..ACTS :of the hypocrites ,liars and cheats, in the CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCAST BUSINESS…chapter one.

 My  Dear  Christian Folk:   The New  Testament  is truly a spiritual guide for all  Christians to use and follow. The key to its understanding  lies in the ability to read the sacred wording in  the proper context   of the times in which it was written, and  with consideration  given to  the tenor  and tone, of every  verse being studied.

This is not easy to do, and in most situations it is far better for the average person  to wait until they are sufficiently enlightened  in  the historical , cultural and  philosophical milieu  that influenced  its  writing and translation .

There are somethings that appear to be self-evident and can be taken at face value. Beliefs in the divinity of Christ and  His redemptive powers are clearly expressed within Christian scripture ,and it would be pointless to think of one’s self as a Christian,  if these basic tenets of faith appeared as unacceptable.  

 Many of the Parables and  teachings of  the Great  Nazarene   are also important to learn ,especially those he taught by personal example. 

  One   need only to  read how the Lord, angered and disgusted  by the very sight of the  Jewish  mob   within the Great Temple in Jerusalem ,fashioned a whip to beat     and  drive   the ancient swindlers and perverters of truth , from out of his  ‘father’s house’. 


   The Bible ,in its totality, is a compilation of books ,whose human authorship is for the most part unknown.In fact some BOOKS of the bible are themselves a compilation of many books.

 The translation    as well as the historical  context of much of the Old  Testament  is hard to figure out ,given that the Bible is not a   reliable source of history or even of moral behavior.

Can the slaughter of the Canaanites ,down to the infants in the womb ever be considered moral behavior?

Is there any archeological evidence that  Hebrews lived in Egypt for four hundred years ,or worked at   building pyramids ?

In fact nothing has ever been discovered that would link the Hebrew people to the land of the  Pharaohs  ,  as slaves ,servants or court advisors.

The  Egyptians were meticulous     record keepers ,especially of important historical events    ,as well as much of the more trivial aspects of life ;extending down to the dealings between workers and    owners of bakeries,between barge builders and sailors   , between farm owners and field hands.

  Today, in  pure historical terms ,more is known about life in ancient Egypt three thousand years ago than is know about life in the Jamestown Colony, of less than four  hundred years.  

We know more about this ancient culture  ,their values ,their society ,their   victories and  also  defeats by studying  the hieroglyphics carved into the walls of their monuments and found in their ancient scrolls  than we know today  about certain ethnic and racial groups living within our own borders for  hundreds of years. And nowhere can we see any archeological evidence that places the  HEBREWS in ancient EGYPT for any length of time.



How much is really known about life in any of America’s Indian reservations or in   the inner  city ghettos  of every large city in the country?.. Very little !  We love to study only what doesn’t  directly  impact our way of life.

 Things that impact our lives make us feel uncomfortable . Change is a hard thing to get accustomed to,things that force us to rethink our positions and our values create doubts and a sense of insecurity.

And this more than anything feeds   a  vulnerability that in turn engenders a need to rely  on others for answers.

 We find it hard to let go of old ways of thinking ,even if they  oppose  common sense and our God-given human reason.

The proliferation of religious experts  who fill the gap between fact and fiction , serves to put on others the responsibility that  is only ours to assume.

A small portion of these” experts”,sensing the inadequacies that exist in human society ,attempt to take unfair advantage  of the  public for the singular purpose of   enriching themselves financially through demands for donations to their make-believe ministries.

This organized and deliberate gang of  pseudo-Christian hustlers rely on the fact that while the Bible is the world’s most popular book ,it is the least read and the most easily misunderstood book ever written. 

 The Bible as we know it is a very difficult book to understand ,and the best evidence of this   can be seen in  the many thousands of different denominations and Christian sects in existence  and  continuously created.

If you disagree with your pastor or with the membership of your local church about the essentials of salvation, no problem, just find a few others to agree and go along with you  ,and start your own church!

 The freedom to disagree with accepted   opinion has led to a wide variety of biblical interpretations. And this has proven to be, not only a disgrace to all that can be considered sacred , but has led to dire consequences involving the needless deaths of children  and adults caught up in the web of delusional  faith healing .

Children ,sadly born to parents ,convinced in the words of some deranged pastor that  TRUST IN GOD means depriving children of medical attention ,usually wind up suffering the   most.

But then we have every form of depravity and bizarre behavior practiced by sects who long ago decided to go off on their own.

Ever wonder what the deranged SNAKE HANDLERS or  those who speak in TONGUES are thinking when they risk their lives, and their mental health practicing this idiocy?

They all didn’t think of this nonsense on their own.  Some clever church leader ,claiming this  to be TRUE GOSPEL or FULL GOSPEL as these morons refer to  it ;  happy to show  his  gullible followers where exactly it is in SCRIPTURE, and so convinced them  to believe it  and swallow down hard!


 Can this type of criminal chicanery be happening today? You better believe it is!

Just turn on your friendly Christian radio broadcaster and listen carefully to their pitch. listen how they attempt to entangle you into their own perceptions of reality.

