My Dear Christian Folk:   The basis for all the false assumptions made by well-meaning people is a lack of understanding ,education and the  needed ability to put things  in logical order.

 Man  is more apt to rely on the  audio-visual  to make a quick decision;this ,owing to his primal instincts that served him well in the  primal environment of his earliest origins.

The blind trust citizens have in their elected officials or their church leaders is based on mere perceptions of reality, rather than on any accurate analysis of a situation.

This often is the case when voters hear the promises made by candidates and automatically assume that  electioneering rhetoric will somehow come to fruition.

Politicians know that the masses are easily swayed by the spoken word and are easily taken in by hyperbole . They also know the short memories the electorate possesses ,which is why this strategy always works.

Whatever is valid in the realm of politics finds confirmation in the religion sphere ,and often with just as calamitous results.

When decent ,religious ,God-fearing Christians drop their young children off at a Catholic church institution or at a Sunday School class they really are acting on the perceptions carved into their psyches over  many years and from different sources.

And so the shock to learn that a particular priest  or a certain well-known and well thought of pastor or Bible instructor was involved in molesting or raping  a small child   entrusted  to their care ,is especially devastating to the family involved as well as to the church community in general.

 This sadly is a common occurrence taking place and in many cases involves church leaders extending to the topmost positions of authority.  Witness the scandals once again hitting the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, this time accusations of a cover up extend to the very seat of power :His Holiness and the entire VATICAN .

Obviously a WRONG ASSUMPTION was made and a terrible price was paid by the victims.  An assumption that could have been easily corrected had the parents of the child understood  that the  outward  nature of things may not always represent an accurate  reading of a person or a situation. Especially when the basic failings of human nature are involved.

  These terrible and tragic scandals effecting the churches in general are usually short-lived and can be remedied with  discipline and long jail sentences.

 But are there other WRONG ASSUMPTIONS that Christians make that have an even greater deleterious effect on the church,society ,the family ,the nation ,that go undetected ?

Of course there are many. One of the  more perilous beliefs Christians take for granted, is the one currently pushed by many in the clergy that :THE JEWS OF TODAY   REPRESENT GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE.




Nothing could be further from the truth,yet millions automatically believe this fabrication.

And the reasons are plainly seen. All literate  Christians have at one time  read THE OLD TESTAMENT and those interesting stories about DAVID the shepherd boy ,who slew GOLIATH and became THE KING OF ISRAEL.  And let’s not forget the courageous  Moses who defied the powerful king of  Egypt  and led the Hebrews out of slavery etc.

  Let’s include the charismatic Abraham [father of many nations] who was ready to cut his son’s throat ;and the lion tamer DANIEL ,along with JOSEPH  ;PHAROH’S  NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR; and then we drop down to  JOSHUA and his merry men who annihilated and ethnically cleansed the LAND OF CANAAN..[A HOLOCAUST TO SAY THE LEAST]!

And there are many other Old  Testament Bible figures  who provided interesting reading for the millions of easily impressed Christians   in  all denominations . 

When you toss in   Bible prophecies and  verses of scripture , alluding to  the Almighty choosing a  particular race of people[THE JEWS], over all others ,then it’s  easy to assume that the Jews of today are the direct descendants of these ancient peoples.

When Jewish Israelites such as the wealthy KING SOLOMON and the wisdom of his proverbs are brought to the forefront ,then it’s easy to see why the average Christian would tend to view the modern-day JEWS as desireable . It compounds even more when the present-day affluence and success of modern-day Jews are taken into account;resulting in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy of God’s favor for this gang. 

In fact, showing continuity with the ancient Israelites serves to put a foundational basis to  the Christian cosmology.  Without  this vital connection no transition can be made between OLD TESTAMENT dispensation and NEW TESTAMENT REDEMPTION.

So given the situation it is nigh unto impossible to convince any sincere Christian that THE JEWS are something quite different from “THE CHOSEN PEOPLE.”

This false assumption has led to them eventually being kicked out of every   country in the world   that ever extended to them hospitality .

Those good-natured Christians that trusted in the false words of their own pastors or in the clever  and

 deceptive masquerading of the Jews themselves learned in time that they were not dealing with

GOD’S CHOSEN RACE but in fact had placed themselves at the mercy of a SATANIC BROOD of vipers



slowly bleeding the unsuspecting Christian community of their wealth ,their identity  as a  people  ,

 their sense of morality and ethics ,even the loss of their Christian Faith was slowly perverted and

drained of its vitality.

