“Art not thou also one of this man’s disciples”?

My  Dear Christian Folk:    During the final hours in the life of Christ ,we read of an act of betrayal and one of supreme denial.

 Both events  appear to us in their reading  as being incomprehensible ,until we  separate the two and see them in  a  spiritual context ,and in their intended meaning for us today.

The main difference in these two acts of infamy  is that the  three-time denial of Christ  by Simon Peter was based on pure fear for his life. Crucifixion was not an easy  way to die.   The spur of the moment accusation on the part of Caiaphas’ chambermaid must have rattled this otherwise stalwart among the disciples.

Judas held the purse. And herein lies the difference. Judas felt as he had been betrayed ,following Jesus for about three years ,and then realizing that he had nothing to show for it ,but maybe callous feet. 

His realization that Jesus had a death wish did not exactly fit into his perception of what a Messiah should be.

Why follow a loser ?    The party was over ,Judas thought, so why not make a few bucks in compensation for the dire disappointment and the lost time. 

 Thirty pieces of silver from the  Pharisees  hardly provided recompense  ,but it was more than anyone else was offering. And so he took the money and betrayed his teacher, his leader. THE MONEY IS THE DIFFERENCE!

But what Judas represents in scripture is more than just a  false disciple ,calculating   his best interests,  what  Judas Iscariot represents is  the JEWISH NATION IN TOTO . 

 The very name JUDAS   is name specific  in its connotation and applies to THE JEWS ,or the  people of Judah.  Judas is a  scriptural ” type “,linked to prophecy ,that the Jews would first  betray their own king and then have Him murdered.

   The prophetic imagery doesn’t end but comes down to us today in its many and varied forms.

How many today in the Churches have been denied and betrayed by the  false disciples  in positions of leadership?

How many Christians today have been denied help and assistance during  these difficult days by the weak and cowardly pastors and ministers claiming to represent the BODY OF CHRIST?

How many in the CLERGY have consorted with THE ENEMIES OF JESUS CHRIST for pay and profit as did JUDAS ISCARIOT two thousand years ago?

 If you were to  simply analyse the facts as they are ,the truth would be  unmistakable .

Everywhere you look one sees nothing but treason, greed , immorality,lies and deceptions ,and  a hypocrisy that cries out to the heavens for justice ,and all this ,in THE CHURCH ,in the body of Christ.

Is   there  a  lesson for us today  ?  As Christ allowed himself to be betrayed by a lowlife Jew [ Judas] and humiliated   by his closest confidant[Peter]   who in no uncertain terms ,and in a loud 

boisterous manner denied any knowledge of the one who once called him THE ROCK OF HIS CHURCH   ,so do the traitors

and greedy criminals in the Church ,who come with lying purpose in order to betray and humiliate those in the Christian community of today.

My  Dear Christian Folk:   When  those in positions of church leadership ,or anyone who claims to be  by virtue of the fact that they have access to the eyes and ears  of the Christian

public ,attempts to mislead ,cheat,lie ,steal or otherwise abuse or take advantage of the gullibility existing within that same

community it is in fact the same as betraying  and mocking the Lord during His final hours.

The only way to understand this phenomena is to carefully evaluate everything you see and HEAR, from the mouths of those who attempt to influence your thinking in all spiritual matters.

The control that Christian broadcasters have over the minds of the incredibly naive and unsuspecting in their listening

audiences ,is only one of many avenues of religious connivance that profits from the delusion and stupidity that they spread on a daily basis.

 But here again the blame must be shared by all those who refuse to see things as they truly are and not as hoped for.

 Recently a well know  Christian radio station RBN, [wpcs,  Pensacola] to be exact , once again executed a successful two-day SHARE-A-THON ,–that’s how they like to portray it,and by so

doing pulled the wool over the eyes of large numbers of gullible unsuspecting hayseed type listeners ,believing they were supporting a viable Christian ministry ,a work of the Lord.

  The word MINISTRY infers  a “MINISTER”   ,and are there any ordained ministers involved in the RBN radio station?

Is Craig Mattson ,the leading personality of this pre-recorded radio theatre an ordained minister?

Are  any of those who hustled the audience to call in with their  pledges   ministers of the GOSPEL? 

 In fact the only ones in charge of this preordained swindle  were a clever hayseed sounding bunch of fundraisers ,contracted by the backroom pseudo Christian religion hustlers to pressure the

idiots in their audience to send in as much as could be squeezed out of them.

