING PROJECT with her two kids , one nine the other twelve and while listening to  VCY AMERICA ,her daughter and son hear the word CONDOMS.


“What do homosexuals do ? ”  her son may ask ,on hearing these words.


Here ,this poor woman ,trying to shield her two children from the evils of public school education has fallen into the trap of listening to:REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK,A,K,A, THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK ,and their highly prized affiliate THE HIGHLY DECEPTIVE VCY AMERICA INC. It gets complicated ,designed to be that way ,in order to shift the blame around ,if needed!

Now the hypocrisy is simply, when the  depraved and degenerate   

  JIM SCHNEIDER ,the host of the show, uses these word and discusses these  issues ;he pretends   are vital and need  to  be understood ,when in fact  his only motivation is to be a  SHOCK-JOCK!

  BEING A  SHOCK JOCK , is good for their ratings,it increases the size of the depraved in their audience, and makes them even more vulnerable to   sending  them  financial support. Or buying their useless reading material!

This is low down hypocrisy , but what else do you expect from MR. JIM SCHNEIDER  or  from MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER for that matter?

Someone should ask INGRID [LADY BOO-HOO ] what type of health insurance covers her medical bills ? And does it bother her phony Christian sense of morality that others are being deprived of medical attention. Not at emergency centers, but at hospitals that can perform major life-saving operations….

While you ask her ,don’t forget to find out if her policy covers ABORTIONS? If it does ,does she plan to cancel it?

It would be interesting to know!. The truth is that she and her Father,MR.  VIC ELIASON operate

the VCY AMERICA OPERATION as a licence to steal,providing them with a lucrative  source of income.

JIM SCHNEIDER is just the poorly paid in-house stooge ,a sort of get  -n- fetch it!

He has to do whatever INGRID DECIDES!

The ring leader of this gang of fast talking scam artists is the venerable Mr.VIC ELIASON, Now this joker wrote THE BOOK ON DECEPTIVE PRACTICES IN RELIGION!

It would be interesting if someone would ask him to reveal VCY AMERICA’S FINANCIAL CONDITION STATEMENT; so we may know what he does with all the money his fraudulent operation collects from out of the hides of the semi-literate listening audience that he’s been swindling these many decades now?

My Christian Comrades ,nothing will change until you begin to change the way you think of these professional racketeers swindling you every day of the week.

Nothing will change until you start to see them for what they are; The same gang of thieving conniving PHARISEES that sent CHRIST TO THE CROSS!

 What they say with their mouths is not what they believe in their hearts .


This applies to the con-artists over at RBN, Here we are just a few days till march and what ever happened to the SHOVEL READY operation to install a new radio station?

 The silence is deafening!

The craft and very deceptive operatives over at RBN   have to re-invent their fund-raising scams on a daily basis.

They rely on the stupidity and short memories of their hill billy audience .

Again I ask ,when will they start the construction of the new radio station they solicited two hundred thousand for?

The truth is ,if anyone was really listening to their carefully planned pitch, was   that  ,no promises were ever made! People calling in or the general public did not really know whether the money they were demanding was for ground breaking,or to lease the station they were crowing about, or whether it was for salaries [probably] or if there even was a legitimate radio station in the offing.

Was it to make a bid ,to hire a crew to begin construction or was one standing ready to operate?

 Again they revealed nothing,because the truth was  , this was just a cheap low life pitch to make some easy money!

They learned this from their deceptive cheating religion hustler at VCY AMERICA that made a fortune soliciting funds for transmission towers,solar panels to   provide cheap electricity for radio broadcasting and so on.

Remember,my dear Christians ,the deceptive practices of all those who engage in missionary work,especially in AFRICA. Where no one will  ever be the  wiser.

THIS IS BIG BUSINESS FOLKS: THIS IS BEST KNOWN by cheap hustlers such as Mr. CRAIG MATTSON who pretends he doesn’t know what’s going on!

THIS GUY IS AS GUILTY AS SIN!  He profits the most from this religion swindle you hear on a daily basis on RBN!


If you think the ALMIGHTY will look kindly on them or YOU for that matter ,I believe you are sadly mistaken.

You will share their fate in the BLACK FLAMES OF ETERNITY if you continue allowing these judases and clever flesh-eating vultures to prosper at the expense of GOD’S TRUE RACE AND PEOPLE!

Stay true to the true faith, Remember GREAT LENT  BEGINS ,when the sadistic Jews began to plot the murder of JESUS CHRIST IN ALL SERIOUSNESS.

Will you defend HIS CROSS?

or will you side with His enemies both inside and outside the CHURCH?

Until and unless humanity rids the world of the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE,The JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE will rid the world of humanity!


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