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“Art not thou also one of this man’s disciples”?

March 30, 2010

My  Dear Christian Folk:    During the final hours in the life of Christ ,we read of an act of betrayal and one of supreme denial.

 Both events  appear to us in their reading  as being incomprehensible ,until we  separate the two and see them in  a  spiritual context ,and in their intended meaning for us today.

The main difference in these two acts of infamy  is that the  three-time denial of Christ  by Simon Peter was based on pure fear for his life. Crucifixion was not an easy  way to die.   The spur of the moment accusation on the part of Caiaphas’ chambermaid must have rattled this otherwise stalwart among the disciples.

Judas held the purse. And herein lies the difference. Judas felt as he had been betrayed ,following Jesus for about three years ,and then realizing that he had nothing to show for it ,but maybe callous feet. 

His realization that Jesus had a death wish did not exactly fit into his perception of what a Messiah should be.

Why follow a loser ?    The party was over ,Judas thought, so why not make a few bucks in compensation for the dire disappointment and the lost time. 

 Thirty pieces of silver from the  Pharisees  hardly provided recompense  ,but it was more than anyone else was offering. And so he took the money and betrayed his teacher, his leader. THE MONEY IS THE DIFFERENCE!

But what Judas represents in scripture is more than just a  false disciple ,calculating   his best interests,  what  Judas Iscariot represents is  the JEWISH NATION IN TOTO . 

 The very name JUDAS   is name specific  in its connotation and applies to THE JEWS ,or the  people of Judah.  Judas is a  scriptural ” type “,linked to prophecy ,that the Jews would first  betray their own king and then have Him murdered.

   The prophetic imagery doesn’t end but comes down to us today in its many and varied forms.

How many today in the Churches have been denied and betrayed by the  false disciples  in positions of leadership?

How many Christians today have been denied help and assistance during  these difficult days by the weak and cowardly pastors and ministers claiming to represent the BODY OF CHRIST?

How many in the CLERGY have consorted with THE ENEMIES OF JESUS CHRIST for pay and profit as did JUDAS ISCARIOT two thousand years ago?

 If you were to  simply analyse the facts as they are ,the truth would be  unmistakable .

Everywhere you look one sees nothing but treason, greed , immorality,lies and deceptions ,and  a hypocrisy that cries out to the heavens for justice ,and all this ,in THE CHURCH ,in the body of Christ.

Is   there  a  lesson for us today  ?  As Christ allowed himself to be betrayed by a lowlife Jew [ Judas] and humiliated   by his closest confidant[Peter]   who in no uncertain terms ,and in a loud 

boisterous manner denied any knowledge of the one who once called him THE ROCK OF HIS CHURCH   ,so do the traitors

and greedy criminals in the Church ,who come with lying purpose in order to betray and humiliate those in the Christian community of today.

My  Dear Christian Folk:   When  those in positions of church leadership ,or anyone who claims to be  by virtue of the fact that they have access to the eyes and ears  of the Christian

public ,attempts to mislead ,cheat,lie ,steal or otherwise abuse or take advantage of the gullibility existing within that same

community it is in fact the same as betraying  and mocking the Lord during His final hours.

The only way to understand this phenomena is to carefully evaluate everything you see and HEAR, from the mouths of those who attempt to influence your thinking in all spiritual matters.

The control that Christian broadcasters have over the minds of the incredibly naive and unsuspecting in their listening

audiences ,is only one of many avenues of religious connivance that profits from the delusion and stupidity that they spread on a daily basis.

 But here again the blame must be shared by all those who refuse to see things as they truly are and not as hoped for.

 Recently a well know  Christian radio station RBN, [wpcs,  Pensacola] to be exact , once again executed a successful two-day SHARE-A-THON ,–that’s how they like to portray it,and by so

doing pulled the wool over the eyes of large numbers of gullible unsuspecting hayseed type listeners ,believing they were supporting a viable Christian ministry ,a work of the Lord.

  The word MINISTRY infers  a “MINISTER”   ,and are there any ordained ministers involved in the RBN radio station?

Is Craig Mattson ,the leading personality of this pre-recorded radio theatre an ordained minister?

Are  any of those who hustled the audience to call in with their  pledges   ministers of the GOSPEL? 

 In fact the only ones in charge of this preordained swindle  were a clever hayseed sounding bunch of fundraisers ,contracted by the backroom pseudo Christian religion hustlers to pressure the

idiots in their audience to send in as much as could be squeezed out of them.

This was cleverly handled by a smooth talking gang of con artists known in CHRISTIAN RADIO CIRCLES as CALEB AND THE MOONSHINE BOYS!

These jokers are crafty and clever.  Employing stooges and shills to call in with a pledge and a challenge for others to  pledge  the same amount and offering to double the original pledge if the  intended amount was reached  within a thirty minute time frame.

What the morons listening  do not realize is that all these pledges followed by a conditional challenge ,are as phony as the  day is long.

An anonymous pledge by a donor somewhere in the audience can never be believed, especially since a PLEDGE is just that,a pledge : it can be  cancelled at any time.

What decent Christians need to understand is that when calls for donations are made by these RADIO SCAM ARTISTS , and money is taken out of the community of the faithful ,it means that the local churches will receive that much less for the year. 

It means that local churches that have a  TRUE MINISTRY ,trying to  meet the real needs of their communities   recovering  from the effects of the economic downturn ,will have that much less money to operate and to help the truly needy.

 But the money that does wind up in the wallets of these professional pick pockets will be used to promote the  immorality and the whoredom that thrives on these double talking swindlers ,right there in their local PENSACOLA COMMUNITY.


 and his whiskey boys frequent and patronize when the public’s back is turned.

These are the jokers all of you credulous types support with your hard-earned money!

Usually at the end of one of their many PLEDGE DRIVES,  Caleb and  the boys ,head for their favorite HIGH END  sea food

restaurant  [private dining area] and order LOBSTER and crab and all the best seafood that PENSACOLA HAS TO OFFER ,those with the  money that is.  

 This is where they unwind from another hectic two-day fund-raiser ,and having met their goal ,they can now relax and congratulate themselves for another job [swindle] well done!

Drinks all around, and the best  for THE BOYS and all the hired female help that facilitated the con-job with their cutesy,folksy  Southern twang . So much better to trick the jerks in their audience.

And of course ,for all  money sent in to them they will profusely thank you ,for the next few weeks only ,and then the squeeze begins again.

Many of these Southern dames you hear on RBN are in fact married to wealthy JEWS ,  now if this isn’t AN ABOMINATION ,then I don’t know the meaning of the word!

After the two-day swindle they all head their separate ways ,Caleb and the moonshine boys jump into their pickup trucks or their HARLEYS and go back to shacking   up with the  usual  fun-loving gals that always attend an out-of-town church. SOUND FAMILIAR?

And those deeply concerned  for THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST-Southern babes ,head off to meet their JEW  HUSBANDS AND LOVERS ,waiting with another piece of jewelry . That’s more than they ever got from their former plough-boy husbands, they divorced a long time ago.  


Of course these jokers never get around to explaining where the money collected actually goes. It’s always to meet a deficit or operating expenses. That of course can meet anything!