The very nature of the Jews is to  exploit the naivety of Christians ,to  flatter them ,to loan them money!

This loaning of money exacts a big price ,especially in times of conflict ,when Jews not only  loan large sums to the government  in whatever country they may reside in but also an equal amount to the sworn enemy of that same country. 

 The Jew always demands compound interest and amortization be paid on time ,His demand for THE POUND OF FLESH is ever looming over the heads of any government stupid enough to accept HIS ASSISTANCE.

Whoever should win a conflict he involves himself in ,he is quick to portray himself as the benefactor and immediately makes further demands on that nation. The nation destroyed in the needlessly prolonged conflict lays prostrate at his feet, and he slowly begins the process of demoralizing  the people with pornography and anarchy [MARXISM].  The nation slowly surrenders and he gleefully begins the process anew.

 This is the current situation in the U.S.A. ..The powerful Jewish  civil rights groups have so dominated the political and cultural fabric of this country that even when manure is rubbed into the faces of our highest elected officials by these parasites, there are many in the CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY ready to come to their aid.

 Calling their  subversion an INSULT is laughable after many decades of JEWISH political and moral perversion , that  destroyed the  Christian fabric of life ,is like calling a mass murderer a bad NEIGHBOR!

The truth about the Jews is that they simply ceased being a viable religious community ,if they ever were ,at the time the second temple was  destroyed in ca. 76A.D.

Without temple worship and animal sacrifice there can be no true JUDAISM and therefore no TRUE JEWS!

The denial of all Bible verses that point to CHRIST AS THE MESSIAH are also  simply laughed  at by the Jews themselves . Ask any Jew emboldened enough to answer ,– What would he do if Christ were to return for the second time? –and his response is always “Well we would have to CRUCIFY HIM all over again!”

Or some say –“THIS TIME AROUND we would just have to call the county MENTAL HEALTH DEPT. and let them pick him up!”

It seems strange for Protestants ,especially Evangelicals and Baptists alike to respect the opinions and Christian sincerity of MARTIN LUTHER in terms of BIBLICAL interpretation but ignore his writings regarding the JEWISH COMMUNITY of his day.   Soon after befriending them ,he quickly came to see them for what they were :an  existential threat to all that is decent,all that is scriptural ,all that is Christian, All that is of CHRIST!

And he wrote a very revealing book about them , known as Luther’s Black Book ,about the demonic nature of the Jewish people. In fact he strongly recommended all Christians to burn them out of their homes and synagogues!

  Many in the Christian community try to defend the Jewish denial of JESUS CHRIST by insisting that their EYES WERE BLINDED. And that may be ,but were they blinded for two thousand years?

If their own MESSIAH were to finally come ,would they accept him? Would they give up their nefarious and evil dealings?

Interesting for Christians to take note ,that in the Synagogues of today’s Jews all  readings from the prophetic books of the Old Testament ,that refer  to the coming of THE MESSIAH , that in any way point to THE BIRTH ,DEATH, CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS CHRIST ,or can be so  interpreted ,have been  deliberately excluded from their  SATURDAY MEETINGS!

In the world we live in The Jews as a group have succeeded in gaining control of all facets of American culture and government.

And they have done so with barely a voice of protest from the ranks of those who claim to have our best interests at heart.

This country  is unique in that it has allowed the Jewish swindlers to not only gain control of this nation by exerting their  influence

behind the scenes  ;working as the string pullers ,influencing every decision made by our elected officials ;but also through the

control of the  NEWS MEDIA they can  put whatever SPIN is  needed to satisfy the incredible stupidity of the Christian Masses .

But there’s more. The SPIN is then further explained by the JEWISH CONTROLLED ANALYSTS and self-proclaimed conservative talk show hosts up and  down the NEWS MEDIA DIAL!  In fact you can hear the dribblers on PUBLIC SUPPORTED BROADCAST NETWORKS [PBS] every day of the week.

Try listening to DAVID BROOKS or Thomas Friedman ,two SUBTLE TALMUDISTS who take any refusal to accept their self-serving opinions   as ANTI-SEMITISM! They take it as a personal insult!


The history of the Jews in America is one long series of fraud and deceptions that begin at this nation’s earliest start.

The Black civil rights cause is of their entire making. After swindling their way into the LABOR UNIONS and severely weakening America’s ability to compete in the world,they then found a ready    market  to promote their perversion and moral depravity :THE DOWNTRODDEN BLACK RACE IN AMERICA.

