RAISE UP A CHILD.. And Swindle his parents.

My  Dear Christian Folk:     The importance of protecting children from those that would  abuse their innocence  and physical well-being can never be overstated.  

  Parents ,understandably, wanting to transfer the blessings of Christian morality   ,faith ,virtue and teaching  to their children,  and believe it to be a simple matter of its teaching ,soon learn :it’s easier said than done!

Even non-believing parents understand the value of raising children to be honest and morally straight ,but can that come by instruction  ,or by example ?

This is why it’s a very hard thing to accomplish . If it were easy then  our   current situation would be very different .

Teaching  even the youngest children by  the example set by their parents   requires the parents to practice what they preach in all things.

 Children are keenly aware and highly perceptive of falsehoods and hypocrisy . Their discernment is certainly the equal of adults,  if not more so ,in matters of faith ,and the fundamental  logic  in  deciding, “RIGHT FROM WRONG”

 But what can a parent truly teach a child regarding the basic fundamental  teachings of the Christian Faith without   harming the child’s understanding of the world, and  the  environment  he finds himself in?

Can  parents  use children’s books that are hardly distinguishable  in  a child’s mind from all the other books at his disposal?

Whereas  a  child ,even at a very young age   can easily discern the difference between fact and fiction from the  trial and error

method that comes naturally to him ;  discerning the difference between the     FLOOD STORY ,and the TOWER  OF  BABEL STORY   from  his DR. SEUSS ANTHOLOGY, is to be sure, beyond  the ability of his yet to mature brain.

So why  should Christian  parents  go to the expense of buying such books if in  the mind of a child they have the same significance as Aesop’s fables?

 Then of course there are parents that go right for the hard stuff,right off the bat.

The old fundamentalist   story, lovingly  told ,to a  five or six-year-old that  if he should die after telling a lie he will spend eternity in the Black flames of hell and never get out!


  That reminded him of the time his father  punished him by  forcing him into a dark closet with the mops and brooms and telling him he would never get out until he stopped his 

 screaming ,crying and asking to watch TELEVISION or play with his toys ,rather than having to clean his room or to stop hitting his baby sister.

How does anyone with a modicum  of commonsense think children  act ,at the age of  four,five or six?

But if parents want to do this ,they should be able to explain to them the reasoning behind BURNING IN ETERNAL HELL, as a consequence of lying to GRANDMA about stealing a few extra  chocolate  chips.

That’s a pretty big price to pay for a TUMMY ACHE!

  The truth is that in the lives of  young adults ,or even among  those yet struggling through their adolescence      , they will   resist  giving in to whatever temptation they may face in their young

Christian lives ,even at the point of social isolation and rejection by their peers ,simply on the basis that not  to do so ,would break the hearts of their two loving and caring and merciful parents. And for no

other reason.  They were taught well !   Taught by the personal and loving examples set by their truly Christian parents.   There’s no other way!

Christianity, in all of its forms, and doctrinal teachings and dogmas can never be taught out of a book  to anyone ,including your own children  ,anymore than you can teach your child to grow up to be a violin virtuoso ,or an artist. 

Christianity is more of an ART FORM ,and as such can only be taught   as in music and art, by example, by THE MASTER’S TOUCH!

 Here, one can only do what is in the best interest of the child ;always expressing kindness ,and loving honesty and above all with an understanding that a child is  simply a child.

 Teaching a child that “God so loved the world”… that  He drowned everyone in it, including the little doggies and cute little kittens, will not endear the mind of a child to anything other than to view

conventional Baptist and  Evangelical beliefs as mere fables, designed to corner and cower all those who love life and its  pleasures .

 And they as a consequence will reject the Gospel of Christ   ,given to mankind  to liberate  humanity  , and not to enslave it.

The real challenge is to see how well all those who believe in raising a child according to Biblical principles are doing.

Do they believe in stoning their disobedient children according to Old Testament DOGMA?

Would they murder their rebellious children if they could get away with it?

Should adulterers be stoned to death according to HOLY WRIT?

What I find ironic is how much Christian fundamentalists despise modern-day muslims for their cruelty and hard-hearted  approach  for  those who break KORANIC LAW ,when all they are

doing is conforming themselves to the very  Old Testament beliefs that are  esteemed so highly by all the idiots in the various Baptist ,Evangelical denominations in this country.  It’s pathetic to the point of laughter!

If you really want to convince your son or daughter that they risk burning in hell for all ETERNITY ,for sins such as lying ,stealing some extra cookies and dropping the crumbs on GRANDMA’S

highly polished linoleum kitchen floor and blaming the dog for committing the crime ,then go ahead  and do it. SCARE THE DAYLIGHTS  out of them for not confessing .