It really means ENTERTAINMENT EXPENSES.. afterall ,there’s  travel and out-of-town lodging  and expensive dinners and gifts to be purchased for friends and family alike and so on.

Someone has to pay for all this, someone has to RELOAD THE ENTERTAINMENT CREDIT CARD with bucks, and that someone will always be you,my stupid , gullible,easy to swindle AMERICAN fool!

Then CRAIG MATTSON needs to be paid and a BONUS as well, for all the hard work that he does. It’s not easy reading from PROVERBS or giving us the DAILY DILLY BOP!

Then there’s the INCREDIBLE SENIOR CITIZEN Don Smith. This guy has psychic powers ,a  charismatic gift to be sure.  He is the elderly sounding professional actor they hired to give all the

 elderly in the listening audience   an insuring  voice   to calm any suspicions from the OLD FOLKS in their idiotic audience. HE CAN ALSO DIAGNOSE ILLNESSES and  give remedies ,so why  worry about medicare? JUST LISTEN TO DON AND BE SURE TO TAKE HIS ADVICE!

But what about the claims that these southern babes make about CHRIST HONORING PROGRAMMING AND THEIR MUSIC MINISTRY?

 Well we have endless renditions of “AINT GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE  NO LONGER ” and let’s not forget CRAIG MATTSON’S VERY OWN PICK OF THE WEEK: “If I ver a ritz man ya da da da da da da di”

He loves that song!  Very Christ honoring!  don’t make me laugh, In fact listening to REJEWISH RADIO ,RBN ,you will probably do a lot of laughing. SO PLEASE GIVE THEM A LISTEN!

And then again CRAIG loves to play the sounds of BIRDS CHIRPING IN THE MEADOWS,LAMBS BLEATING, COWS MOOING ,all very inspiring,reason enough to give CRAIG HIS BONUS!

My friends ,these jokers are simply making fun of you while they fleece and swindle you out of your money. don’t let them get away with it! 

The only good thing about a pledge drive is that a PLEDGE is not a legal obligation ,so if any of you were dumb enough to make a pledge for God’s sake just cancel it when they start  demanding  payment.

You are under no obligation to comply with their trickery!

If you really want to laugh just call them on the phone and tell them you plan to visit their studios and further explain that you made a PLEDGE and you are now taking them at their word that this makes you one of their PARTNERS!

And as a   FINANCIAL PARTNER you have a right to gain access to the studio grounds and meet with all your other PARTNERS! What a joke these low life jerks play on  the public.

It’s time my dear Christian Faithful to just say NO to all these  money-grubbing vultures and refuse their demands for money.

But they are only one of many pseudo-Christian religion outfits that operate across this country and they vary in their clever outreach and pitches they make .

If you want a little variety just stay tuned to the dial and another clever gang of radio misfits comes  aboard for your LISTENING INSPIRATION. It’s the ever popular CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING

produced in the VCY RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK ,starring the

three gifted scam artists [VIC,INGRID,JIM]….that try to convince you that they are providing you vital information,concerning the welfare of your church,community, family ,nation and so on.

What they  engage in is a lot of banter designed to excite the gullible morons in their vast audience.

Their ultimate goal is to remain popular and so expand their  radio network of lies and deceit and half-truths.

  This is their stock in trade ;the more they expand, the easier it is to obtain loans ;the wider their audience  stupid enough to believe

the incredibly conniving ringleaders of this gang of cheats  ,that they also have a GODLY MINISTRY sic.; the easier it becomes to

demand money from the listeners or sell them useless reading and listening material. And so they grow richer everyday.Thanks again to the abject stupidity of their radio  audience.

Whereas  the average person with a modicum of intelligence can easily see through their  falsehoods and the twisting of facts and  

Bible verses ,tactics they use  on  the easily  duped stooges in the  listening audience ,what goes unnoticed is the mental state of the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF THIS SHOW.

This lady is one of the three co-hosts  and easily draws a crowd with her overcharged  inflammatory rhetoric.

 Now one may wonder whether this is purely theatrics on her part or does this represent something that runs much deeper.?

 My background in psychology leads me to believe that INGRID is dealing with a deep personality problem in her daily life and it manifests itself in the course of her radio broadcasting.

This conclusion is a result of listening to her presentations and opinions over a period of time and it now is clear and evident that

INGRID SCHLUETER [co-host and producer of VCY AMERICA’S CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING] fits the major criteria for a condition known as ; OBSESSIVE compulsive personality disorder with histrionic elements.

 Here are the criteria : A. restricted ability to express warm and tender emotion,unduly conventional,serious ,formal,stingy.

B.  Tendency to be easily slighted and quick to take offense.

C. Social isolation E.G. no close friends or confidants,social  contacts limited to essential everyday tasks.

This is MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER in a nut shell!

Just give her a listen and note how easily she takes offense when a caller disagrees with her ,or  when her audience doesn’t respond at all.

 Recently she invited a true scam artist on her show  posing as a deeply concerned missionary leader to INDIA . 

 When the audience refused to play her game ,having easily seen the con artist for what he was ,she become angry at the audience

for being so brazen as to avoid calling in to her show  to speak  with the  professional scammer and her devoted stooge.

  She expressed her anger by stating :”how dare you not call and speak with my cheat and con artist after I went to the trouble of BOOKING HIM ON MY SHOW”..!Yes ,how dare they….

many in her audience see her for what she is, a demented ,isolated cheat and swindler ,interested in only her own lifestyle of unearned riches ,and the hell with anyone else.

 But should we condemn her ,or simply pity her and recommend she visit a competent analyst? That is the question. I’ll leave that question for YOU to decide!

But please listen to  CROSSTALK ,vcy produced call in talk show ,and you will never be disappointed with the humor and the simpleminded deceit they push on the gullible hillbillies in their audience. 

When the phone lines are opened and you hear the callers and their deranged opinions ,that’s when you realize how truly damaging these jokers are to the mental  health of the CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY at large.


And the swindlers eventually believe their own scam and wind up sounding like DEAR INGRID!




March 24, 2010

 My  Dear Christian  Folk:       One  cannot claim blindness  by simply  refusing to open   the  eyelids.    In many  reported

cases, blindness  can    be  self-induced  ,but what  quite often goes unrealized  or untreated   is when  one refuses to

see things as they truly  are,preferring only to see things as   they  would like them to be. This too is a form of blindness or impaired vision.

If this condition persists long enough and  among large numbers of people, the effects on the general society can be devastating.

In a world where people honored their word this would have less impact ,but reality shows something very different.

 Many  who continue to trust those  in positions of political power have yet to understand the nature of American style politics.

This is clearly evident in the day by day sense of growing frustrations ,that people rightfully feel when they see first hand the connivance and corruption that exist in our system of two-party politics.

The first inclination people have   is to the telephone. When the confusion or heated sense of despair rises up, the average

Christian feels the need to vocalize and tell the double-crossing scoundrels  in Congress ,exactly how they feel.

They usually never stop to think that this emotion clouds their ability to think.  And in fact is being deliberately promoted by

those in the small fry Christian  media   and   their  stooges claiming  to have the best interests of the Christian Community at heart.