A good place to start is the VCY AMERICA  PRODUCED programming you can easily find on your F.M. dial  followed by THE RBN gang ,coming at you from SIN CITY :PENSACOLA [wpcs]

And there are hundreds of others ,each one attempting to ensnare you into their webs of deceit and falsehoods by means of presenting GOD’S HOLY WORD to you FREE.

The current  crop of frauds are smart not to go too far off in a tangent ,knowing that in this day and age of electronic communication their stupidity can be quickly brought to light.

This is why they cover their nefarious intentions with as much play-acting they can get away with.

THE REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK ,RBN has a great act they put on daily.

You have to hear it to believe it.   They flood the airwaves with hymns ,church music ,and of course  COUNTRY GOSPEL MUSIC ,designed to appeal to the HAPPY CLAPPY CROWD .  To keep a balance they add  the old sickening saccharine sounding AMAZING GRACE ,usually handled by a  former drug smuggler and rum guzzler turned CHRISTIAN  MUSIC BUSINESSMAN .

Interspersed they have various pious sounding “READINGS” by  an amateur actor turned SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER !

What a joke!   The readings are all to impress the hayseeds who can’t live without this type of programming . This is their way of creating in the minds of their credulous listening audience a sense of CHRISTIAN SINCERITY and TRUST ,CONFIDENCE to be more accurate.

Just remember, the first three  letters in CONFIDENCE spell CON!

And that’s what these religion hustlers over at RBN are: CON-MEN.

They claim to be listener supported ,but failing to explain to the idiots in the audience that even if TWO were to donate to their  RADIO NETWORK this would still make them technically LISTENER SUPPORTED.

Don’t believe it!   Anyone who today controls the airwaves even in small part wields a strong  commercial weapon that allows them to grow incredibly rich,all at your expense.

And this is what is happening everyday of the  week. The best way to prove this to yourselves is to call them and ask them to mail you a financial statement ,audited and listing all their intake and their total expenditures,including SALARIES.  This is a reasonable request for anyone in the public to make since they claim to be listener supported ,they have a legal and certainly a moral obligation to be open and totally transparent regarding their  financial situation.

Oh ,And Don’t forget to ask the  corrupted STATION MANAGER over at  RBN [PENSACOLA,SIN CITY]where he hides his whiskey bottle!

What you don’t see is what is transpiring behind the scenes and the deal making going on between the broadcasting outfit, PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and the commercial big business money bags they sell themselves out to everyday of the week! [including the JEWISH COMMUNITY,there locally and nationwide]






To keep the play-acting going ,well that’s what they pay CRAIG MATTSON for . Keep the Christian pretense high on the agenda. And of course he’s not totally alone.

They hired the folksy sounding ,serious-minded gals who are also making a good living selling their simpleton sermons to the listening morons. They also have an elderly sounding guy with the incredible GIFT of diagnosing diseases on the air by means of mental telepathy and his inborn psychic powers. THE GUYS A PSYCHIC!

Give them a listen and decide for yourselves.

If you are really a cynic and want some improvised entertainment to brighten your day ,check out THE CROSSTALK PROGRAM PRODUCED BY MR.VIC ELIASON OVER AT VCY AMERICA.

The humor is practically from the first moment the hour-long show begins.

Here the co-hosts JIM SCHNEIDER and the crafty and always cleverly deceitful MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER and the ring-leader MR.VIC engage in a free for all discussion of topics of vital interests .

 All of which are designed to  provide a ready-made platform for all the other hundreds  of CHARLATANS out there pitching their WEB-SITES and idiotic organizations .

The more exposure these swindlers get the more their bottom line increases. KEEP IN MIND THAT CHARLATANS GRAVITATE TO OTHER CHARLATANS.  And that’s all that they invite on this incredibly deceitful program ,designed to turn your brains into MUSH!

Fortunately their influence doesn’t extend beyond the hill billy types that faithfully call, such as MIKE FROM CALHOUN GA. T.J. from HICKSVILLE GA. and other incredibly stupid hayseeds ,easily stirred up.

Their main scam on the part of the criminal minded producers of this claptrap programming is to get their gullible audience members to call and make fools of themselves   , calling the  Capitol switchboard in D.C. ,or a school admin.office to PROTEST whatever VIC or  his gang of swindlers suggest to them! 

 This has the desired effect of helping the celebrity status of their own useless programming as well as the organization of the criminal minded swindler ,invited to make his pitch and presentation to the gullible listening audience.

This is how Vic and INGRID make the money they need to continue in their lavish lifestyle ,thanks to the dummies in the listening audience.

What they are in fact operating is a form of fraudulent ,civic and self-righteous moral minded PAYOLA!

The jokers who appear as guests are the source of the incredible amount of money that flows into the coffers of these clever scam artists.And this is true not only in the case of VCY AMERICA ,but TRINITY BROADCASTING, PAT ROBERTSON’S 700 CLUB and so on.

 SMARTEN UP and don’t be a victim. Fight back by not supporting these  money-grubbing vultures and their clever and sanctimonious sounding stooges such as CRAIG MATTSON  : The Sunday School teacher,DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! 

 or the station managers and their  serious sounding Southern Dames who are probably married to a bunch of stinking but wealthy JEWS!

These gals will jump for the first hundred-dollar bill these Jew bastards living in the South wave at them!



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