This was cleverly handled by a smooth talking gang of con artists known in CHRISTIAN RADIO CIRCLES as CALEB AND THE MOONSHINE BOYS!

These jokers are crafty and clever.  Employing stooges and shills to call in with a pledge and a challenge for others to  pledge  the same amount and offering to double the original pledge if the  intended amount was reached  within a thirty minute time frame.

What the morons listening  do not realize is that all these pledges followed by a conditional challenge ,are as phony as the  day is long.

An anonymous pledge by a donor somewhere in the audience can never be believed, especially since a PLEDGE is just that,a pledge : it can be  cancelled at any time.

What decent Christians need to understand is that when calls for donations are made by these RADIO SCAM ARTISTS , and money is taken out of the community of the faithful ,it means that the local churches will receive that much less for the year. 

It means that local churches that have a  TRUE MINISTRY ,trying to  meet the real needs of their communities   recovering  from the effects of the economic downturn ,will have that much less money to operate and to help the truly needy.

 But the money that does wind up in the wallets of these professional pick pockets will be used to promote the  immorality and the whoredom that thrives on these double talking swindlers ,right there in their local PENSACOLA COMMUNITY.


 and his whiskey boys frequent and patronize when the public’s back is turned.

These are the jokers all of you credulous types support with your hard-earned money!

Usually at the end of one of their many PLEDGE DRIVES,  Caleb and  the boys ,head for their favorite HIGH END  sea food

restaurant  [private dining area] and order LOBSTER and crab and all the best seafood that PENSACOLA HAS TO OFFER ,those with the  money that is.  

 This is where they unwind from another hectic two-day fund-raiser ,and having met their goal ,they can now relax and congratulate themselves for another job [swindle] well done!

Drinks all around, and the best  for THE BOYS and all the hired female help that facilitated the con-job with their cutesy,folksy  Southern twang . So much better to trick the jerks in their audience.

And of course ,for all  money sent in to them they will profusely thank you ,for the next few weeks only ,and then the squeeze begins again.

Many of these Southern dames you hear on RBN are in fact married to wealthy JEWS ,  now if this isn’t AN ABOMINATION ,then I don’t know the meaning of the word!

After the two-day swindle they all head their separate ways ,Caleb and the moonshine boys jump into their pickup trucks or their HARLEYS and go back to shacking   up with the  usual  fun-loving gals that always attend an out-of-town church. SOUND FAMILIAR?

And those deeply concerned  for THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST-Southern babes ,head off to meet their JEW  HUSBANDS AND LOVERS ,waiting with another piece of jewelry . That’s more than they ever got from their former plough-boy husbands, they divorced a long time ago.  


Of course these jokers never get around to explaining where the money collected actually goes. It’s always to meet a deficit or operating expenses. That of course can meet anything!

It really means ENTERTAINMENT EXPENSES.. afterall ,there’s  travel and out-of-town lodging  and expensive dinners and gifts to be purchased for friends and family alike and so on.

Someone has to pay for all this, someone has to RELOAD THE ENTERTAINMENT CREDIT CARD with bucks, and that someone will always be you,my stupid , gullible,easy to swindle AMERICAN fool!

Then CRAIG MATTSON needs to be paid and a BONUS as well, for all the hard work that he does. It’s not easy reading from PROVERBS or giving us the DAILY DILLY BOP!

Then there’s the INCREDIBLE SENIOR CITIZEN Don Smith. This guy has psychic powers ,a  charismatic gift to be sure.  He is the elderly sounding professional actor they hired to give all the

 elderly in the listening audience   an insuring  voice   to calm any suspicions from the OLD FOLKS in their idiotic audience. HE CAN ALSO DIAGNOSE ILLNESSES and  give remedies ,so why  worry about medicare? JUST LISTEN TO DON AND BE SURE TO TAKE HIS ADVICE!

But what about the claims that these southern babes make about CHRIST HONORING PROGRAMMING AND THEIR MUSIC MINISTRY?

 Well we have endless renditions of “AINT GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE  NO LONGER ” and let’s not forget CRAIG MATTSON’S VERY OWN PICK OF THE WEEK: “If I ver a ritz man ya da da da da da da di”

He loves that song!  Very Christ honoring!  don’t make me laugh, In fact listening to REJEWISH RADIO ,RBN ,you will probably do a lot of laughing. SO PLEASE GIVE THEM A LISTEN!