The perception here ,is to believe in their sincerity and good will,trusting in their knowledge of the legal framework that  guides   the political battles we witness daily.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

 All it takes is to examine logically, the first thing these self-appointed guardians of THE PEOPLE’S RIGHTS demand people do.   –And that is to call the  Capitol switchboard, and ask to leave a message for your Congressman or representative.

 All that is accomplished is a release of pent-up anger and emotion, and little else.

What goes hidden from view would be enough to forever dissuade a concerned Christian caller from ever again attempting to express their voice of concern in the future.

When a call is made and answered  by either the receptionist or switchboard operator the first thing  they do is to  identify  the caller ,not by name, but by demographic or group.

When they become certain that it is a  CONCERNED CHRISTIAN wanting to vent his opinion ,he is immediately placed on the same list of names with all the other delusional and deranged callers for the day.

This call  may result in   a form letter being issued  from your congressman but  it is common knowledge by those in WASHINGTON, that all calls from THE CHRISTIAN HAPPY CLAPPY CROWD are simply ignored as being part of the large ,unwashed, impotent crowd of hayseeds.


In other words you have allowed yourself to  become an object of ridicule. This is in no small part due to the abject stupidity of the CHRISTIAN CALLERS to the capitol office and their local yokel patterns of

speech,not to mention the lack of knowledge either in the details of the  Bill or legislative proposal at hand or  in  the legislative workings  and political procedures involved. 

All this serves to make THE DAY for all the administrative staff that gleefully delight in the stupid sounding morons ,claiming to be  CONCERNED CHRISTIANS : Born again !

The usual reference the administrative staff reserve for this type of caller is ,ANOTHER BORN AGAIN IDIOT CALLED! and they  all share notes  of all  the  idiotic remarks they hear ,during the course of the day.

 What Christians must begin to understand is that if calling had any impact in the legislative process or if a large number of phone calls regarding a particular issue could make a difference, the professional swindling politicians would never allow it !

If it could work or influence an issue ,they wouldn’t allow it in the first place.

The simple truth is that all the criminal politicians love the fact that their constituency is taking the time to call their office. It means to them that a great deal of STEAM is being released into the cold air.

And this is what they really want and hope for. An electorate that believes the SYSTEM WORKS by allowing them to have input into the political process.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The American people have short memories and are easily tricked every november for them to worry about anything. The tea party is another example of the dumbed down morons getting a chance to exercise their God  given  right to hoot and holler !

If  Christian Americans wanted to really spook the Criminals in WASH.D.C. they would remain  completely silent.

Silence can really be   deafening! SILENCE can be enough to make the criminals in WASHINGTON D.C.

wonder about what exactly the great unwashed proletariat are up to. Silence may in fact give them a chance to reflect on the punishment usually meted out to political criminals and traitors.

 Silence can  create  in their imaginations , the staccato sound of the FIRING  SQUAD,  seem more  of a reality.

The constant rat-tat -ta sound ,at least in their dreams ,just might unnerve them enough  to do  what’s right by the AMERICAN PEOPLE ,whom they have never helped ,but have sworn to serve.

The same holds true for the professional religion hustlers operating in the NATION’S CHURCHES and  behind the microphones of the pseudo-Christian religion BROADCASTERS, such as THE RBN , Pensacola  RADIO SWINDLERS , and their confederates at VCY AMERICA BROADCASTING.

What holds true in the nation’s capitol ,holds true here,

 as well.  The same opinions that are shared by the criminal politicians are also shared by the professional money-grubbing scam artists running the programming at the various broadcast studios ,from coast to coast.


 RBN AND VCY AMERICA ARE JUST TWO OF THOUSANDS OF PROFESSIONAL SWINDLERS ,living off the generosity of all the small town hicks in their listening audience.

Just learn to say NO to all of their phony sentimental calls for you to donate money to their criminal operations.

How do you know what they are doing with all the millions they draw in from unsuspecting,naive thinking idiots all of the country that send them their hard-earned money?

Where in the Bible does it say that a CHRISTIAN IS SOMEHOW OBLIGATED to support the luxury or immoral lifestyles of these pseudo CHRISTIAN hustlers ? So why do all of you still refuse to open your eyes and face reality and if past history is a guide you can readily see just how depraved these BASTARDS can get!

INGRID AND CRAIG AND GORDY AND VIC are names of those who live totally off of your generosity because you refuse to open your eyes and to see them for what they are.

They provide you with nothing but hot air and falsehoods and you wish to reward them for so doing!


What they portray over the airwaves has nothing to do with reality. What do you really know about INGRID SCHLUETER or CRAIG MATTSON or VIC ELIASON?

So why do you take their word for anything?

They in fact are very rich folks ,thanks to your  generosity.

If you want things to change for the better you must start by looking at life in real terms,not how you think CHRISTIANS SHOULD BEHAVE ,but how they really are!


March 23, 2010

My Dear Christian Folk:    Pathetic as it may  seem  ,there is an element of humor in seeing people  making the same mistakes over and over , and    expecting to see a different result ,a different outcome . There is truth in the adage  :”Hope springs eternal”.

People vote for the candidate of CHANGE    and  then cry when they get it.   People pray for God to send a leader and when a leader comes the people say —“WRONG LEADER,TRY AGAIN!”–

Church leaders  condemn abortion ,they condemn sterilization and all forms of birth control and leave the responsibility for the

caring of all the future misfits  and criminals , as well as the  neurologically damaged offspring that are born as a result , to the gullible morons sitting in the pews of their multi-million dollar churches and who also finance their luxurious private residences.

  People complain about the degeneracy ,the depravity,the high crime rates in our society   ;they complain about the welfare programs which include millions spent for  the extended long-term care and feeding of     children born to parents   suffering  from the HIV/AIDS Virus ,and   have inherited the disease as a consequence.

They complain about the associated costs and the drain on our HEALTH SYSTEM and yet are too stupid to  understand the  connection    between the large number of asocials producing  genetically diseased offspring ,and the amount of money and social services required to pay for their care .

The clergy have a vested interest in the status quo. They couldn’t care less ,as long as the donations and the tithes keep coming in every month ,they are only too happy to keep pitching out to the mindless  church membership  whatever they want to hear.

Abortion doctors ,geneticists, evolutionary biologists ,astronomers ,historians ,all are good targets for the scam artists in the clergy, looking for convenient distractions and something to rally the large number of the gullible  to a cause” GREATER THAN THEMSELVES” — DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!

The average Christian in America  spends about the same amount of time studying the ABORTION ISSUE as he does in deciding which candidate to vote for. [NOT MUCH]..

And when things don’t go his way ,and his candidate of change starts to really make changes ,he’s the first to cry foul.

But it’s never his own stupidity. It’s always   someone else’s fault . He’s been duped by an unfair system. He’s been tricked,unfairly treated ,taken advantage of. The excuses never end.

He continues to look for causes that make him feel good  .

Shut down the abortion clinics, throw all the Muslims in prison ,support a third-party candidate,read the constitution ,tell everyone to do the  same;call the capital switchboard and tell the little jerk answering the phone what you really think!

And who, if anyone, benefits from all this play acting? The scheming gang that prods and pushes  the idiotic  fringe in whatever direction they care to push them. As long as they pay for the privilege of being pushed and prodded.

