My Dear Christian Folk:   The greatness of a prophet is  not only  in his ability to see into the future ,but in his ability to explain the present.

The future holds less interest in the minds of   Christians and secularists, than how to best deal with the problems at hand.

Trying to discern prophetic certitude  from out of  sacred scripture may convince a few ,but will more than likely be countered by other  equally convincing insights from other quarters.

One glance back into world history clearly  indicates  the truth, that for most people ,the future ,with all its dark forebodings can never overcome the joy of the moment.

One of the earliest examples of this  can be seen in an adjunct to  Homer’s  poem ,The Iliad.   Describing how after ten years of  bloody warfare , the great city of Troy finally was destroyed ,not by force of arms ,but by stealth.

This city , Homer describes as  ‘Troy, the fair city  ‘;built with impregnable walls and high towers ,and blessed with beautiful and obedient women,eager to please their husbands  , faithfully sitting at the  loom ,  spinning  cloth of purple dye and  weaving rugs   of golden hue.

 Troy ,the land of  HORSE TAMERS and loyal sons.

But on the fateful morning when the populace looked out on the plains of  their FAIR CITY and saw nothing but a wooden horse 

staring back at them ,surely they asked ,”where are those that sought to destroy us “?

—We no longer need to fear ,we outlasted them” Time to party ,drag the horse inside the city gates and offer it to POSEIDEN the  god of the sea and  swift  horses.  —  And let the wine flow. we deserve it!’

But there was a dissenting voice, the  prophetess  Cassandra,who with twitching fear warned her countrymen that this Horse ,this

intended” Gift  “was a ruse ,a cover for further aggression,and if brought within the city gates ,death,pillage ,slaughter and slavery would surely come upon the noble people of Homer’s fair city.

But the people of Troy would not relent or listen to her  sobbing pleas.

 What was important here for the Trojans   was  that the war was finally over,the bloodshed had ceased ,the enemy was clearly gone  and would never return again ,or so they wistfully, desperately wanted to

believe.     The” gift to the people ”   a sure  token of the apparent victory over an intrepid enemy ,that crossed sea and storm with a thousand ships to   bring misery and slavery to a people ,predestined by the gods for destruction.


….All the many prophecies and warnings written   , that foretold the destruction of Jerusalem, and the GREAT TEMPLE  erected at  its exact center , were not enough to prevent the eventual

destruction and demolition brought upon it at the hands of the Roman general Titus, in ca. 67  A.D.

  — Prophecy can   only do  so much and has many times been of limited value.

     Great prophecy is not a monopoly found only in OLD WORLD writings ,but in our own hemisphere great predictions and prophetic visions   played a  significant  role in the history of the indigenous peoples of North  America.  

The   Aztecs possessed a long history of prophecy and dire warnings about the future ,found in their folklore ,that clearly and accurately described the emissaries of the gods ,the very  ones  that were intended  to usher in their national extinction :THE SPANIARDS.

“Why have you come here , Lord Cortez ? Why have you crossed the great river ,what need have you and your companions of us? –”  This question revealed a sense of insecurity ,lurking  deep within the breast of the AZTEC  Chief ,Moctezuma.  And Cortez quickly took note .

“We have come great lord of the great Mechica nation because we are sick and have come looking to be cured of our illness.” 

Please note:  — The name “Aztec “came into use many years after the conquest of Mexico . The original name of  the indigenous peoples that  greeted Cortez   was MECHICAS , from which the  word  MEXICO is derived.- 

” ILLNESS…,you said Lord Cortez  ? –Yes great one ,all white men suffer equally with this affliction and we beseech you to help us in  our eternal search for the cure, lest we die here in this Land of valley and high peaks . “

“And how may I help you lord  of man and       large deer?”

The Indians had never seen a horse and  comically  thought the  mounted riders were half man and half giant deer.