And then again CRAIG loves to play the sounds of BIRDS CHIRPING IN THE MEADOWS,LAMBS BLEATING, COWS MOOING ,all very inspiring,reason enough to give CRAIG HIS BONUS!

My friends ,these jokers are simply making fun of you while they fleece and swindle you out of your money. don’t let them get away with it! 

The only good thing about a pledge drive is that a PLEDGE is not a legal obligation ,so if any of you were dumb enough to make a pledge for God’s sake just cancel it when they start  demanding  payment.

You are under no obligation to comply with their trickery!

If you really want to laugh just call them on the phone and tell them you plan to visit their studios and further explain that you made a PLEDGE and you are now taking them at their word that this makes you one of their PARTNERS!

And as a   FINANCIAL PARTNER you have a right to gain access to the studio grounds and meet with all your other PARTNERS! What a joke these low life jerks play on  the public.

It’s time my dear Christian Faithful to just say NO to all these  money-grubbing vultures and refuse their demands for money.

But they are only one of many pseudo-Christian religion outfits that operate across this country and they vary in their clever outreach and pitches they make .

If you want a little variety just stay tuned to the dial and another clever gang of radio misfits comes  aboard for your LISTENING INSPIRATION. It’s the ever popular CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING

produced in the VCY RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK ,starring the

three gifted scam artists [VIC,INGRID,JIM]….that try to convince you that they are providing you vital information,concerning the welfare of your church,community, family ,nation and so on.

What they  engage in is a lot of banter designed to excite the gullible morons in their vast audience.

Their ultimate goal is to remain popular and so expand their  radio network of lies and deceit and half-truths.

  This is their stock in trade ;the more they expand, the easier it is to obtain loans ;the wider their audience  stupid enough to believe

the incredibly conniving ringleaders of this gang of cheats  ,that they also have a GODLY MINISTRY sic.; the easier it becomes to

demand money from the listeners or sell them useless reading and listening material. And so they grow richer everyday.Thanks again to the abject stupidity of their radio  audience.

Whereas  the average person with a modicum of intelligence can easily see through their  falsehoods and the twisting of facts and  

Bible verses ,tactics they use  on  the easily  duped stooges in the  listening audience ,what goes unnoticed is the mental state of the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF THIS SHOW.

This lady is one of the three co-hosts  and easily draws a crowd with her overcharged  inflammatory rhetoric.

 Now one may wonder whether this is purely theatrics on her part or does this represent something that runs much deeper.?

 My background in psychology leads me to believe that INGRID is dealing with a deep personality problem in her daily life and it manifests itself in the course of her radio broadcasting.

This conclusion is a result of listening to her presentations and opinions over a period of time and it now is clear and evident that

INGRID SCHLUETER [co-host and producer of VCY AMERICA’S CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING] fits the major criteria for a condition known as ; OBSESSIVE compulsive personality disorder with histrionic elements.

 Here are the criteria : A. restricted ability to express warm and tender emotion,unduly conventional,serious ,formal,stingy.

B.  Tendency to be easily slighted and quick to take offense.

C. Social isolation E.G. no close friends or confidants,social  contacts limited to essential everyday tasks.

This is MRS.INGRID SCHLUETER in a nut shell!

Just give her a listen and note how easily she takes offense when a caller disagrees with her ,or  when her audience doesn’t respond at all.

 Recently she invited a true scam artist on her show  posing as a deeply concerned missionary leader to INDIA . 

 When the audience refused to play her game ,having easily seen the con artist for what he was ,she become angry at the audience

for being so brazen as to avoid calling in to her show  to speak  with the  professional scammer and her devoted stooge.

  She expressed her anger by stating :”how dare you not call and speak with my cheat and con artist after I went to the trouble of BOOKING HIM ON MY SHOW”..!Yes ,how dare they….

many in her audience see her for what she is, a demented ,isolated cheat and swindler ,interested in only her own lifestyle of unearned riches ,and the hell with anyone else.

 But should we condemn her ,or simply pity her and recommend she visit a competent analyst? That is the question. I’ll leave that question for YOU to decide!

But please listen to  CROSSTALK ,vcy produced call in talk show ,and you will never be disappointed with the humor and the simpleminded deceit they push on the gullible hillbillies in their audience. 

When the phone lines are opened and you hear the callers and their deranged opinions ,that’s when you realize how truly damaging these jokers are to the mental  health of the CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY at large.


And the swindlers eventually believe their own scam and wind up sounding like DEAR INGRID!



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