This is what the morons in the Evangelical Churches really want. Someone to guide them, someone to answer their questions.They are looking for someone to make things easy and just tell them what to believe.

 And the Faithful are gullible and trusting,of that there can be no doubt.

Just read the headlines ;…[ clergy abuse children in their care ;Church pays millions in restitution , pastors, ministers of the Gospel run off with secretary and church funds— ,well-known family values pastor caught with his pants down soliciting prostitutes [male and/or  female] ..–and so on.

and in another article  ; Lo and behold: CHURCH ATTENDANCE IS UP! No doubt, we have gluttons for punishment in all Christian denominations.

But  what  is probably the height of hilarity and stupidity is the blind trust and faith many in the Christian Faith community have for the incredibly deceptive and fraudulent CHRISTIAN RADIO

BROADCASTERS.  And they come in varying shades and  degrees of expertise in the fine art of swindling the less astute in the “STAY AT HOME CHURCH” you know, the homeschooling crowd.

What is baffling is the credence they give to these jokers,never understanding that if gross abuse and deceptive practices occur in every church of  every denomination –what do you think is  going  on behind everyone’s back by these unknown quantities ,operating their con-games behind the microphones in their private little broadcast studios.

If a pastor of a church is not shy to cheat and steal and commit child abuse in a parish where he is  known by the congregation and where he has personal interaction with his flock   —how much more are these fly by night ,trained actors and actresses behind the microphones ,likely to deceive you, and cheat you.?

If a pastor who is known by his church membership ,who has a history with his church ,who may even live in close proximity to 

other  church members,who may share interests and whose family is also part of the community will quite often engage in deceptive practices ,–what do  you think scam artists such as the ones you listen to on the radio will do?

These radio sky jocks are all frauds and pickpockets. They remain unseen,unknown, unbelievable!

If a pastor of a church will rob you, cheat and scam you in full view of his congregation ,where budgets and expenditures are compiled and handed out ,what do you think those who have no

obligation whatsoever to inform anyone as to how they spend the donations they receive from you will do?

This is in fact  the privileges enjoyed by these criminal enterprises on the radio dial that claim to have a ministry : a ministry of lies and deceptions designed to get you to send in to them your hard-earned money.

Money they then use for whatever selfish purpose they desire. Just ask them to send you a detailed statement of financial condition, outlining exactly how the money they collect from the incredibly stupid listening audience is spent!

Of course they will send you nothing of the sort.

How can they, when their operations are nothing more than a cleverly planned means of tricking you into believing that they are involved in a CHRISTIAN MINISTRY, in desperate need of your financial support. The truth is something quite different.

Take the scam outfit called REJEWISH RADIO ,[RBN,PENSACOLA.]

They are currently prepping  the morons and assorted hayseeds in their radio audience for another in a long series of pledge drives.

They will pull out the stops and go full speed ahead in a  two-day pledge drive which in fact is totally unnecessary .

  The money they collect is hardly needed, other than to be used as folding money for the PUBLIC RELATIONS  EXECUTIVES who  wine and dine some of PENSACOLA’S…. high-priced whores .

That’s where most of your donations wind up!…bear in mind that Pensacola  is SIN CITY in the FLORIDA PANHANDLE and what happens in PENSACOLA ,STAYS IN PENSACOLA!

If you want to smarten up ,give these swindlers a listen,but listen carefully to their deceptive pitch and claims.

Listen how vague they are when it comes to supplying the public with a legitimate reason for the money they demand of you.

Listen how they try to threaten you with claims that if they do not get a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time ,they might be forced to suspend the programming ,and then what will you do?  

 Do not fall for their subtle intimidation.  Just call the phone number they  give  you and ask for an explanation as to how exactly they plan to use the money they are demanding.

Christians tend to forget that they know nothing of those  pretending  to have a ministry and simply fall for the usual line of  some very skilled professional actors,hiding behind melancholy and cleverly packaged music and sanctimonious rhetoric.

Don’t fall for this type of nonsense;if you do ,while this may be cause for humor ,remember the JOKE will always be on YOU! 

Remember ,my dear Christian people  : charlatans always gravitate towards other charlatans.


All you really have to do to understand this adage is to listen carefully and never take any of these money-grubbing vultures at face value.

They all have secret agendas that  you are not aware of.

The best example is the VCY AMERICA produced CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING that from time to time opens all three of their in-coming phone lines to the gullible ,easily manipulated listening audience to “FIND OUT WHAT IS IN THEIR HEARTS”

My , touching to know the ARCH-SWINDLER of this claptrap cares so much for the opinions of his HAYSEED audience.

What remains hidden is that a spontaneous opening of phone lines , initiated by a current controversial issue,such as

HEALTHCARE REFORM, is the best way to gauge  the number of listeners they have , and the city and state   they reside in.

 This tells them how effective or popular their deceptive broadcasts are ,and in which market areas  are they having the highest ratings.

This information is of the utmost value ,since it determines the net asset value of their BROADCAST BUSINESS!

And it also gives the marketing executives an opportunity to gauge the ABJECT STUPIDITY of their audience.

It helps them to determine what idiotic products of whatever sort to introduce  into a certain area ,with the best chance for success.

 This is how the criminals operating VCY AMERICA make their money.  Whatever nickel and dime donations they pick up from the morons in the audience is just GRAVY!

This money goes directly to INGRID and helps her furnish her new condo in PANAMA CITY.

 Whenever you hear INGRID or the  in-house stooge JIM SCHNEIDER plead for funds to help the poor ,sick and dying of

AFRICA ,just sit back and have a few laughs at the hypocrisy and the clever, but getting harder for them to conceal ,lies and

contradictions that come from not only their own filthy mouths but from out of their invited GUESTS as well.

Listen to all the CHARITY and FOREIGN MISSIONARY SCAM ARTISTS pitch their tales of woe for the people of INDIA AND AFRICA and listen to LADY BOO-HOO chime in  on the urgency

to send money ,but they never state exactly how much they are donating to all these much-needed causes themselves.

This” foreign missionary” scam is the ultimate in GET RICH QUICK  scheming. All it requires is a WEBSITE ,a title of vice-president ,or reverend [retired pastor] from some make-believe church ,a relationship with INGRID SCHLUETER ,gaining access to many

thousands of easy to swindle yokels and the money starts pouring in.

On a recent VCY BROADCAST ,INGRID invited a typical missionary fund-raising  organizer to her corrupted program ,and after portraying him as someone with a hands on involvement with the suffering souls of  INDIA ,the lying bastard reveals the truth: that he tries to fly to INDIA ,FIRST CLASS about once a  year,And furthermore explains that  INDIA is a great country to visit!  As a tourist,  I’m sure!

When someone called to volunteer to go with him to suffer alongside the HINDUS ,the criminal and  phony   GUEST informed the caller that what was really needed was his  CHECK!

At no time does anyone bother to  ask –why doesn’t INGRID GO HERSELF ,to INDIA OR TO THE SOUTH SUDAN , or at   least send a member of her family ? You know to check on the SOLAR PANELS AND TRANSMISSION TOWERS , remember?

This gal is pure HYPOCRISY!And she gets richer and richer everyday your stupidity fails to see through her.

Afterall what does anyone really know about the MANY TIMES DIVORCED AND REMARRIED INGRID?   She really goes through the men, A real man-eater is she!