 And all you will be doing is  helping to turn them into two weak-minded ,highly neurotic individuals ,vulnerable to every perverted child abuser they encounter in their pathetic lives.

In fact this may very well be the underlying  basis to the  child abuse scandal ,currently rocking the ROMAN CHURCH.

This church for centuries ,instilled all manner of fear and trepidation into the young impressive and gullible minds of the

youngsters placed in their charge . This fear  ,based on feelings of guilt and concern for the eternal burning  of their immortal souls ,

so weakened their ability to discern what is morally acceptable and what  constitutes  criminal behavior  on the part of the priests and  Religious, they had grown up respecting with  unconditional fear.

Is this the situation ,all the morons in the  Evangelical , Baptist crowd want to reproduce in the lives of their own children?

 If you simply want someone to preach to ,try preaching to yourself and let your children grow up as normal as possible.

That obviously is not an easy task but Christians only make things ten times worse by creating inconsistencies and

contradictions in the minds of their young charges  in  spiritual matters, by pushing SCRIPTURE down their young throats ,at a time when they should be free to learn and explore the world they  were brought into    ,free of confusion and doubts about their parents abilities to raise them honestly.

How are you going to explain to your  nine-year old daughter that

people go to hell and burn forever  when they die ,because five or six thousand years ago ,ADAM AND EVE disobeyed  GOD and ate a piece of fruit they weren’t supposed to?

“Why weren’t they supposed to and did GOD KNOW IN ADVANCE THEY WOULD DO IT?”


 ” So why did HE let them do it DADDY?”

 –BECAUSE HE is a merciful God and doesn’t want anyone to die

or perish or BURN IN HELL FIRE !  That’s why ,  dear daughter.” –“See HE gave them away out of all this mess that went on in the

GARDEN with that nasty talking SNAKE “, But first  everybody  would have to wait for just the right time to make it up to

JEHOVAH!”  “–OH I see daddy” ..” That’s why we go to the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH ,right down the  street,so we can make it all up with JEHOVAH..”     And undo what was done in the GARDEN ,because of that NASTY TALKING SNAKE!”

 Even to a nine-year old this story sounds ludicrous ,can an intelligent adult fare any better?

But this is what every serious fundamentalist BIBLE  BELIEVER has to reconcile in the basic teachings that explain the major issues of life and death and the hereafter.


Unfortunately, the Christian community in America has to deal with every brand of charlatanism ,that the   incredibly evil-minded

pseudo Christian religion hustlers can dream up ,in order to trick you,cheat you and deceive you.

 You can hear it everyday coming loud and clear over the RADIO AIRWAVES.

And there is nothing they will refrain from doing in order to exploit your gullibility and your abject stupidity,especially when it comes  to understanding THE SACRED WRITINGS FOUND IN THE NEW

TESTAMENT and the Bible in general.  This material must be read by those with an understanding of the times in which they were first written , as well as  a  knowledge of  the context and   original language. —FEW CAN DO THIS!

They will resort  to hiring professional actors to portray themselves as serious-minded BIBLE BELIEVERS ,they will invite paid stooges to their radio programs to sell you useless reading material

at huge markups ,they will attempt to create emotions that will lead to you empathizing with their false ministry ,as they like to portray it to all the gullible idiots in their listening audience.

It may take a while, but for someone with average intelligence ,it becomes obvious that many of these religion hustlers are only out to make a fast buck off of your stupidity.

The endless hawking of poorly written books and other poorly researched material is an easy way for them to take advantage of the morons who depend on them ,for vital information effecting our SCHOOLS,CHURCHES  ,FAMILIES  and NATION!

Some of these highly paid and well-organized swindlers hire senior citizens such as MR.DON SMITH who works for THE RBN RADIO NETWORK . This character sounds like he was sent over from CENTRAL CASTING .  He could be the MAYOR OF MAYBERRY or at least  had the role on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW.

Don’t fall for this guy’s con. He’s as phony as a FOUR DOLLAR BILL!

He fits in well with all the other actors and conceited disk jockeys you hear on a daily basis on the incredibly deceptive CHRISTIAN RADIO PROGRAMMING . These pickpockets live very well ,and all at your expense.

Treat your children with respect and  love and they just may  show up at your funeral with tears in their eyes.

 Abuse them ,disrespect them ,treat them as if they  were your property , deceive them ,show them what a hypocrite you are and shamefully beat them to get your WAY with them and all you will look forward to is a cold-unlamented grave ,and your children anxiously awaiting the reading of your LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT!  eager to dispose of the few meager assets you most assuredly will leave behind!


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