My  Dear Christian  Folk:       One  cannot claim blindness  by simply  refusing to open   the  eyelids.    In many  reported

cases, blindness  can    be  self-induced  ,but what  quite often goes unrealized  or untreated   is when  one refuses to

see things as they truly  are,preferring only to see things as   they  would like them to be. This too is a form of blindness or impaired vision.

If this condition persists long enough and  among large numbers of people, the effects on the general society can be devastating.

In a world where people honored their word this would have less impact ,but reality shows something very different.

 Many  who continue to trust those  in positions of political power have yet to understand the nature of American style politics.

This is clearly evident in the day by day sense of growing frustrations ,that people rightfully feel when they see first hand the connivance and corruption that exist in our system of two-party politics.

The first inclination people have   is to the telephone. When the confusion or heated sense of despair rises up, the average

Christian feels the need to vocalize and tell the double-crossing scoundrels  in Congress ,exactly how they feel.

They usually never stop to think that this emotion clouds their ability to think.  And in fact is being deliberately promoted by

those in the small fry Christian  media   and   their  stooges claiming  to have the best interests of the Christian Community at heart.

The perception here ,is to believe in their sincerity and good will,trusting in their knowledge of the legal framework that  guides   the political battles we witness daily.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

 All it takes is to examine logically, the first thing these self-appointed guardians of THE PEOPLE’S RIGHTS demand people do.   –And that is to call the  Capitol switchboard, and ask to leave a message for your Congressman or representative.

 All that is accomplished is a release of pent-up anger and emotion, and little else.

What goes hidden from view would be enough to forever dissuade a concerned Christian caller from ever again attempting to express their voice of concern in the future.

When a call is made and answered  by either the receptionist or switchboard operator the first thing  they do is to  identify  the caller ,not by name, but by demographic or group.

When they become certain that it is a  CONCERNED CHRISTIAN wanting to vent his opinion ,he is immediately placed on the same list of names with all the other delusional and deranged callers for the day.

This call  may result in   a form letter being issued  from your congressman but  it is common knowledge by those in WASHINGTON, that all calls from THE CHRISTIAN HAPPY CLAPPY CROWD are simply ignored as being part of the large ,unwashed, impotent crowd of hayseeds.


In other words you have allowed yourself to  become an object of ridicule. This is in no small part due to the abject stupidity of the CHRISTIAN CALLERS to the capitol office and their local yokel patterns of

speech,not to mention the lack of knowledge either in the details of the  Bill or legislative proposal at hand or  in  the legislative workings  and political procedures involved. 

All this serves to make THE DAY for all the administrative staff that gleefully delight in the stupid sounding morons ,claiming to be  CONCERNED CHRISTIANS : Born again !

The usual reference the administrative staff reserve for this type of caller is ,ANOTHER BORN AGAIN IDIOT CALLED! and they  all share notes  of all  the  idiotic remarks they hear ,during the course of the day.

 What Christians must begin to understand is that if calling had any impact in the legislative process or if a large number of phone calls regarding a particular issue could make a difference, the professional swindling politicians would never allow it !

If it could work or influence an issue ,they wouldn’t allow it in the first place.

The simple truth is that all the criminal politicians love the fact that their constituency is taking the time to call their office. It means to them that a great deal of STEAM is being released into the cold air.

And this is what they really want and hope for. An electorate that believes the SYSTEM WORKS by allowing them to have input into the political process.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The American people have short memories and are easily tricked every november for them to worry about anything. The tea party is another example of the dumbed down morons getting a chance to exercise their God  given  right to hoot and holler !

If  Christian Americans wanted to really spook the Criminals in WASH.D.C. they would remain  completely silent.

Silence can really be   deafening! SILENCE can be enough to make the criminals in WASHINGTON D.C.

wonder about what exactly the great unwashed proletariat are up to. Silence may in fact give them a chance to reflect on the punishment usually meted out to political criminals and traitors.

 Silence can  create  in their imaginations , the staccato sound of the FIRING  SQUAD,  seem more  of a reality.

The constant rat-tat -ta sound ,at least in their dreams ,just might unnerve them enough  to do  what’s right by the AMERICAN PEOPLE ,whom they have never helped ,but have sworn to serve.

The same holds true for the professional religion hustlers operating in the NATION’S CHURCHES and  behind the microphones of the pseudo-Christian religion BROADCASTERS, such as THE RBN , Pensacola  RADIO SWINDLERS , and their confederates at VCY AMERICA BROADCASTING.

What holds true in the nation’s capitol ,holds true here,

 as well.  The same opinions that are shared by the criminal politicians are also shared by the professional money-grubbing scam artists running the programming at the various broadcast studios ,from coast to coast.


 RBN AND VCY AMERICA ARE JUST TWO OF THOUSANDS OF PROFESSIONAL SWINDLERS ,living off the generosity of all the small town hicks in their listening audience.

Just learn to say NO to all of their phony sentimental calls for you to donate money to their criminal operations.

How do you know what they are doing with all the millions they draw in from unsuspecting,naive thinking idiots all of the country that send them their hard-earned money?

Where in the Bible does it say that a CHRISTIAN IS SOMEHOW OBLIGATED to support the luxury or immoral lifestyles of these pseudo CHRISTIAN hustlers ? So why do all of you still refuse to open your eyes and face reality and if past history is a guide you can readily see just how depraved these BASTARDS can get!

INGRID AND CRAIG AND GORDY AND VIC are names of those who live totally off of your generosity because you refuse to open your eyes and to see them for what they are.

They provide you with nothing but hot air and falsehoods and you wish to reward them for so doing!


What they portray over the airwaves has nothing to do with reality. What do you really know about INGRID SCHLUETER or CRAIG MATTSON or VIC ELIASON?

So why do you take their word for anything?

They in fact are very rich folks ,thanks to your  generosity.

If you want things to change for the better you must start by looking at life in real terms,not how you think CHRISTIANS SHOULD BEHAVE ,but how they really are!


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