Give a listen to the CROSSTALK programming and you might get lucky enough to hear her make her pitch for money  by selling  the morons in her audience ,some poorly written book for a huge donation.

  You can’t mistake her. She has the voice of a female drill instructor at some far away Army Outpost ,somewhere in the Midwest.  Now this is humorous!

And don’t forget to listen to the ring-leader of this gang of fast talking pseudo-Christian hustlers :the venerable VIC ELIASON. Listen to him make his pitch to sell you a copy of THE CONSTITUTION for five dollars a POP.

“Step right up folks , a never before or ever again chance to read the CONSTITUTION ,challenge your friends and enemies in what is really written inside the pages of this little book . All for just five measly dollars , STEP RIGHT UP FOLKS ,STEP RIGHT UP!”

Now that’s FUNNY! In fact if you are looking for some cheap but authentic  humor on the RADIO, go no further than listening to the VCY AMERICA PRODUCED CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING and then followed by THE RBN musical and sanctimonious sounding CRAIG MATTSON ,pulling on your purse strings.

 THE  HUMOR is in how little they regard the intelligence of their listening audience. And why should they, they know their audience is made up of some of the most gullible ,moronic bunch of hayseeds in the country.

And they can be easily fleeced  and  ripped off! 

 But possibly the biggest JOKE being played on many of you is that while pornography is  spreading into every home  and moral depravity grows daily across the country ,the ones responsible  for all this are portrayed as GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE.

The Jews clever enough to maintain dual citizenship ,facilitating their  plunder of the savings and pensions of the American workers can only laugh up their sleeves while the idiots in the CHURCH go around acting as cover for these parasites.


Children of Palestina RISE UP!… Your Hour of GLORY has arrived.

March 20, 2010

My Dear Christian Folk:… If it is true that the Almighty deliberately  blinded the eyes of the Jews so they would not see

the Christ as their  Messiah, and believe and accept Him ,then certainly for the last two thousand years Satan has reciprocated

by blinding  the eyes of the majority in the Christian community , so they might not see and understand the demonic nature of the International  Jewish Conspiracy.

Anyone who knows the Scriptures and has  read them to the end of learning the cause and reasons that led to the  CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS CHRIST cannot fail to see the perfidiousness of the Jewish

Nation. Even a cursory reading of the Gospel narratives indicates that those in opposition to Christ’s ministry opposed Him on the same grounds they opposed all    those sent to them by the Almighty in times past.

It was simply a matter of  satanic malice that Jews harbor towards anyone that is honest,pure,and holy.

 The Gospel of John places Christ in front of  Caiaphas ,the high priest and  sitting in judgement  we see Pilate . But who is it exactly, that is in judgement of whom?

Here Christ is standing in front of them ; the crown of thorns pressing down ,blood dripping from his face ,burning into his

eyes,his back showing the stripes left from being beaten a short while earlier; the very  fulfillment  of ISAIAH 53   taking place in

front of the highest representative of the   Jewish corporation and what words come out of   the high priest’s   mouth ?—“WE HAVE NO KING BUT CAESAR!”  —-

It is Christ who now judges the nation that betrays Him. Caiaphas and through him the Jews in toto have been found  guilty of TREASON , convicted by their own  admission.

 Ironically , Caiaphas ,a few hours later would be in the great TEMPLE of   Jerusalem leading the hymns of the HAGGADAH

praising YAHWE for his regal and kingly traits and attributes.

The Satanic malice  in the hearts of those who  murdered Christ now extends to those  in the Christian  fellowship who have lost  all  sense of   understanding and compassion for their fellow-man   :the Palestinians,fighting not only for their national independence, but for their very existence ,their right to live  in their own homeland.

 The Palestinians are  slowly being  annihilated ,extinguished from off the face of the earth ,in order to accommodate the expansion of living space of the Jewish World plague.

 Whereas conflicts between nations and peoples  come and go, there has never been anything as illogical as the blind support this country gives to the criminal international blood suckers in their determination to destroy a formerly friendly and peaceful people :The Palestinians.

In fact, this has only caused the deaths of thousands of our servicemen fighting to ostensibly win the hearts and minds of the Muslim People  in other formerly friendly nations. Nations whose hatred for

 us has been fanned by our own stupid cowardice and subservience to the international maggots currently destroying the Arab  people of Palestine.

The costs have been incalculable in terms of friendship and respect throughout the world . Not to mention the many billions donated to the JEWISH NATION by those suffering the  economic downturn.

Whereas this may be  difficult to comprehend, it is nothing compared to the abject stupidity of those who call themselves Christians and continue to support The Parasitic Jews in the State of Israel.

These Jews who look at the teachings of Christ ,and in fact any higher morality ,as a subject of ridicule

are somehow worthy of our support, while people who never bothered anyone and  are slowly being  driven off their  land ,murdered in their homes,humiliated at every turn ,and treated as sub-humans are deserving of their dire  fate.  UNBELIEVABLE —,SOMETHING FOR A PSYCHOLOGIST TO INVESTIGATE!

For truly Satan has blinded the eyes of the Christian majority and moreover has paralyzed their sense of compassion,their ability to reason, and so remain  in a state of stupefaction,even to this day!

All true Christians should come to their senses ,if that be possible, and cut off at the purse strings any in the existing churches who continue this psychosis and attempt to rally support in any  way, shape or fashion, for  the atrocities being committed by the ZIONIST VAMPIRES  against the Palestinian Nation.



March 17, 2010

My Dear Christian Folk:   The basis for all the false assumptions made by well-meaning people is a lack of understanding ,education and the  needed ability to put things  in logical order.

 Man  is more apt to rely on the  audio-visual  to make a quick decision;this ,owing to his primal instincts that served him well in the  primal environment of his earliest origins.

The blind trust citizens have in their elected officials or their church leaders is based on mere perceptions of reality, rather than on any accurate analysis of a situation.

This often is the case when voters hear the promises made by candidates and automatically assume that  electioneering rhetoric will somehow come to fruition.

Politicians know that the masses are easily swayed by the spoken word and are easily taken in by hyperbole . They also know the short memories the electorate possesses ,which is why this strategy always works.

Whatever is valid in the realm of politics finds confirmation in the religion sphere ,and often with just as calamitous results.

When decent ,religious ,God-fearing Christians drop their young children off at a Catholic church institution or at a Sunday School class they really are acting on the perceptions carved into their psyches over  many years and from different sources.

And so the shock to learn that a particular priest  or a certain well-known and well thought of pastor or Bible instructor was involved in molesting or raping  a small child   entrusted  to their care ,is especially devastating to the family involved as well as to the church community in general.

 This sadly is a common occurrence taking place and in many cases involves church leaders extending to the topmost positions of authority.  Witness the scandals once again hitting the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, this time accusations of a cover up extend to the very seat of power :His Holiness and the entire VATICAN .

Obviously a WRONG ASSUMPTION was made and a terrible price was paid by the victims.  An assumption that could have been easily corrected had the parents of the child understood  that the  outward  nature of things may not always represent an accurate  reading of a person or a situation. Especially when the basic failings of human nature are involved.

