PROFILES IN COURAGE: From saints and martyrs to cheats , swindlers and frauds.

My Dear Christian Folk:  … Of  the many world religions ,you will not find one  that has produced as many martyrs , saints and those willing to sacrifice for their faith than in Christianity.

 The great martyrdom of Christians, very early in church history is the greatest evidence, pointing to the factual resurrection of

Jesus Christ from the dead.  This event  above all else , formed the psychological back up and  support ,needed to  endure the  extreme persecution suffered by the followers of the great Nazarene, in  those early formative  years.

The testimony of all those who had witnessed His   appearing  ,after a three-day entombment was so convincing and  compelling that it reverberates even today ,and provides assurance that Christ is “Truly Arisen”.

In today’s world of scepticism, even the harshest critics of the Christian story ,readily  concede that the earliest witnesses of the

  resurrection  :the disciples , the other followers of Jesus,  MUST have seen SOMETHING, that  so convinced  them   that Christ had

 come back from the dead ,that they were willing to suffer the pain of death for this belief.

That’s not to say that the deniers and critics   believe  this story to be factual or true.    For  them it was simply a matter of hallucination or a

strong desire to believe it happened ,or that someone they believed had suffered and died  came back to life, by some unexplainable accident of fate or chance.

And in  a strong  and undeniable manner   as well . Strong enough to make a lasting impression on the small group of followers that told this story to all who  would hear it ,even at the risk  to their own lives.

This is the basis of THE EASTER STORY.

In today’s society the account of Christ’s return from the grave simply does not convince the  average  Christian of anything. 

 If at first it may have made an impression ,but for  now  it seems superfluous ,and devoid of any lasting significance.

How does this really change anything ,he wants to know.

The problem here has more to do with the way the EASTER STORY is told, and its meaning within the context of the entire Gospel Story depicting the terrific struggle that Christ waged against the implacable enemies of all mankind. 

 A struggle he waged on our behalf and  for the sake of our liberty ,  our rightful place in the world as sons and daughters of the Almighty.

While it may be a bit of a stretch to compare THE EASTER STORY ,relating the death ,burial and resurrection of Christ with

the fictional account  from the myths of antiquity  ,relating to the demigod Prometheus ,there is a slender thread that connects both stories.

  Prometheus who visited the earth and saw  all that afflicted  humanity   in   its  most primal state ,decided he would give mankind  THE GIFT OF FIRE with which to forge the weapons

needed to fend off the beasts of prey  ,to provide warmth in winter  and    thus  begin the long tortuous road to culture and civilization ,that would enhance their condition and existence on earth.

 And so he stole a  flaming torch from the sacred halls of  Olympus and descended to earth with this gift  to teach man its many uses and how to make it.

The gods reserved this knowledge to themselves ,believing that man so empowered  , would at some point challenge  their authority and even ascend upwards to dethrone them from their lofty positions.

For daring to defy the edicts of the gods ,Prometheus was condemned to eternally suffer , chained to a rock upon which an

eagle would descend to tear from his abdomen his liver  which would  regrow ,only to be  ripped  out again. 

 And so the torment and pain would continue for all eternity ;for the crime of saving mankind,  for  defying the gods ,  for giving  man  the unmerited gift of fire and teaching its  use and how the tricky stuff is made.

Fire in the ancient world also came to symbolize, HUMAN  REASON!

 In a   strange sort of way is CHRIST our Prometheus?

Is there a common thread here  that we quite often refuse to see?

Did not Christ come with the   FIRE FROM HEAVEN ; knowledge of how man may live in peace ,free from the eternal woes of life followed by death and annihilation?

 Did he not defy the religious establishment ,perverted as it was, in order to bring the world this knowledge?

 Did he not storm the great temple in Jerusalem and challenge the authority of its priests ?  And for this was  He not condemned to  suffer and die for an ETERNAL ATONEMENT  as an unmerited GIFT to  an undeserving humanity?

And is not this sacrifice repeated in its commemoration to this day?  THINK ABOUT IT!

According to Christian cosmology ,Christ did not have to return from the dead  to  offer Himself a sacrifice for man’s  spiritual afflictions. He rose from the dead to signify VICTORY over those who murdered Him!

  Man’s appreciation of  Christ’s act of redemption on the cross must therefore be viewed in the context of an eternal struggle between humanity and those who condemned Him to death.

