Children of Palestina RISE UP!… Your Hour of GLORY has arrived.

My Dear Christian Folk:… If it is true that the Almighty deliberately  blinded the eyes of the Jews so they would not see

the Christ as their  Messiah, and believe and accept Him ,then certainly for the last two thousand years Satan has reciprocated

by blinding  the eyes of the majority in the Christian community , so they might not see and understand the demonic nature of the International  Jewish Conspiracy.

Anyone who knows the Scriptures and has  read them to the end of learning the cause and reasons that led to the  CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS CHRIST cannot fail to see the perfidiousness of the Jewish

Nation. Even a cursory reading of the Gospel narratives indicates that those in opposition to Christ’s ministry opposed Him on the same grounds they opposed all    those sent to them by the Almighty in times past.

It was simply a matter of  satanic malice that Jews harbor towards anyone that is honest,pure,and holy.

 The Gospel of John places Christ in front of  Caiaphas ,the high priest and  sitting in judgement  we see Pilate . But who is it exactly, that is in judgement of whom?

Here Christ is standing in front of them ; the crown of thorns pressing down ,blood dripping from his face ,burning into his

eyes,his back showing the stripes left from being beaten a short while earlier; the very  fulfillment  of ISAIAH 53   taking place in

front of the highest representative of the   Jewish corporation and what words come out of   the high priest’s   mouth ?—“WE HAVE NO KING BUT CAESAR!”  —-

It is Christ who now judges the nation that betrays Him. Caiaphas and through him the Jews in toto have been found  guilty of TREASON , convicted by their own  admission.

 Ironically , Caiaphas ,a few hours later would be in the great TEMPLE of   Jerusalem leading the hymns of the HAGGADAH

praising YAHWE for his regal and kingly traits and attributes.

The Satanic malice  in the hearts of those who  murdered Christ now extends to those  in the Christian  fellowship who have lost  all  sense of   understanding and compassion for their fellow-man   :the Palestinians,fighting not only for their national independence, but for their very existence ,their right to live  in their own homeland.

 The Palestinians are  slowly being  annihilated ,extinguished from off the face of the earth ,in order to accommodate the expansion of living space of the Jewish World plague.

 Whereas conflicts between nations and peoples  come and go, there has never been anything as illogical as the blind support this country gives to the criminal international blood suckers in their determination to destroy a formerly friendly and peaceful people :The Palestinians.

In fact, this has only caused the deaths of thousands of our servicemen fighting to ostensibly win the hearts and minds of the Muslim People  in other formerly friendly nations. Nations whose hatred for

 us has been fanned by our own stupid cowardice and subservience to the international maggots currently destroying the Arab  people of Palestine.

The costs have been incalculable in terms of friendship and respect throughout the world . Not to mention the many billions donated to the JEWISH NATION by those suffering the  economic downturn.

Whereas this may be  difficult to comprehend, it is nothing compared to the abject stupidity of those who call themselves Christians and continue to support The Parasitic Jews in the State of Israel.

These Jews who look at the teachings of Christ ,and in fact any higher morality ,as a subject of ridicule

are somehow worthy of our support, while people who never bothered anyone and  are slowly being  driven off their  land ,murdered in their homes,humiliated at every turn ,and treated as sub-humans are deserving of their dire  fate.  UNBELIEVABLE —,SOMETHING FOR A PSYCHOLOGIST TO INVESTIGATE!

For truly Satan has blinded the eyes of the Christian majority and moreover has paralyzed their sense of compassion,their ability to reason, and so remain  in a state of stupefaction,even to this day!

All true Christians should come to their senses ,if that be possible, and cut off at the purse strings any in the existing churches who continue this psychosis and attempt to rally support in any  way, shape or fashion, for  the atrocities being committed by the ZIONIST VAMPIRES  against the Palestinian Nation.



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