  These terrible and tragic scandals effecting the churches in general are usually short-lived and can be remedied with  discipline and long jail sentences.

 But are there other WRONG ASSUMPTIONS that Christians make that have an even greater deleterious effect on the church,society ,the family ,the nation ,that go undetected ?

Of course there are many. One of the  more perilous beliefs Christians take for granted, is the one currently pushed by many in the clergy that :THE JEWS OF TODAY   REPRESENT GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE.




Nothing could be further from the truth,yet millions automatically believe this fabrication.

And the reasons are plainly seen. All literate  Christians have at one time  read THE OLD TESTAMENT and those interesting stories about DAVID the shepherd boy ,who slew GOLIATH and became THE KING OF ISRAEL.  And let’s not forget the courageous  Moses who defied the powerful king of  Egypt  and led the Hebrews out of slavery etc.

  Let’s include the charismatic Abraham [father of many nations] who was ready to cut his son’s throat ;and the lion tamer DANIEL ,along with JOSEPH  ;PHAROH’S  NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR; and then we drop down to  JOSHUA and his merry men who annihilated and ethnically cleansed the LAND OF CANAAN..[A HOLOCAUST TO SAY THE LEAST]!

And there are many other Old  Testament Bible figures  who provided interesting reading for the millions of easily impressed Christians   in  all denominations . 

When you toss in   Bible prophecies and  verses of scripture , alluding to  the Almighty choosing a  particular race of people[THE JEWS], over all others ,then it’s  easy to assume that the Jews of today are the direct descendants of these ancient peoples.

When Jewish Israelites such as the wealthy KING SOLOMON and the wisdom of his proverbs are brought to the forefront ,then it’s easy to see why the average Christian would tend to view the modern-day JEWS as desireable . It compounds even more when the present-day affluence and success of modern-day Jews are taken into account;resulting in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy of God’s favor for this gang. 

In fact, showing continuity with the ancient Israelites serves to put a foundational basis to  the Christian cosmology.  Without  this vital connection no transition can be made between OLD TESTAMENT dispensation and NEW TESTAMENT REDEMPTION.

So given the situation it is nigh unto impossible to convince any sincere Christian that THE JEWS are something quite different from “THE CHOSEN PEOPLE.”

This false assumption has led to them eventually being kicked out of every   country in the world   that ever extended to them hospitality .

Those good-natured Christians that trusted in the false words of their own pastors or in the clever  and

 deceptive masquerading of the Jews themselves learned in time that they were not dealing with

GOD’S CHOSEN RACE but in fact had placed themselves at the mercy of a SATANIC BROOD of vipers



slowly bleeding the unsuspecting Christian community of their wealth ,their identity  as a  people  ,

 their sense of morality and ethics ,even the loss of their Christian Faith was slowly perverted and

drained of its vitality.

The very nature of the Jews is to  exploit the naivety of Christians ,to  flatter them ,to loan them money!

This loaning of money exacts a big price ,especially in times of conflict ,when Jews not only  loan large sums to the government  in whatever country they may reside in but also an equal amount to the sworn enemy of that same country. 

 The Jew always demands compound interest and amortization be paid on time ,His demand for THE POUND OF FLESH is ever looming over the heads of any government stupid enough to accept HIS ASSISTANCE.

Whoever should win a conflict he involves himself in ,he is quick to portray himself as the benefactor and immediately makes further demands on that nation. The nation destroyed in the needlessly prolonged conflict lays prostrate at his feet, and he slowly begins the process of demoralizing  the people with pornography and anarchy [MARXISM].  The nation slowly surrenders and he gleefully begins the process anew.

 This is the current situation in the U.S.A. ..The powerful Jewish  civil rights groups have so dominated the political and cultural fabric of this country that even when manure is rubbed into the faces of our highest elected officials by these parasites, there are many in the CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY ready to come to their aid.

 Calling their  subversion an INSULT is laughable after many decades of JEWISH political and moral perversion , that  destroyed the  Christian fabric of life ,is like calling a mass murderer a bad NEIGHBOR!

The truth about the Jews is that they simply ceased being a viable religious community ,if they ever were ,at the time the second temple was  destroyed in ca. 76A.D.

Without temple worship and animal sacrifice there can be no true JUDAISM and therefore no TRUE JEWS!

The denial of all Bible verses that point to CHRIST AS THE MESSIAH are also  simply laughed  at by the Jews themselves . Ask any Jew emboldened enough to answer ,– What would he do if Christ were to return for the second time? –and his response is always “Well we would have to CRUCIFY HIM all over again!”

Or some say –“THIS TIME AROUND we would just have to call the county MENTAL HEALTH DEPT. and let them pick him up!”

It seems strange for Protestants ,especially Evangelicals and Baptists alike to respect the opinions and Christian sincerity of MARTIN LUTHER in terms of BIBLICAL interpretation but ignore his writings regarding the JEWISH COMMUNITY of his day.   Soon after befriending them ,he quickly came to see them for what they were :an  existential threat to all that is decent,all that is scriptural ,all that is Christian, All that is of CHRIST!

And he wrote a very revealing book about them , known as Luther’s Black Book ,about the demonic nature of the Jewish people. In fact he strongly recommended all Christians to burn them out of their homes and synagogues!

  Many in the Christian community try to defend the Jewish denial of JESUS CHRIST by insisting that their EYES WERE BLINDED. And that may be ,but were they blinded for two thousand years?

If their own MESSIAH were to finally come ,would they accept him? Would they give up their nefarious and evil dealings?

Interesting for Christians to take note ,that in the Synagogues of today’s Jews all  readings from the prophetic books of the Old Testament ,that refer  to the coming of THE MESSIAH , that in any way point to THE BIRTH ,DEATH, CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS CHRIST ,or can be so  interpreted ,have been  deliberately excluded from their  SATURDAY MEETINGS!

In the world we live in The Jews as a group have succeeded in gaining control of all facets of American culture and government.

And they have done so with barely a voice of protest from the ranks of those who claim to have our best interests at heart.

This country  is unique in that it has allowed the Jewish swindlers to not only gain control of this nation by exerting their  influence

behind the scenes  ;working as the string pullers ,influencing every decision made by our elected officials ;but also through the

control of the  NEWS MEDIA they can  put whatever SPIN is  needed to satisfy the incredible stupidity of the Christian Masses .

But there’s more. The SPIN is then further explained by the JEWISH CONTROLLED ANALYSTS and self-proclaimed conservative talk show hosts up and  down the NEWS MEDIA DIAL!  In fact you can hear the dribblers on PUBLIC SUPPORTED BROADCAST NETWORKS [PBS] every day of the week.

Try listening to DAVID BROOKS or Thomas Friedman ,two SUBTLE TALMUDISTS who take any refusal to accept their self-serving opinions   as ANTI-SEMITISM! They take it as a personal insult!


The history of the Jews in America is one long series of fraud and deceptions that begin at this nation’s earliest start.

The Black civil rights cause is of their entire making. After swindling their way into the LABOR UNIONS and severely weakening America’s ability to compete in the world,they then found a ready    market  to promote their perversion and moral depravity :THE DOWNTRODDEN BLACK RACE IN AMERICA.

