My Dear Christian Folk:    Pathetic as it may  seem  ,there is an element of humor in seeing people  making the same mistakes over and over , and    expecting to see a different result ,a different outcome . There is truth in the adage  :”Hope springs eternal”.

People vote for the candidate of CHANGE    and  then cry when they get it.   People pray for God to send a leader and when a leader comes the people say —“WRONG LEADER,TRY AGAIN!”–

Church leaders  condemn abortion ,they condemn sterilization and all forms of birth control and leave the responsibility for the

caring of all the future misfits  and criminals , as well as the  neurologically damaged offspring that are born as a result , to the gullible morons sitting in the pews of their multi-million dollar churches and who also finance their luxurious private residences.

  People complain about the degeneracy ,the depravity,the high crime rates in our society   ;they complain about the welfare programs which include millions spent for  the extended long-term care and feeding of     children born to parents   suffering  from the HIV/AIDS Virus ,and   have inherited the disease as a consequence.

They complain about the associated costs and the drain on our HEALTH SYSTEM and yet are too stupid to  understand the  connection    between the large number of asocials producing  genetically diseased offspring ,and the amount of money and social services required to pay for their care .

The clergy have a vested interest in the status quo. They couldn’t care less ,as long as the donations and the tithes keep coming in every month ,they are only too happy to keep pitching out to the mindless  church membership  whatever they want to hear.

Abortion doctors ,geneticists, evolutionary biologists ,astronomers ,historians ,all are good targets for the scam artists in the clergy, looking for convenient distractions and something to rally the large number of the gullible  to a cause” GREATER THAN THEMSELVES” — DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!

The average Christian in America  spends about the same amount of time studying the ABORTION ISSUE as he does in deciding which candidate to vote for. [NOT MUCH]..

And when things don’t go his way ,and his candidate of change starts to really make changes ,he’s the first to cry foul.

But it’s never his own stupidity. It’s always   someone else’s fault . He’s been duped by an unfair system. He’s been tricked,unfairly treated ,taken advantage of. The excuses never end.

He continues to look for causes that make him feel good  .

Shut down the abortion clinics, throw all the Muslims in prison ,support a third-party candidate,read the constitution ,tell everyone to do the  same;call the capital switchboard and tell the little jerk answering the phone what you really think!

And who, if anyone, benefits from all this play acting? The scheming gang that prods and pushes  the idiotic  fringe in whatever direction they care to push them. As long as they pay for the privilege of being pushed and prodded.

This is what the morons in the Evangelical Churches really want. Someone to guide them, someone to answer their questions.They are looking for someone to make things easy and just tell them what to believe.

 And the Faithful are gullible and trusting,of that there can be no doubt.

Just read the headlines ;…[ clergy abuse children in their care ;Church pays millions in restitution , pastors, ministers of the Gospel run off with secretary and church funds— ,well-known family values pastor caught with his pants down soliciting prostitutes [male and/or  female] ..–and so on.

and in another article  ; Lo and behold: CHURCH ATTENDANCE IS UP! No doubt, we have gluttons for punishment in all Christian denominations.

But  what  is probably the height of hilarity and stupidity is the blind trust and faith many in the Christian Faith community have for the incredibly deceptive and fraudulent CHRISTIAN RADIO

BROADCASTERS.  And they come in varying shades and  degrees of expertise in the fine art of swindling the less astute in the “STAY AT HOME CHURCH” you know, the homeschooling crowd.

What is baffling is the credence they give to these jokers,never understanding that if gross abuse and deceptive practices occur in every church of  every denomination –what do you think is  going  on behind everyone’s back by these unknown quantities ,operating their con-games behind the microphones in their private little broadcast studios.

If a pastor of a church is not shy to cheat and steal and commit child abuse in a parish where he is  known by the congregation and where he has personal interaction with his flock   —how much more are these fly by night ,trained actors and actresses behind the microphones ,likely to deceive you, and cheat you.?

If a pastor who is known by his church membership ,who has a history with his church ,who may even live in close proximity to 

other  church members,who may share interests and whose family is also part of the community will quite often engage in deceptive practices ,–what do  you think scam artists such as the ones you listen to on the radio will do?

These radio sky jocks are all frauds and pickpockets. They remain unseen,unknown, unbelievable!

If a pastor of a church will rob you, cheat and scam you in full view of his congregation ,where budgets and expenditures are compiled and handed out ,what do you think those who have no

obligation whatsoever to inform anyone as to how they spend the donations they receive from you will do?

This is in fact  the privileges enjoyed by these criminal enterprises on the radio dial that claim to have a ministry : a ministry of lies and deceptions designed to get you to send in to them your hard-earned money.

Money they then use for whatever selfish purpose they desire. Just ask them to send you a detailed statement of financial condition, outlining exactly how the money they collect from the incredibly stupid listening audience is spent!

Of course they will send you nothing of the sort.

How can they, when their operations are nothing more than a cleverly planned means of tricking you into believing that they are involved in a CHRISTIAN MINISTRY, in desperate need of your financial support. The truth is something quite different.

Take the scam outfit called REJEWISH RADIO ,[RBN,PENSACOLA.]

They are currently prepping  the morons and assorted hayseeds in their radio audience for another in a long series of pledge drives.

They will pull out the stops and go full speed ahead in a  two-day pledge drive which in fact is totally unnecessary .

  The money they collect is hardly needed, other than to be used as folding money for the PUBLIC RELATIONS  EXECUTIVES who  wine and dine some of PENSACOLA’S…. high-priced whores .

That’s where most of your donations wind up!…bear in mind that Pensacola  is SIN CITY in the FLORIDA PANHANDLE and what happens in PENSACOLA ,STAYS IN PENSACOLA!

