“She pinned a napkin o’er his face,…And pinned it with gold pin,….Then called for a vessel of gold ….to catch his heart blood in..To catch his heart blood in….”

My Dear Christian Folk:     These words from the    poet Chaucer best exemplify the slow and deliberate RITUAL KILLING of an entire people ,currently taking place in GAZA and in the  West Bank of  the Palestinian territories.

The Palestinians who are fighting for the most cherished thing a people   can  possess  :their freedom,their independence ;are being mercilessly driven off their homes,their farms ,their towns and cities in order to allow their  Jewish oppressors  additional real-estate ,additional Lebensraum.

This is old news ,but what still remains baffling is how  many in the Church and in the Christian Community generally have enlisted in this completely unholy crusade to destroy an entire ethnic community,a race of people     that never harmed anyone.


What exactly are the Palestinians fighting for besides their homes and orchards ,their schools and mosques ?


The answer is something that few Christian  Americans understand  ;they are  fighting for their human dignity ,to live as people with integrity.  To regain the respect of their children who  too often have  seen the humiliations suffered by their parents at the hands of their jewish tormentors. 

This is old news.. The fact that many Christians seem to relish and enjoy witnessing the ordeal inflicted on a brave and courageous  community ,is an indication as to how  perverted and clouded  ,the thinking and sense of moral understanding ,residing in the heart ,mind ,and soul of the Body of Christ.

This understanding may well produce a new realization in the faith Community,  and bring about a much needed sense of repentance. It may well help to bring about the reordering of our priorities and hopefully a respite in the ongoing slaughter of the innocent  in Palestine. 

 Shame on all those who support the enemies of Jesus Christ and still call themselves Christians!


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