Their ultimate goals   had nothing to do with RACIAL EQUALITY or access to EQUAL PUBLIC EDUCATION,but only to further weaken THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY in America ,by destroying whatever  moral and ethical foundations this country rested on.

In this matter they have done quite well. Everywhere you look one can only see the fruits of their labors. The Jews being the major distributors of HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY have turned this once moral nation into a MORAL CESSPOOL. The destruction of our once highly prized PUBLIC SCHOOLS is another indication of their success. 

But the one victory they most prize,in fact their shining trophy,    is :THE BASTARDIZATION OF THE WHITE RACE IN AMERICA!

This in reality has been their only aim from the beginning.

 Their control of the degeneracy produced by their movie moguls in HOLLYWOOD , whom they boast of, has ensured that the  JEWISH-MARXIST filth they manufacture will descend to the very depths of Christian family life and pervert the very essence of TRUE CULTURE .

They have turned THE ART OF CINEMA into a cleverly crafted form of ART BOLSHEVIK ,and in the process determine what is believed and what is  ridiculed in our formerly CHRISTIAN NATION.

The Jews ridicule everything that is religious,decent, moral, and CHRISTIAN ,and have been doing  so from their first appearance among the nations   of the world.

These people are not God’s Chosen anymore than a vulture is chosen to consume carrion.

My Dear Christian folk : There is NO SALVATION , and there is no REDEMPTION until the land we stand on is first redeemed.

Until we cleanse the soil of this blood sucking leech we will be forever cut off from the GRACE of the REDEEMER.

Whatever EVIL exists in this nation ,rest easy ,it can be traced to the Jewish internationalists ,passing themselves off as the

 eternally persecuted religious minority  ;while putting into effect their plans to bring war ,misery ,depravity and financial ruin to all

the decent,hardworking Christians of the world,as well as to all those who have an honest FAITH AND LOVE FOR THE ALMIGHTY!

To you my CHRISTIAN COMRADES,you know this already,  but to those in the CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY,you  who have difficulty  understanding me with your BRAINS ,I ask you to understand me with YOUR HEARTS! 

 Those of you who continue to make false assumptions about your pastors or clergy ,believing that they are telling you the

truth ,remember if they were speaking the truth would we be now swimming in a sea of ignorance and at the verge of extinction as a FAITH AND AS A PEOPLE?

Do you believe those deceitful and cunning swindlers on THE CHRISTIAN BROADCAST RADIO NETWORKS that trick you into

believing half-truths and downright lies ,in order to enrich themselves at your expense?

What type of Christian can lie to you one minute and then demand that you believe him the next?

What kind of Christian ,   broadcasting his   concerns for the fate of the Christian Community would at the same time deceive that same community with false and misleading calls and pleadings for donations and money?

This is what happens, and it is all done with the clever sleight of hand subtlety that goes well over the heads of the morons in the listening audience.

Who now remembers the  reasons behind the urgent calls for money, made by these crafty scam artists? Now long forgotten,but your money provides them with an easy living,having   betrayed the CAUSE OF CHRIST for the JUDAS WAGE!

Remember this the next time you are listening to any of these pick pockets or are tempted to write them a   check for any reason. DON’T GET TAKEN IN BY THEIR CALLS OF SENTIMENTALITY ,it’s all play acting.

Do you think for a minute those corrupted station managers and the sanctimonious sounding hypocrite: CRAIG MATTSON ,OF REJEWISH RADIO FAME,[RBN]care about anything other than their salaries and bonus? 

 ALL THEIR MINUTES OF GRACE ring hollow when looked at in the context of this planned deception they carry out every day of the week!

The one false assumption that may in fact be more destructive than all others , is to believe that THE ALMIGHTY exists simply to do for us what we are too lazy or cowardly to do for ourselves.

The Almighty will never reward  or even hear the prayers of the stupid ,the lazy ,or the cowardly ,but is always willing to bless the work of the industrious,thrifty and morally straight.HE will never leave decent Christian Folk in the lurch.

In this world of ETERNAL STRUGGLE, we must attack the enemy without ceasing, we must never surrender ,we must never tire ,until the LAND IS REDEEMED and we once again become  created in the IMAGE OF GOD . and  never in the image of THE JEWISH SATAN!


..ACTS :of the hypocrites ,liars and cheats, in the CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST BUSINESS…chapter one.

March 16, 2010

 My  Dear  Christian Folk:   The New  Testament  is truly a spiritual guide for all  Christians to use and follow. The key to its understanding  lies in the ability to read the sacred wording in  the proper context   of the times in which it was written, and  with consideration  given to  the tenor  and tone, of every  verse being studied.

This is not easy to do, and in most situations it is far better for the average person  to wait until they are sufficiently enlightened  in  the historical , cultural and  philosophical milieu  that influenced  its  writing and translation .

There are somethings that appear to be self-evident and can be taken at face value. Beliefs in the divinity of Christ and  His redemptive powers are clearly expressed within Christian scripture ,and it would be pointless to think of one’s self as a Christian,  if these basic tenets of faith appeared as unacceptable.  

 Many of the Parables and  teachings of  the Great  Nazarene   are also important to learn ,especially those he taught by personal example. 

  One   need only to  read how the Lord, angered and disgusted  by the very sight of the  Jewish  mob   within the Great Temple in Jerusalem ,fashioned a whip to beat     and  drive   the ancient swindlers and perverters of truth , from out of his  ‘father’s house’. 


   The Bible ,in its totality, is a compilation of books ,whose human authorship is for the most part unknown.In fact some BOOKS of the bible are themselves a compilation of many books.

 The translation    as well as the historical  context of much of the Old  Testament  is hard to figure out ,given that the Bible is not a   reliable source of history or even of moral behavior.

Can the slaughter of the Canaanites ,down to the infants in the womb ever be considered moral behavior?

Is there any archeological evidence that  Hebrews lived in Egypt for four hundred years ,or worked at   building pyramids ?

In fact nothing has ever been discovered that would link the Hebrew people to the land of the  Pharaohs  ,  as slaves ,servants or court advisors.

The  Egyptians were meticulous     record keepers ,especially of important historical events    ,as well as much of the more trivial aspects of life ;extending down to the dealings between workers and    owners of bakeries,between barge builders and sailors   , between farm owners and field hands.

  Today, in  pure historical terms ,more is known about life in ancient Egypt three thousand years ago than is know about life in the Jamestown Colony, of less than four  hundred years.  

We know more about this ancient culture  ,their values ,their society ,their   victories and  also  defeats by studying  the hieroglyphics carved into the walls of their monuments and found in their ancient scrolls  than we know today  about certain ethnic and racial groups living within our own borders for  hundreds of years. And nowhere can we see any archeological evidence that places the  HEBREWS in ancient EGYPT for any length of time.



How much is really known about life in any of America’s Indian reservations or in   the inner  city ghettos  of every large city in the country?.. Very little !  We love to study only what doesn’t  directly  impact our way of life.

 Things that impact our lives make us feel uncomfortable . Change is a hard thing to get accustomed to,things that force us to rethink our positions and our values create doubts and a sense of insecurity.

And this more than anything feeds   a  vulnerability that in turn engenders a need to rely  on others for answers.

 We find it hard to let go of old ways of thinking ,even if they  oppose  common sense and our God-given human reason.