The struggle continues to this day between these two forces ;one that advocates on our behalf and for human progress and the other that destroys all that is morally good, decent ,honest  and beautiful.

The very GIFT of reason :THE FIRE COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN , is perverted by the  Jewish world plague that drove Christ to suffer and die on a cruel cross.

This  international parasite ,and its   eventual  elimination , must be seen as the one true goal ,all true Christians must take for themselves, and be uncompromising in its completion .

This is not an easy task!   In order to continue the struggle against the enemies of all religion ,all peoples, all that is honest,   decent and clean we must see THE CHRIST as the very precursor of all those  who today fight against the common enemy of all mankind :  The anti-Christs , the mushrooms of humanity.

This is made difficult because the very Christians themselves are being used by this diabolical gang  to be a weapon against themselves.

Here ,there is no lack of allies for them to choose from. Just look around or rather turn on your radio and listen to those who pervert God’s truth on the air ,inflicting  large numbers of gullible and

unsuspecting dupes with a stupidity that  serves the  interests  of the demonic international Jewish maggots and thereby causing the great work of Merit accomplished by the cross to be for nought.

 All one need do is listen to the far-reaching stupidity being pushed on the air from the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST  STUDIOS in  Milwaukee . Thanks to the combined efforts of three professional swindlers

 who have made a small fortune for themselves pushing hot button issues, in order to expand the reach of their networks ,in order to understand the  problems  of CHRISTIANITY in AMERICA.

Those who  in some way criminally swindled  their way into the broadcast business and  can continue to push their stupidity on to the public is in itself a criminal act .

But are they really stupid or just crafty and conniving?

You have to judge that  for yourself by listening to their infamous 55 minute program called

crosstalk.  Listen to the totally deceiving INGRID push the stupid in her audience from one opinion to the other.

listen to her self-righteous play acting.

Listen to her agreeing with a delusional misfit named JEANINE from CHATANOOGA  offering  that America deserves to be hit with 6-7 nuclear bombs in  retribution from God for the crimes of ABORTION and having elected the wrong politicians to office. I wonder if she considered CHATANOOGA as a target?

And then Ingrid goes back to her crocodile tears about the 50 million abortions, or so she thinks.

Or her defense of six month olds; she opposes corporeal punishment  here,but for two-year olds,well that’s a different story . Give the little bastards what they have coming to them,she believes.

Or the idiot who wants to follow God’s OLD TESTAMENT directives ,not to use a stupid spoon for crying out loud ,but stay true to scripture and use THE ROD as God commands ! by Golly!

And the loving mother ,wife and daughter INGRID whole heartedly agrees!

 It doesn’t stop. There’s the conniving JIM SCHNEIDER who tries to shift his parental feelings of GUILT onto the audience by making them think that allowing a deformed ,neurologically damaged child to come into the world and eventually institutionalized is a great act of compassion.

This jackass thinks the difference between immigration laws back in  the  days of the pilgrims and now ,is simply that there were none ,back in POCOHONTAS’ time!  Were the  Indians ever asked?

The only way this idiot can remain behind the microphone is   at the expense of the incredibly stupid listeners ,but he often makes them look brilliant on occasion!

..Then there’s the loving ,caring,  ringleader MR. VIC . who believes the slaughter of Palestinian children in GAZA , simply got what they had coming to them , at the hands of their sadistic Jewish oppressors ,because they were born of the MUSLIM FAITH!

What a demon possessed trio!  Just the kinds of  Judas like stooges the Jewish mushrooms love to employ ,to bring about the total destruction of CHRISTENDOM in AMERICA!

But stay tuned ,all this is followed by the incredible RBN rejewish network and the incredibly deceptive Mr. CRAIG  MATTSON  who thinks he can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes simply by giving us a little HONEY FOR THE SOUL or some other contrived  theatrical  ploy.

This is why he gets the big bucks  from the  crafty and very corrupted station manager of this network of deceit and infamy.

Money ,they want the  hayseeds in the audience to send in to their PENSACOLA  address. [SIN CITY] 

People are starting to figure these jokers for what  they are : Accomplices in helping the Jewish enemies of THE IMMORTAL CHRIST in their eternal attempt to  Subvert God’s truth and to

eventually sponge clean all that is of the Faith and the Struggle that Christ fought for during His earthly ministry!



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