Their ultimate goals   had nothing to do with RACIAL EQUALITY or access to EQUAL PUBLIC EDUCATION,but only to further weaken THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY in America ,by destroying whatever  moral and ethical foundations this country rested on.

In this matter they have done quite well. Everywhere you look one can only see the fruits of their labors. The Jews being the major distributors of HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY have turned this once moral nation into a MORAL CESSPOOL. The destruction of our once highly prized PUBLIC SCHOOLS is another indication of their success. 

But the one victory they most prize,in fact their shining trophy,    is :THE BASTARDIZATION OF THE WHITE RACE IN AMERICA!

This in reality has been their only aim from the beginning.

 Their control of the degeneracy produced by their movie moguls in HOLLYWOOD , whom they boast of, has ensured that the  JEWISH-MARXIST filth they manufacture will descend to the very depths of Christian family life and pervert the very essence of TRUE CULTURE .

They have turned THE ART OF CINEMA into a cleverly crafted form of ART BOLSHEVIK ,and in the process determine what is believed and what is  ridiculed in our formerly CHRISTIAN NATION.

The Jews ridicule everything that is religious,decent, moral, and CHRISTIAN ,and have been doing  so from their first appearance among the nations   of the world.

These people are not God’s Chosen anymore than a vulture is chosen to consume carrion.

My Dear Christian folk : There is NO SALVATION , and there is no REDEMPTION until the land we stand on is first redeemed.

Until we cleanse the soil of this blood sucking leech we will be forever cut off from the GRACE of the REDEEMER.

Whatever EVIL exists in this nation ,rest easy ,it can be traced to the Jewish internationalists ,passing themselves off as the

 eternally persecuted religious minority  ;while putting into effect their plans to bring war ,misery ,depravity and financial ruin to all

the decent,hardworking Christians of the world,as well as to all those who have an honest FAITH AND LOVE FOR THE ALMIGHTY!

To you my CHRISTIAN COMRADES,you know this already,  but to those in the CHRISTIAN FAITH COMMUNITY,you  who have difficulty  understanding me with your BRAINS ,I ask you to understand me with YOUR HEARTS! 

 Those of you who continue to make false assumptions about your pastors or clergy ,believing that they are telling you the

truth ,remember if they were speaking the truth would we be now swimming in a sea of ignorance and at the verge of extinction as a FAITH AND AS A PEOPLE?

Do you believe those deceitful and cunning swindlers on THE CHRISTIAN BROADCAST RADIO NETWORKS that trick you into

believing half-truths and downright lies ,in order to enrich themselves at your expense?

What type of Christian can lie to you one minute and then demand that you believe him the next?

What kind of Christian ,   broadcasting his   concerns for the fate of the Christian Community would at the same time deceive that same community with false and misleading calls and pleadings for donations and money?

This is what happens, and it is all done with the clever sleight of hand subtlety that goes well over the heads of the morons in the listening audience.

Who now remembers the  reasons behind the urgent calls for money, made by these crafty scam artists? Now long forgotten,but your money provides them with an easy living,having   betrayed the CAUSE OF CHRIST for the JUDAS WAGE!

Remember this the next time you are listening to any of these pick pockets or are tempted to write them a   check for any reason. DON’T GET TAKEN IN BY THEIR CALLS OF SENTIMENTALITY ,it’s all play acting.

Do you think for a minute those corrupted station managers and the sanctimonious sounding hypocrite: CRAIG MATTSON ,OF REJEWISH RADIO FAME,[RBN]care about anything other than their salaries and bonus? 

 ALL THEIR MINUTES OF GRACE ring hollow when looked at in the context of this planned deception they carry out every day of the week!

The one false assumption that may in fact be more destructive than all others , is to believe that THE ALMIGHTY exists simply to do for us what we are too lazy or cowardly to do for ourselves.

The Almighty will never reward  or even hear the prayers of the stupid ,the lazy ,or the cowardly ,but is always willing to bless the work of the industrious,thrifty and morally straight.HE will never leave decent Christian Folk in the lurch.

In this world of ETERNAL STRUGGLE, we must attack the enemy without ceasing, we must never surrender ,we must never tire ,until the LAND IS REDEEMED and we once again become  created in the IMAGE OF GOD . and  never in the image of THE JEWISH SATAN!



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