The proliferation of religious experts  who fill the gap between fact and fiction , serves to put on others the responsibility that  is only ours to assume.

A small portion of these” experts”,sensing the inadequacies that exist in human society ,attempt to take unfair advantage  of the  public for the singular purpose of   enriching themselves financially through demands for donations to their make-believe ministries.

This organized and deliberate gang of  pseudo-Christian hustlers rely on the fact that while the Bible is the world’s most popular book ,it is the least read and the most easily misunderstood book ever written. 

 The Bible as we know it is a very difficult book to understand ,and the best evidence of this   can be seen in  the many thousands of different denominations and Christian sects in existence  and  continuously created.

If you disagree with your pastor or with the membership of your local church about the essentials of salvation, no problem, just find a few others to agree and go along with you  ,and start your own church!

 The freedom to disagree with accepted   opinion has led to a wide variety of biblical interpretations. And this has proven to be, not only a disgrace to all that can be considered sacred , but has led to dire consequences involving the needless deaths of children  and adults caught up in the web of delusional  faith healing .

Children ,sadly born to parents ,convinced in the words of some deranged pastor that  TRUST IN GOD means depriving children of medical attention ,usually wind up suffering the   most.

But then we have every form of depravity and bizarre behavior practiced by sects who long ago decided to go off on their own.

Ever wonder what the deranged SNAKE HANDLERS or  those who speak in TONGUES are thinking when they risk their lives, and their mental health practicing this idiocy?

They all didn’t think of this nonsense on their own.  Some clever church leader ,claiming this  to be TRUE GOSPEL or FULL GOSPEL as these morons refer to  it ;  happy to show  his  gullible followers where exactly it is in SCRIPTURE, and so convinced them  to believe it  and swallow down hard!


 Can this type of criminal chicanery be happening today? You better believe it is!

Just turn on your friendly Christian radio broadcaster and listen carefully to their pitch. listen how they attempt to entangle you into their own perceptions of reality.

A good place to start is the VCY AMERICA  PRODUCED programming you can easily find on your F.M. dial  followed by THE RBN gang ,coming at you from SIN CITY :PENSACOLA [wpcs]

And there are hundreds of others ,each one attempting to ensnare you into their webs of deceit and falsehoods by means of presenting GOD’S HOLY WORD to you FREE.

The current  crop of frauds are smart not to go too far off in a tangent ,knowing that in this day and age of electronic communication their stupidity can be quickly brought to light.

This is why they cover their nefarious intentions with as much play-acting they can get away with.

THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK ,RBN has a great act they put on daily.

You have to hear it to believe it.   They flood the airwaves with hymns ,church music ,and of course  COUNTRY GOSPEL MUSIC ,designed to appeal to the HAPPY CLAPPY CROWD .  To keep a balance they add  the old sickening saccharine sounding AMAZING GRACE ,usually handled by a  former drug smuggler and rum guzzler turned CHRISTIAN  MUSIC BUSINESSMAN .

Interspersed they have various pious sounding “READINGS” by  an amateur actor turned SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER !

What a joke!   The readings are all to impress the hayseeds who can’t live without this type of programming . This is their way of creating in the minds of their credulous listening audience a sense of CHRISTIAN SINCERITY and TRUST ,CONFIDENCE to be more accurate.

Just remember, the first three  letters in CONFIDENCE spell CON!

And that’s what these religion hustlers over at RBN are: CON-MEN.

They claim to be listener supported ,but failing to explain to the idiots in the audience that even if TWO were to donate to their  RADIO NETWORK this would still make them technically LISTENER SUPPORTED.

Don’t believe it!   Anyone who today controls the airwaves even in small part wields a strong  commercial weapon that allows them to grow incredibly rich,all at your expense.

And this is what is happening everyday of the  week. The best way to prove this to yourselves is to call them and ask them to mail you a financial statement ,audited and listing all their intake and their total expenditures,including SALARIES.  This is a reasonable request for anyone in the public to make since they claim to be listener supported ,they have a legal and certainly a moral obligation to be open and totally transparent regarding their  financial situation.

Oh ,And Don’t forget to ask the  corrupted STATION MANAGER over at  RBN [PENSACOLA,SIN CITY]where he hides his whiskey bottle!

What you don’t see is what is transpiring behind the scenes and the deal making going on between the broadcasting outfit, PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and the commercial big business money bags they sell themselves out to everyday of the week! [including the JEWISH COMMUNITY,there locally and nationwide]






To keep the play-acting going ,well that’s what they pay CRAIG MATTSON for . Keep the Christian pretense high on the agenda. And of course he’s not totally alone.

They hired the folksy sounding ,serious-minded gals who are also making a good living selling their simpleton sermons to the listening morons. They also have an elderly sounding guy with the incredible GIFT of diagnosing diseases on the air by means of mental telepathy and his inborn psychic powers. THE GUYS A PSYCHIC!

Give them a listen and decide for yourselves.

If you are really a cynic and want some improvised entertainment to brighten your day ,check out THE CROSSTALK PROGRAM PRODUCED BY MR.VIC ELIASON OVER AT VCY AMERICA.

The humor is practically from the first moment the hour-long show begins.

Here the co-hosts JIM SCHNEIDER and the crafty and always cleverly deceitful MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER and the ring-leader MR.VIC engage in a free for all discussion of topics of vital interests .

 All of which are designed to  provide a ready-made platform for all the other hundreds  of CHARLATANS out there pitching their WEB-SITES and idiotic organizations .

The more exposure these swindlers get the more their bottom line increases. KEEP IN MIND THAT CHARLATANS GRAVITATE TO OTHER CHARLATANS.  And that’s all that they invite on this incredibly deceitful program ,designed to turn your brains into MUSH!

Fortunately their influence doesn’t extend beyond the hill billy types that faithfully call, such as MIKE FROM CALHOUN GA. T.J. from HICKSVILLE GA. and other incredibly stupid hayseeds ,easily stirred up.

Their main scam on the part of the criminal minded producers of this claptrap programming is to get their gullible audience members to call and make fools of themselves   , calling the  Capitol switchboard in D.C. ,or a school to PROTEST whatever VIC or  his gang of swindlers suggest to them! 

 This has the desired effect of helping the celebrity status of their own useless programming as well as the organization of the criminal minded swindler ,invited to make his pitch and presentation to the gullible listening audience.

This is how Vic and INGRID make the money they need to continue in their lavish lifestyle ,thanks to the dummies in the listening audience.

What they are in fact operating is a form of fraudulent ,civic and self-righteous moral minded PAYOLA!

The jokers who appear as guests are the source of the incredible amount of money that flows into the coffers of these clever scam artists.And this is true not only in the case of VCY AMERICA ,but TRINITY BROADCASTING, PAT ROBERTSON’S 700 CLUB and so on.

 SMARTEN UP and don’t be a victim. Fight back by not supporting these  money-grubbing vultures and their clever and sanctimonious sounding stooges such as CRAIG MATTSON  : The Sunday School teacher,DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! 

 or the station managers and their  serious sounding Southern Dames who are probably married to a bunch of stinking but wealthy JEWS!

These gals will jump for the first hundred-dollar bill these Jew bastards living in the South wave at them!