If you want to smarten up ,give these swindlers a listen,but listen carefully to their deceptive pitch and claims.

Listen how vague they are when it comes to supplying the public with a legitimate reason for the money they demand of you.

Listen how they try to threaten you with claims that if they do not get a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time ,they might be forced to suspend the programming ,and then what will you do?  

 Do not fall for their subtle intimidation.  Just call the phone number they  give  you and ask for an explanation as to how exactly they plan to use the money they are demanding.

Christians tend to forget that they know nothing of those  pretending  to have a ministry and simply fall for the usual line of  some very skilled professional actors,hiding behind melancholy and cleverly packaged music and sanctimonious rhetoric.

Don’t fall for this type of nonsense;if you do ,while this may be cause for humor ,remember the JOKE will always be on YOU! 

Remember ,my dear Christian people  : charlatans always gravitate towards other charlatans.


All you really have to do to understand this adage is to listen carefully and never take any of these money-grubbing vultures at face value.

They all have secret agendas that  you are not aware of.

The best example is the VCY AMERICA produced CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING that from time to time opens all three of their in-coming phone lines to the gullible ,easily manipulated listening audience to “FIND OUT WHAT IS IN THEIR HEARTS”

My , touching to know the ARCH-SWINDLER of this claptrap cares so much for the opinions of his HAYSEED audience.

What remains hidden is that a spontaneous opening of phone lines , initiated by a current controversial issue,such as

HEALTHCARE REFORM, is the best way to gauge  the number of listeners they have , and the city and state   they reside in.

 This tells them how effective or popular their deceptive broadcasts are ,and in which market areas  are they having the highest ratings.

This information is of the utmost value ,since it determines the net asset value of their BROADCAST BUSINESS!

And it also gives the marketing executives an opportunity to gauge the ABJECT STUPIDITY of their audience.

It helps them to determine what idiotic products of whatever sort to introduce  into a certain area ,with the best chance for success.

 This is how the criminals operating VCY AMERICA make their money.  Whatever nickel and dime donations they pick up from the morons in the audience is just GRAVY!

This money goes directly to INGRID and helps her furnish her new condo in PANAMA CITY.

 Whenever you hear INGRID or the  in-house stooge JIM SCHNEIDER plead for funds to help the poor ,sick and dying of

AFRICA ,just sit back and have a few laughs at the hypocrisy and the clever, but getting harder for them to conceal ,lies and

contradictions that come from not only their own filthy mouths but from out of their invited GUESTS as well.

Listen to all the CHARITY and FOREIGN MISSIONARY SCAM ARTISTS pitch their tales of woe for the people of INDIA AND AFRICA and listen to LADY BOO-HOO chime in  on the urgency

to send money ,but they never state exactly how much they are donating to all these much-needed causes themselves.

This” foreign missionary” scam is the ultimate in GET RICH QUICK  scheming. All it requires is a WEBSITE ,a title of vice-president ,or reverend [retired pastor] from some make-believe church ,a relationship with INGRID SCHLUETER ,gaining access to many

thousands of easy to swindle yokels and the money starts pouring in.

On a recent VCY BROADCAST ,INGRID invited a typical missionary fund-raising  organizer to her corrupted program ,and after portraying him as someone with a hands on involvement with the suffering souls of  INDIA ,the lying bastard reveals the truth: that he tries to fly to INDIA ,FIRST CLASS about once a  year,And furthermore explains that  INDIA is a great country to visit!  As a tourist,  I’m sure!

When someone called to volunteer to go with him to suffer alongside the HINDUS ,the criminal and  phony   GUEST informed the caller that what was really needed was his  CHECK!

At no time does anyone bother to  ask –why doesn’t INGRID GO HERSELF ,to INDIA OR TO THE SOUTH SUDAN , or at   least send a member of her family ? You know to check on the SOLAR PANELS AND TRANSMISSION TOWERS , remember?

This gal is pure HYPOCRISY!And she gets richer and richer everyday your stupidity fails to see through her.

Afterall what does anyone really know about the MANY TIMES DIVORCED AND REMARRIED INGRID?   She really goes through the men, A real man-eater is she!

Give a listen to the CROSSTALK programming and you might get lucky enough to hear her make her pitch for money  by selling  the morons in her audience ,some poorly written book for a huge donation.

  You can’t mistake her. She has the voice of a female drill instructor at some far away Army Outpost ,somewhere in the Midwest.  Now this is humorous!

And don’t forget to listen to the ring-leader of this gang of fast talking pseudo-Christian hustlers :the venerable VIC ELIASON. Listen to him make his pitch to sell you a copy of THE CONSTITUTION for five dollars a POP.

“Step right up folks , a never before or ever again chance to read the CONSTITUTION ,challenge your friends and enemies in what is really written inside the pages of this little book . All for just five measly dollars , STEP RIGHT UP FOLKS ,STEP RIGHT UP!”

Now that’s FUNNY! In fact if you are looking for some cheap but authentic  humor on the RADIO, go no further than listening to the VCY AMERICA PRODUCED CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING and then followed by THE RBN musical and sanctimonious sounding CRAIG MATTSON ,pulling on your purse strings.

 THE  HUMOR is in how little they regard the intelligence of their listening audience. And why should they, they know their audience is made up of some of the most gullible ,moronic bunch of hayseeds in the country.

And they can be easily fleeced  and  ripped off! 

 But possibly the biggest JOKE being played on many of you is that while pornography is  spreading into every home  and moral depravity grows daily across the country ,the ones responsible  for all this are portrayed as GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE.

The Jews clever enough to maintain dual citizenship ,facilitating their  plunder of the savings and pensions of the American workers can only laugh up their sleeves while the idiots in the CHURCH go around acting as cover for these parasites.



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