” My dearest  Lord Moctezuma , greatest of the Mechica nation ,we implore you for this cure ,and once cured of this dreaded illness we  greatly suffer from ,we shall surely return to our native lands  across the great river”

With a certain sense of  relief Moctezuma coyly asked ” And pray tell  Lord Cortez ,what will cure you, and what is the cure you seek from us’?

” Dearest friend , lord of the people, our illness can only be cured when we touch    YELLOW  GOLD!.  Gold is the only thing that cures the dreaded and life threatening  illness all White men suffer from, and so we seek it ,so that we may live in health ,and return to our shores across the  great river” 

 “” Gold , You said Gold ? Is that all you seek  ?  ” Come and see the rooms filled   of  the  soft glowing metal we store away to be used in our latrines, as we expand our empire . 

 The more slaves we acquire the greater the need for public facilities and The yellow metal molds easier and can be easily seen

 at a distance ,having a penetrating lustre that  cannot be missed .  Not even by the stupid OLMECS who usually defecate in the forests or by the side of road”

And so the friendship between Moctezuma and Cortes rapidly grew ,extending to an invitation from Cortez to splash The mighty Moctezuma with a pail  of water, to save his lost soul.

And on second thought it might be better to perform the baptism in SEVILLE ,across the great river ,to be seen and witnessed  by all Spaniards.

In any event, the dire warnings and prophecies regarding the destruction of the great Mechica empire became less important to Moctezuma. Prophecies that white gods would descend from the

stars ,wearing beards and riding strange  beasts.   all this became a subject for conservatives to worry about in the  distant future. For now Moctezuma had made a great friend ,who called him great and worthy and kingly etc. 

 FLATTERY  was  a weapon liberally used upon the gullible  Indian  emperor .

All went  well, until another Indian spoiled the party  for the Castilians . The great CUAHTEMOC ,a name so highly revered in today’s  Mexican culture ,that it comes in second only to the BLESSED MOTHER,the  Virgin  Mary of GUADALUPE!

No greater names can be found in Mexico today  than CUAUHTEMOC and THE GUADALUPANA.

Who was this INDIAN  ? He was not TONTO’S BROTHER , he  was  MOCTEZUMA’S NEPHEW and next in line to the throne.

 He was not the gullible type. He caught on  early in the game, and turned the tables on the over eager SPANIARDS.

He looked square into the face of the Spaniard  CORTEZ and shouted ” YOU LIE, BOY!”

“You folks are here to rob us ,to convert us to your own gods , to kill us and take our women for your personal slaves.”

He vowed not to let it happen on his watch and took control away from the venerable Moctezuma  ; arming his braves to the hilt ,   telling them the straight story ,they initiated a full frontal attack on the

  unsuspecting Spaniards ,caught  off guard and very outnumbered.

This cost the Spanish expeditionary force greatly ,and so they retreated to lick their wounds.

This  victory of the indigenous over the White Europeans was hailed down through the centuries as a point of pride for all Mexicans . Mexicans who refused to be tricked by the conniving

and thieving foreigners . In fact ,what was Cortez doing in Mexico . ? –He was in fact an undocumented illegal immigrant and  deserving to be flayed alive.

When Cortez and his soldiers were ushered into the treasure rooms to handle the YELLOW GOLD that extended to the very ceilings ,what do you think they were thinking at that moment?

According to the archivists of the conquest ,Cortez and his band  started to weaken at the knees,they had never seen so much GOLD !

They became giddy and could hardly put two words together,their dreams were realized . They found the mother lode in the Americas . Cortez immediately took control and proceeded

to continue the flattery ,assuring the Indian chief that all they needed to do was touch the yellow metal and in fact they were remarkably feeling better already!

What remains of the vast Aztec Empire can be seen in two large and very impressive pyramids near mexico city. Very little else remains outside the national museum of anthropology.

Their temples destroyed ,their wealth plundered ,the language remains to be fully reconstructed. The people themselves have simply been sponged clean from the landscape of Mexico and the

VALLEY of Texcoco ,where they ruled unchallenged for almost three hundred years..  From their capitol city, TENOCHTITLAN they ruled a vast area and employed millions of slaves.

And now nothing remains of this once great empire . As barbaric as it was ,it was no more so, when compared to the merciless fury that gripped the Spaniards in the ensuing years .

 Ripping the Indians apart with their swords of TOLEDO steel ,with one penetrating stab to the testicles and one  upward stroke to the throat ,the indian was quickly disemboweled by this weapon of mass destruction.

And the blood flowed  . Appearing as a scene from  Armageddon ,the horses danced in puddles of blood flowing from the Indian abdomens ,ripped apart and  left mangled on the wide  valley floor of TEXCOCO.

What exactly happened with the Stalwart brave Cuauhtémoc?

 He was captured   finally, and  saluted for his bravery . He was given a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the  Castilians .

They read him an  edict from the Spanish king ,advising the Indian  of the REQUIREMENT  all   needed to hear.

The King declared that henceforth all Indians  should be treated honorably and respected and their lives guaranteed. All Spaniards must obey this ruling.

The only “requirement “was that they convert to Christianity ,in order to obtain this great benefit to their existence.

Cuauhtémoc refused!.. Resulting in his live cremation  and over the many pleadings from the Spaniards who admired  his great courage ,that he should relent and accept the Gospel .

Cuauhtémoc refused!  And so lives on  in the history of all the religious dissenters of human history.


My Dear Christian people : Do you feel at times that you are going the way of the AZTEC PEOPLE?

Are you being lied to at every turn in the road?

Are you being tricked into  supporting those in the church who secretly mock you and deceive you ?

Are you allowing the Cortezes of the world to deceive you with false flattery in order to obtain your riches ?

  Do you listen to those who fill your ears with tales of impending doom, but never tell you who the enemy is and how he is slowly destroying your faith ,and identity as a people? 

Are you trusting the deceivers of the world who approach you with lying purpose and fill your ears with sentimental music and

religious fanfare in order to lull you asleep ?  –in order to victimize you when you least expect it?

 If so,then you must be listening to the swindlers that operate from out of the radio broadcast studios in PENSACOLA FLA.

The RBN radio network and the deceptive Mr. Craig Mattson.

He pours out the flattery as Cortez did the Indian Moctezuma.

He does everyone , DOWN  AND DIRTY!  But beware and don’t fall for his trickery and falsehoods ,he calmly refers to as HONEY FOR THE SOUL!

All this joker wants is your yellow GOLD or credit card pledge .

Don’t fall for the deceptions that follow on the part of a trio of con-artists  that operate across the wide  Missouri ,in Milwaukee . VCY AMERICA NETWORK!

These jokers will point you in the wrong direction and fill your minds with as much lunacy as your midget brains can  handle.

There the  operation is to utilize as much of the stupidity they hear coming   through their phone lines, of their clap trap call in TALK SHOW they lovingly call THE CROSSTALK PROGRAM.

Here the yellow gold takes the form of selling you useless reading material under the false cover of obtaining donations to their laughable MINISTRY!

The only way this trio of co-Hosts can appear credible is to encourage stupidity from out of the mouths of the incredibly

gullible and unsuspecting listening audience that are flattered to believe  someone cares about their idiotic opinions.


Do not allow yourself to be tricked into believing something that cannot stand the test of personal scrutiny.

 In other words ,DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK on each and every statement these clever tricksters throw out at you.

 Keep in mind that even all who understand the will of the ALMIGHTY and are living decent and moral lives will not be spared in the days of destruction.

This was clearly the case in ancient Jerusalem during the time of its demolition. The Jews having murdered all the HOLY MEN that God had sent to the city ,brought down His wrath on all. Few were spared!

How much more will you suffer the same fate if you support the enemies of JESUS CHRIST?

You will not be held blameless if after being warned you keep financially supporting the traitors and the JEWISH  ENEMIES of the Lord.



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